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  1. Playing : Belmont Hill's Saturday Tucker's Point Club Sunday MidOcean Wednesday... Should i add Port Royal?
  2. retep

    One day in Austin

    Howdy Hi: I'm coming in to austin about noon on a sunday in early may... . Where should i try to walk on to driving from the airport? i realize i might only get 9 in, which is fine anyway... ideas? I might be playing avery ranch i think the next morning. It looks like Kizer and clay are closest to the airport. Riverside? They all seem to be about the same price, i'm open to suggestions! i'm staying at the renaissance hotel if that matters which i don't think it does! thanks as always, peter
  3. \\\ Hi, jumping on this thread, looking at going in August this year (end of the summer). I accept that it is an island and so it is $$$$$.... I think i could get three rounds in, recommendations? How was your experience @shizblam ?
  4. Love this thread... My 5cents worth is as follows: Each spring break we take a trip somewhere with the intention of would that be a place we'd retire to. I had a thread about this a back in 2013 here on the forums, http://www.golfwrx.c...#entry6998418 Here is what has happened so far, subject to change of course... 1. We do not think we are HOA type people. That means we don't want to live where the golf course is (at this time subject to change). I don't like cookie cutter things. 2. We unsure if we are small town people (so far we are not interested in ashville nc, or austin tx went to both... rejected). So given that, walkscore.com the site that will take an address and spit out a walk-ability score becomes more useful for us as we sort through zillow or other tools to investigate the next 4+ cities and spring breaks. I am ok with driving to tennis courts and golf courses, whether i belong to a club or float around a bunch of munis. The next few cities we'll look at is Naples despite being small, Nashville, Dallas and perhaps Huntsville. Regards and good luck, peter
  5. I got a pitchfix from a vendor. The thin, sharp two tines go in super easy to any type of green, it is the only divot tool i would ever buy. I realize i have never bought a divot tool as i went from cheap plastic, to metal freebees to the pitchfix. Pitchfix is my go to tool.
  6. Our group of 8-16 is on our 11th year and we've learned a few things (or not). 1. we go to the west/southwest now as we're more guaranteed weather wise than on the east coast (april or so). Some will drive, most fly, you are responsible to get to the hotel if you aren't arriving with someone on the same flight and in that rental car, sorry we do not wait for you, everyone is loaded on the golf trip $$ wise. 2. We play 18 on the day of arrival on your own, then 36/18/27 or 36 the last day. 3. We play the 18 early in the day as well (use to play that at 11 am or so, just ruins the day 4. We prefer condo's to hotel rooms with everyone in their own room (3 to a condo is good in a 3br condo). 5. Nightlife is nice, but it is a golf trip, not a casino/stripper/drunk fest trip, though that can happen as well. 6. My baseline calculation is: 4 rounds, 4 Nights, your own room, plus your part of the rental car, food etc... The course and housing for the 4/4 mentioned has ranged from a low of $800 or so per person in Biloxi to a high of 1500 in Palm Springs. 7. I use survey monkey's form to get people to sign up, then they pay the golf travel place directly who tells me who paid 8. I don't do custom variations from my standard thing but they can work that for a guy who has to leave a day early with the travel place 9. I use the free golf trip genius pairings thing to space out the typically 4 or 5 rounds for a perfect pairing of players AND i keep track of that for the next year because people whine about last year. They cannot switch from what i assign, it is a dictatorship, works best that way. 10. With 16 guys you can't corral them into dinner in an organized manner, let them flow. Maybe 12 or 8 for sure. Don't sweat it. 11. Have rental cars on their own and make them make their own groups of 3 per car or a minivan for 4, etc... Then someone always gets stiffed fyi on the bill, but we accept that. 12. We're all in the internet business so that is the "bond" of the group of similar careers, companies etc... 13. Because of the group we get sponsors to load us up on loot, but now i put a stop on that to 1 item per company per guy. 14. There are some minor money games etc... but it is pretty low dollar and many never collect and a few never pay. Some locations we've done and were super happy with: Biloxi, Birmingham, scottsdale, tucson, palm springs, mesquite/st. george, and this year we're going to Albuquerque (the preserve in bama, farmlinks in ms, everything in mesquite/st g were all good). Not happy with: tampa/streamsong - was too expensive and you had to stay there to get in 36. Myrtle beach - weather, crowded, over rated. pm me and i'll point you somewhere if you need something. /peter
  7. Update: I decided not to join. 80K non-equity, that is just a waste of that money. My timeframe isn't long enough. If i was looking at this for 20 years instead of 10 i would do it. The monthly was really inconsequential over the spend now more or less. But dividing that 80k into 10 years of months became untenable. Thanks for everyone's comments and input.
