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  1. "Yes, we have some folks from our softball bat division who will be working with you on fine tuning the driver's auditory feedback. They're some of the best in the business. I'm sure you've heard of their work on garbage cans."
  2. I dunno. I concentrate pretty hard when my ball hooks into the water 100 yards up the left side of the course.
  3. I have no insider information, but for some reason I don't think we'll see it until April when a majority of the country is in or close to golf season.
  4. Costco website is now showing the v1 out of stock. I suspect that means the v2 will finally be available on the website for those of us whose local Costco doesn't stock them all the time.
  5. Or maybe we re-think criminalization of prostitution and the unintended consequences it creates like human trafficking, physical abuse of women by pimps and johns, and lack of testing and care for venereal disease.
  6. > @Sixcat said: > Personally, I believe this is the opening act of what will be wholesale changes for CBS Golf prior to coming back in January. More changes will follow! Your lips to God's ears.
  7. > @MtlJeff said: > > @cdnglf said: > > > @straightshot7 said: > > > > @Wesquire said: > > > > > @straightshot7 said: > > > > > > @mjen43 said: > > > > > > Koepka admitted himself he wasn’t good at baseball, which is why he turned to golf. > > > > > > > > > > > > DJ would have to play PG in the NBA because he is short for a basketball player (lol good luck with that). > > > > > > > > > > > > Nobody on tour could play any other sport professionally, or they would have. **Golf doesn’t pay well enough for a real athlete to choose it over other major sports**. > > > > > > > > > > Malarkey when you factor in endorsements and longevity. > > > > > > > > > > A top golfer has higher earning potential than any top football, basketball, baseball, hockey player because their career can last 40 years and they are prime endorsers. > > > > > > > > > > > > > LeBron's career earnings + endorsements are like $2 billion > > > > > > You mean 40 years from now? > > > > > > They aren't even close to that right now....reportedly he will go over $1 billion once his Laker contract is paid out. Where did you get $2 billion? > > > > > > But obviously I'm talking about the average top player, not #1 from each sport. Though Tiger is more than all of them if you want to go there. > > > > > > I didn't mean to say "any" or mean it literally. I know LeBron makes a lot of money. But what I meant is over the course of their entire career, a top golfer will make more than a comparable level player of another sport. > > > > No way. NBA max is now ~$35M/year, and the supermax is ~$45M. 100th on the baseball career salary list is $116M; 100th on the PGA Tour money list is $16M. > > > > Kicking it around on the senior tour and pumping Adams hybrids doesn’t come close to making up that difference. > > > > > > > > > > Agreed the NBA is just crazy now. Highest average salary in the history of pro sports plus guaranteed contracts. > > Joe Johnson made 200M in his career and he was never a top 10 player. > > A #1 overall pick now with shoe deals and contracts could easily earn 500m in his career . A guy like Jamal Murray in Denver could earn close to 400M by the time he's 32-33 even if he doesn't make an all star team > > Plus is Guaranteed! Nothing comes close to basketball. The 25th best player in the league will make more in 15 years than koepka will in his career And in a sport that is number three in popularity in the U.S. (number four if you break out college football from the NFL).
  8. > @Superbrit said: > Rumour has it he's been busy practising on Kirsty Gallacher, and why wouldnt you! > [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/ls/trwowc2i6qe1.jpg "") > I thought it was Melanie Sykes? Ah well, he'll muddle through somehow.
  9. > @GoGoErky said: > > @KillerPenguin said: > > Anyone know if he's building a following in Japan? With the Japanese sports press's desperation for a Japanese golfer to win a major (poor Hideki - it's gotta suck having the weight of a country on your shoulders), maybe Colin will be able to cash in? > > Not sure how much the Japanese media is interested considering he was born in and grew up in California. Oh I suspect if he keeps winning they'll eventually jump on it. With the Japanese love of golf (and the Olympics just around the corner helping to peak interest even more), it would certainly be lucrative for him to cash in on the cultural connection.
  10. Anyone know if he's building a following in Japan? With the Japanese sports press's desperation for a Japanese golfer to win a major (poor Hideki - it's gotta suck having the weight of a country on your shoulders), maybe Colin will be able to cash in?
  11. Would love to resurrect this thread. Anyone tried Ron Parce out of Colombia? Better than Diplomatico?
  12. > @halliedog said: > Anything new with CPG? I listened to the Amanda Balionis Podcast, and it was rather bland, other than her using Aphibarnrat as her "safe word". First and foremost, CPG is a sketch comic which is why his video posts are also so much better than his podcasts. The number of golf people willing/able to be funny (and in a mildly crass/blue way like CPG) is exceedingly small. Also, compare CPG's interview with No Laying Up (NLU) to any of his podcasts, and it's no contest - he's just as fantastic off the cuff as he is with a planned sketch. Not so much with any of his interviewees, Smiley Kaufman being a tiny bit of an exception and that was mostly because he was game, not because he's incredibly funny. Comedy is an art, and there's just not a deep bench of it in golf.
  13. > @RichieHunt said: > Two reasons why Tour pros want to live in Florida…the weather which allows them to practice and play whenever they want and lack of state income tax. > > West Palm Airport isn’t too bad. The Palm Beach area is bigger and more crowded than most people realize. > > Once you get to Vero Beach and south to about Ft. Lauderdale…it’s private country club country and there are a lot of nice private clubs down that entire stretch. The problem with Palm Beach to Ft. Lauderdale is the traffic sucks. > > Miami is one of the worst places for golf in all of Florida. Just not many good clubs, either private or public. So the Tour pros end up in Jupiter which is a short drive from the WPB airport, there’s plenty of excellent private clubs that will cater to their every whim and they have other Tour pros and their wives/gf’s to mingle with. They generally avoid the traffic because of the cost to live in Jupiter compared to Palm Beach and there’s not a lot of actual corporate business in Jupiter. > > Orlando doesn’t have the stock of private clubs that Jupiter has. The two big ones…Isleworth and Lake Nona…are outrageously expensive to live in and join. Some Tour pros will complain about Orlando traffic, but I don’t see it nearly as bad as Palm Beach traffic. Especially if you live in Isleworth or Lake Nona. > > I know Rickie said he had problems with the ‘cold weather’ in Orlando in the winter time. It’s only slightly warmer, at best, in Jupiter in the winter. And it all really depends on the weather patterns for that particular day. > > In the end, I think the only real advantage Jupiter has for these Tour pros over Orlando is the quantity and quality of the private clubs. In Orlando you basically have Bay Hill (which isn’t exclusively private), Isleworth, Lake Nona, OCC (too short for Tour players), Orange Tree, Tuscawilla, Interlachen, Alaqua Lakes and Golden Bear Club. Outside of Isleworth and Nona the other courses are not really geared towards the velvet glove treatment for Tour players. > > For instance, The Dye Preserve is probably considered a mid-tier level private club for the Tour pros, but if it were located in Orlando it would be considered right up there with Isleworth and Nona. > > > > > RH > Great response, thanks. I completely agree about Florida itself for taxes and wintertime weather (I'm sure it's where I'd live if I were on tour), and with the high quality of life in Jupiter, I guess the downside of not having a million direct flights at your disposal isn't enough of a downside to push pros to go elsewhere. That said, it's amazing that Web and other minor tour players would flock there as well due to the high cost. Then again, maybe they're mostly bachelors living 4+ to an apartment and only there a few months in the winter.
  14. Distance 10 times out of 10. Unless you're Rory, being closer to the whole makes everything else easier.
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