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  1. Title says it all. Good club but just either need to put about 30 straight days at the range with it or just go back to the old trusty. $395 shipped in the US.
  2. emechling


    Would you go $200 shipped?
  3. I have always been a fan of the stock TrueTempers or s400s. How’s the NS compare? A little higher launching?
  4. 10 years ago: Driver - Taylormade 510tp 8.5 with NV75x 3wood- Taylormade vsteel 15* x100 Irons - Precept Tour Premium 2-pw Wedges - Taylormade RAC TP 54, 60 Putter - Ping CrazE Center 5 years ago: Driver - Titleist 913d3 8.5 NV75x 3wood - Titleist 909f2 Voodoo X Irons - Titleist 710mb 3-pw wedges - Vokey SM4 54, 60, 64 PuttePing CrazE Center Today: Driver 913d3 NV75x 3wood - 915fd Rogue Black 80X Irons - 710mbs 3-9 Wedges - Vokey sm4 48, 54, 60, 64 Putter - Cameron GOLO 5s
  5. 3 items for sale. Odyssey EXO 7s, 35inches, Winn pistol grip - $160 shipped. Titleist 915d2 8.5 with old school real deal diamana white 72x. - $160 shipped. Mizuno MP18 flihi 2 irons. Kbs ctaper lite stiff - $110 shipped. .
  6. Title says it all. Good stick. Mint, no Hc or tool. Can't get this setup anymore. $315 SHIPPED. Trade interests would be ping g400 lst, ts drivers. Can add money if the club is right. Thanks!
  7. Its Frosty in the midwest and my seasonal depression for golf as well as college football is in full effect. I am looking to move and need to get rid of some failed experiments. These clubs are great, I just can part with my old ones! All prices include shipping to the Cont US. Mizuno MP5H 1 iron S300 AMT - $100 Mizuno MP4 3-pw Project X 6.0 standard LLL - Pictured are the 3, 6 and PW. Let me know if you need more. Purchased last fall, they have about 10 rounds on them. A good 8 out of 10. - $425 Titleist 915D2 8.5 (Head Only) - $100 Titleist 917D3 8.5 with stock Speeder 74 X. Small
  8. just talking the screw from the head. I think it is pretty simple but dont want to mess anything up. screw is not in the adapter.
  9. So I had the screw tip break on a Titleist driver. I have another old head with the screw that I would like to put in the other head. What is the easiest/safest way to remove the broken one and put the intact one from the other driver into that driver head? Tried to find something on youtube but no luck. Thanks!
  10. I think it really comes down to feel. Prov1, Snell Black and AVX all feel GREAT. I would say the Snell and the Prov1 are really close, minimal differences. AVX does spin a little less and flies a little lower. I think on normal summer days, the difference is just that the AVX is a touch softer and just spins a touch less. It is pretty hard for me to switch anything with my equipment, but I do not have a problem playing any of these three golf balls.
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