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  1. You got the embossed Wilson on the leather perfectly positioned there.... must have a right royal pain in the arse to line it up so well... excellent
  2. I did the same for my Futura 2003 which i got 2nd hand with a Superstroke grip... liked the shape not the material. I've since changed to a wrist lock Superstroke, and waiting for some more Leather tape to replace the plastic. I added a couple of layers of Hockey Tape first before I put the leather wrap on - this built it up a little, just right. I used Dipell leather tape, other bicycle handlebar tape would work or Newbaum's Cloth bar tape... To finish after securing with a bit of electrical tape I then covered that with twine... no knots, do as per this pdf and c
  3. Had another really good round today - Monte's video and Cast A seems to work really well for me, along with the Malaska feeling of using footwork and legs to move the hips (especially clearing the left hip out of the way). Just doing the Cast A drill, can feel it also ties in with external rotation in the right shoulder and also right hip, so get that right upper arm feeling of holding a tray, and as you slowly try that cast A I find the right elbow wants to do the pitch elbow move naturally... i.e. Monte's get the right elbow chasing the belly button feel. I've tried M
  4. I enjoyed his book... the most important thing I feel was his emphasis on the intent to be swinging towards a target - not trying to make some kind of 'good' golf swing by position after position. I've recently come across Zen Golf Mechanics on YouTube - lots of use of a rocker board to get footwork and movement... looks like it really helps a golfer to unclutter his mind and get back to just swinging towards a target with the body and ability they have.
  5. So staggered that someone thought cast B was wrist rolling, i went back and rewatched the cast B instruction. At 1:10... all about the wrist extension happening and not forearm rolling...” not creating clubface rotation”
  6. That’s definitely not how I interpret it - although I don’t need to focus much at all on cast B it seems... Cast B to me seems to be more referring to the measured reality of a golfers left wrist flexing, going from flexed towards the inside of your forearm ‘bowed’ and extending so that at impact it’s flat and extended after - that’s not a wrist/forearm roll at all. i.e left wrist goign from flexion to extension, as opposed to supination and pronation being the wrist/forearm roll
  7. Yup, was quite the ankle catastrophe... usually she looks great in trousers, but whoever decided to go short and flared is I suspect no longer part of her ‘team’. Try searching for ANY pic online that shows the travesty.... only found one that was above the waist only. Was so bad I wouldn't be surprised if there's an online team scrubbing all evidence of it from the world wide web
  8. I put it down to arse backwards stupidity. I'm in Asia, Thailand. Over here, the 'original' Bridgestone golf brand was TourStage. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/2013-tourstage-golf-japan-golf-fair/ Known as one of the absolute top tier golf brands - popular on tour in Japan, and highly respected irons and drivers. Typically the TourStage irons were forged by Endo, and their drivers came with real deal shafts like a Fuijikura Rombax... not some lowest cost bidder 'made for' cheap thing. TourStage balls were their latest and greatest, and they'd filter the l
  9. On my third pair of ASICS golf shoes, first pair I got on a trip to Japan... they were the first pair of shoes to eliminate some foot pain I get from I think it’s virus or vagus foot alignment and the Asics solves it without any custom footbeds. Good grip from the latest spike less ones...
  10. Some putter makers do ensure the COG is at the alignment line... does raise the question of why so many don’t “bother” Kronos putter
  11. I'd persuaded a friend to buy the #8... and we played today - he putted well with it, and I gave it a try - love the headshape and matte colour, the face feels is very good - not mushy yet quite soft, nice. The oversize Lamkin grip feels good too.... and if you're thinking about a Superstroke Wristlock grip (I tried mine today first time, 'tis marvellous) - then the good value Cleveland custom options for you in the USA means you could order the extra 3 inches or so in length I reckon you need for the wrist lock grip, and even alter the loft to suit.
  12. First round with a Wristlock grip fitted to my Cameron Futura 2003... and the short review it works brilliantly. Mind you, here's some info that may help you decide if it's for you too... I'd say you need +/- 3 inch extension if you want to maintain same posture - I have the wristlock bump resting about almost halfway up my forearm (which also seems to mean less forward press required), if you like it lower than you may need less extension to your putter length I'm left handed but play golf right handed, and that also means i'm left eye dominant. As a result i'd
  13. The best grip instruction i've seen in any book is Steve Elkington's "Five Fundamentals of Golf" You can see the chapter here and download it https://www.secretgolf.com/get-better/grip/ "I admit to being almost obsessed with the grip. Soon after I took up golf, I used to walk the three miles to school with a twelve-inch piece of a club, just a grip on a cut-off shaft. And I’d pull that grip out of my backpack just to practice holding on to it. Alex Mercer had given me an intriguing thought: that I could have the best grip of anyone in the world, better even than Ja
  14. If it's quite consistent how closed to path it is... it sounds like your grip may be right for you ("neutral" for you as it returns at impact consistently) - in which case, don't change your grip, change where the clubface is when you grip the club. This is far, far easier to do if you have a reminder/rib on your clubs. My reminder is on top of the shaft, commonly it may be on bottom but you can put it anywhere... I also had a closed face to path (and closed at address but it looked ok to me), and using a reminder has made it extremely easy to consistently hold the club with the fa
  15. No. Better golfer hit all irons about the same peak height. The peak height of a 9 iron obviously happens closer to the golfer than a 4 iron...
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