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  1. I see what you did there... adverbs are just soooo difficult
  2. It's not an alcohol sponsorship... it's for Singha bottled water. No, seriously... Thailand has an 'amusing' law against alcohol sponsorship visible on tv (or facebook/social media !! !! ), so... Singha got into the bottled water scam business too. And there you go, all nice and legal. Soda water too... and Chang, another major beer brand follows the same, errr, marketing technique.
  3. Yup, and it's kind of a reverse camera angle view of a wonderful Hogan post impact image (and I have to say, i thought the swing 'advice' to her was some kind of tongue in cheek joke or April Fool's deal ) ps I still have the complete Gotham Golf Blog Slicefixer webinar on Dropbox if anyone needs a copy to understand a Slicefixer leveraged release, lol.
  4. The irons don't look too bad... but i'm dubious about something. They don't seem to understand why lie angle matters, and what it does... as in they seem to imagine it's about the club hitting the ground and being twisted open/closed (rather than having the face pointing in the proper direction at impact... which happens before the club even hits the ground). https://moregolf.com/mod-irons/ "Unlike other irons. Mod-1 don't need to be adjusted to a specific lie angle" apperntly they think this is so because of their "dynamic shaping of sole and flange".
  5. Main thing for me as i'm left handed is I am also left eye dominant. Found i have to play the ball when putting well forward - off my left toe - this happens to work well with a wristlock grip actually. A left handed tennis one handed backhand top spin swing is how a golf swing often feels best for me
  6. The most succinct answer is to read the abstract from their research paper - no need to read the whole thing, or even to read the entire abstract ('summary'). The quick TLDR bit is this (I've emphasised the most relevant bit even further below):- "The series of simulations were designed to demonstrate the effect of positioning the club above, and below, the golfer’s swing plane as well as the effect of changing the steepness of the golfer’s swing plane. The simulation results suggest that positioning the club below the golfer’s swing plane, early in the downswing, will facilit
  7. As above - especially if you are currently consistent with the face angle at impact. Don't change your grip (i.e. number of knuckles visible from a front on view), just hold the club more closed than usual. If you're curing a slice/push... then this should look more closed at address for you. I'm the opposite, as i had excessive hook/pull hook - keep my same 2-1/2ish knuckle grip, and hold onto club with the face a bit more open... and get a nice draw. I know my clubface should look open at address for me, although being left eye dominant and swinging right handed, this is maybe
  8. For Endo, anything of the older Epon AF range of course - I still play my AF-301s. Ebay has some sets of AF-302 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Golf-iron-set-Epon-AF-302-Forged-N-S-PRO-Zelos-7-S-8pcs-3-P-JAPAN/154332143163?hash=item23eee99e3b:g:dD4AAOSwOEZgKg5j Also very well regarded is OnOff Kuro sets like below https://www.ebay.com/itm/ONOFF-Kuro-Onofforzide-2017-Iron-N-S-Pro-Modus3-System3-Tour-125/363297346243?hash=item54963592c3:g:eygAAOSwvWNgLm0J https://www.ebay.com/itm/ONOFF-GOLF-JAPAN-KURO-FORGED-IRON-SET-6-9-46wedge-5clubs-Smooth-Kick-MP
  9. Certainly with Monte on the lack of hip turn... I'd like to hear how the OP ended up with those hips that locked up and immobile. Grab a tennis racket and swing it, and does elMacho's hips not turn then either? Curious how they've ended up so 'stuck' in place in the backswing. Maybe worth taking a look at the Zen golf mechanic videos on Youtube to get a sense of freedom in the hips... and see if he can get himself made one of those 'wobble boards'...? And take a look at Malaska's video on hip turn - using footwork, not wrenching the hips around with your core.
  10. Be careful with "the arms pull the body into position"... that's not the same as the body reacts to the arms. There was a sticky with "The Arm Swing Illusion", and AMG have also done a video about it - the arms are not meant to be swinging across the chest... which is what "the arms pull the body into position" sounds like. Here's that AMG video - quite along one - note at 5 minute mark how in takeaway they find some top Pros actually go the 'other way'...
  11. And before worrying about flat/cupped (and where does he expect you to be cupped... top of backswing or ?)... I'd have thought the instructor may have tried to sort out your grip. Looks like you've got both thumbs on top of the grip. vs
  12. Leave your in to out path and hit a push fade.... so aim left and swing. Hold the club weaker/more open than usaual (rather than weakening the grip). Tha’s my adive from a long tem hooker, now more reliable drawer who recently intentionally hit a push-fade by doing the above... was quite a pleasant surprise.
  13. You can try holding the club weaker - NOT weakening your grip. Easiest achieved with a ribbed grip - my ribs are installed under Bestgrip grips, and on the top. I was easily able to grip the cluba bit weaker by ensuring that rib sits more to the right in the V of my left hand ( I used to setup with face a bit closed, maybe being left eye dominant was a reason...). So my grip from a front on view is the same number of knuckles, just i take hold of the club weaker. Made a huge difference to getting over my old pull (and duck) hooks. Also getting Monte new No Tiurn Cast vi
  14. A dark metallic silver 911... in other words like Titleist drivers used to be when in the D, J and the good looking Titanium driver days. They should go back to that look - with the little balance point mark on the top - it was attractive and distinguished their drivers from the rest. Why, oh why, did some marketing muppet in Titleist decide to change that crown alignment mark? Does a modern Titleist owner need 'TSI' on the crown to remind them? And another thing. If you're going to make it black - then don't add any bullsh!t graphics on the crown, especial
  15. I'm another Lefty playing golf right handed... Write left handed, throw a ball left handed, kick left footed, tennis/squash/badminton play left handed, use a spoon in my left hand, left eye dominant.. But swing a baseball bat, or golf club, or cricket bat RIGHT handed - all due I think to school days where we played field hockey... and in field hockey you can NOT swing left handed, so became accustomed to any two handed swinging motion (cricket, hockey, baseball, golf etc) is 'right handed' style - but a single handed swing is left handed. Used to have a decent top spin tennis
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