  8. HI, I'm looking at the month to month weather, but could use some input from the locals.... Is Albuquerque - end of march/april 1 - decent for a golf trip, weather wise??? The monthly looks like a high of 60'ish, but the lows are what scare me... A few days of 27 a few of 18... HELP!!!! /peter
  9. Hum.... Would it be interesting to do a survey on private club fees, to get the following info? geographic region (state or market). months of playing season (az could be 12 and minnesota is a lot less) A judgement on if the club is the A, B or C club in that market. (not to reveal club names) # of family members (a single who has no kids/wife would pay less i would hope than a family) monthly dues (the set# it is) average monthly bill (ball park) initiation (equity or just buy in). Cart fee (if carts or your own, or walkable or?) Avg guest fee Required Food & Bev spend monthly Other stuff i forgot ????
  10. I've asked several friends who are members at the "upscale" local clubs what they spend, it was all over the map monthly from 600-3K. Here is what i got: There are TWO categories of expenses in joining a Private Club, many of you pointed out. For us (family of 4 golfers and tennis players) it comes to this (i think).... 1. Same Stuff New Location. We are just moving the existing costs from one place to another. THIS IS MAINLY A WASH. They are: My Golf lessons, cart fees, tennis court time, kids tennis, kids swim, Restaurant/food, driving range, Kids golf lessons, Wife's golf lessons, 2. New stuff new location. We are ADDING these costs to our existing spend: Assessments, Monthly Dues, 1Day Member-Guests, leagues, etc... Are those #2 cost additions worth it to us... I don't know... Still investigating and am going to do a day there and see what we think.... Thanks for listening... Peter
  11. Lots of great comments, keep em coming! When i said $1000, it might be less. We pay $300/month now for a tennis/fitness club for the family membership. That would come off of there completely, so the difference is probably less. I had fudge factored in some random guest i picked up, etc... The difference is some # that i or others have to get emotionally right with for that spend from now on. You want to think you are getting a deal. I guess you aren't ever getting a "deal" you are justifying additional costs for faster play, people, facilities, etc... I was thinking now is the time with the two boys we have who swim, golf and play tennis. It is a one-stop-shop. So i hope. Stay tuned...
  12. Which clubs were you looking at and what about the initiation fee? I was looking at clubs in maryland and 1 in va (riverbend in great falls) - initiation was 70K minimum which is really hard to swallow.,, There are a few in VA we've looked at i don't want to throw any of them under the bus (yet).
  13. Unfortunately you can say that about many things in life.... why buy $45,000 car which is a depreciation here asset when you can spend $20,000? Why stay at a five star hotel when you can stay at holiday inn express? Why eat out and spend $1000 a month when you can eat at home. It's about what you can afford and what you enjoy... life isn't always about foregoing it to save money. You can't take it with you as they say. EXACTLY!!!! You nailed it with the 45k lexus vs. a 25k Hyundai, etc...
  14. Background info: I spent a lot of time thinking about this and what i was missing. In summary i came up with "what is the monthly additional spend you would incur and what is that value in 12 years when you would move/etc..."? We live in Northern Virginia, golf a few times a month, wife and two boys also do/would golf. We also play tennis and my wife likes going to a good gym regularly. From what i have ascertained: (using a big boy word today) Local private clubs have some/all of the following: equity memberships food /beverage minimums monthly dues possible assessments (wildcard) range/practice cart fees or $0 to walk. ability to play 9 or any # ability to play faster than your existing tracks other stuff i missed - both good and bad The actual monthly budget cost above what i pay now is $1000/month. (i think). YOLO Here is what i came up with. Equity is a wash if you have the cash, you just put in X and you get out X minus inflation down the road. (i think). Food /bev is a wash because we spend a lot already on restaurants so if we shift that spend from Elevation burger and others to the club, it is a wash. Monthly dues is the difference in what you spend now at upscale publics, plus the bad months when you pay and get zero play in. Assessments - out of your control, that is a risk. Range/practice - not sure what to say here, i guess would be nice to hit balls when i can't squeeze in 9 Cart fees - a wash you have them where ever you are anyway Ability to play 9 or any # Bonus at a private club Play speed - bonus at the private club lots of stuff i'm sure. Going to estimate it is $1000 month more than what i spend now in golf. You only live once... So here is what i came up with . I estimate it is 1k a month more than what ever i am doing now. If i spend 12k a year, that is $194,000 in 12 years at 5% if i would have invested it. So the question is... is it worth 194k over 12 years to our family to belong to the private club? I used this to calculate the future value of 1000$ month https://investor.gov/additional-resources/free-financial-planning-tools/compound-interest-calculator Comments and criticism welcomed! /peter
  15. How were the conditions at Bridlewood? Not compared to the other two, just in general, how were the tee boxes, fairways, and greens? Average... I would not go back there vs. Stevens Park. It was the worst of the three.
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