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  1. As much as I love and can control a driver fade, I just can't get distance out of it I go after the ball as hard as I can, and it just seems to die in the air when fading. Meanwhile, guys twice my age are hitting easy draws and they are rolling out 20 yards past me.
  2. I never mind allowing a single to join my group or vice versa - as a single, joining someone else's group. I understand that the course needs to maximize their margins, and also manage the pace of play. But i can't lie, on the rare occasion where i get started as a single and play the whole round like that are very enjoyable.
  3. Wow, what a bad break for Rory. I hope this doesn't affect him permanently. It's on his left foot which has to brace and rotate during his swing
  4. Let's see. They both played the same holes and Jordan finished with a 275 while DJ had a 276.... I don't see the problem here...
  5. I'm gonna go against the grain here and say that if Jordan is offered a large contract, he would be wise to take it, just like Rory did. It's not personal, just business. I think any club manufacturer can tweak their clubs to suit any player, so I think pros brand preference is kinda overblown with the possible exception of the putter.
  6. UHCougar

    Ball tracer

    What?!? This "Edge-of-your-Seat" angle isn't good enough for you? Simply an amazing penetrating high draw into that back left pin location: ...Just kidding, I completely agree. I LOVE the protracer shots. When golf channel does the "On the Range" show before tournaments, I DVR it just to watch the Pros on Protracer. Amazing how consistent they are with their ball flight.
  7. [quote name='Hot Rod 71' timestamp='1425904747' post='11107107'] I guess we didn't have emergencies prior to cell phones? [/quote] Point taken, but that argument could be made for almost anything today: "who needs email? Letters worked just fine in my day" "The internet? I got all the news i needed from my local newspaper" etc. The phones themselves are not the problem. Banning a phone to stop someone from being rude will not suddenly make them polite. I guess I'm coming from the point of view of a new father, so if im going to be gone for most of the day, I need to be reachable.
  8. Leaving them in the car, or at home, or banning phones outright is NOT the answer. People need their phones for emergency situations. But put that thing on vibrate and step a good distance away from the crowd to pull it out. This, like many other things in our daily lives, boils down to Common Courtesy, which ironically is not common at all. As far as the Bubba situation, whether it's fair or not, he comes off as extremely unlikable for complaining like that. He should just let his caddy handle it.
  9. [quote name='Holy Moses' timestamp='1421584271' post='10768729'] Interesting that everyone assumes he got hammered. And that he was out late (11PM is late?). Why go to the police if he was just messing around and did some stupid stuff? He knows the light is going to get shined on him. [/quote] He has his charities to think about, so just owning up to "getting belligerently drunk and pissing off the wrong locals" is out of the question. Unfortunately, he's damaging Hawaiian tourism (whether it's deserved or not).
  10. Poulter is professional golf's resident troll. Always whining about something or the other... He's Europe's version of Bubba Watson without the majors. Bishop just fed the troll and is paying the price.
  11. Haven't read the thread. First impression - They look cheap and ugly...
  12. Driver Wedge Putter Your potential for error is larger and the penalty is more severe. You can't putt the ball OB or in the water.
  13. [quote name='lumberman2462' timestamp='1400929971' post='9359095'] This may be a completely indefensible statement....But I've got a feeling that Rory's swing isn't going to age well. I don't even know how to describe what he does with his body during the swing - but, to me, it looks like a move a young man can pull off because of exceptional strength and flexibility but a 40 year old with 10,000,000 repetitions behind him is gonna have a hard time with. I think Adam can play a lifetime with his swing. Tiger? We will just have to see what the next iteration of his swing looks like. [
  14. I'm not a fan of the "gimmick-ey" style of instruction at all. "Try this simple trick and I GUARANTEE you'll be hitting it long and straight in no time!!" blah blah Silly training aids and drills don't do it for me. I prefer to be shown the whats and whys of my misses and how to "organically" (for lack of a better word) fix them. A perfect example: I was tending to hit out of the heel recently and decided to look up videos of how to cure it. The majority of videos used the 2x4 / tee / waterbottle whatever training aid that you put on the toe side of the ball so as to avoid hitting the he
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