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  1. I like the fact that they don't release a new club every 3 months. The resale value stays higher and it gives them more time to develop better products.
  2. Please, I dont need to see guys wearing capris like Nadal. With todays high tech fabrics there is no reason not to make them wear pants. Really doesnt make much difference anyways. I like it where it is.
  3. Hate the One Tour. High spin and short ball. E5 will probably be longer and spin quite a bit less.
  4. Im trying to make every shot I look at. Your much more apt to get closer if your target is smaller.
  5. If you have a question, then really do you have to ask?
  6. Havent ever played with nubs, for those whove played them how are they?
  7. Always wanted to hit AB's. Sounds like a great deal! Send me a PM.
  8. Get rid of that head. Anything in that will not give you the best results based on your ss.
  9. Just keep up with the group in front. who cares what kind of bag you have.
  10. Only a couple, thousand. Ship USPS.
  11. I was expecting usual contour crap, I like these though. Have to try em out.
  12. [quote name='Golfchicago' timestamp='1312627972' post='3456472'] On that note Divot, has anyone made 2 eagles in a row? [/quote] Iv done it once on back to back par 5's. My buddy did it once on a par 3 and par 4.
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