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  1. So subjective. To me it is more of a carbon style feel versus stainless steel but with some "crisper" feedback. It's not nearly as soft as my copper putters, but the button backs never were. I played again today and it rolled in 6 birdies for my round, so it's earning its keep at the moment.
  2. Just a longer shaft (36" Scotty Smoked Black shaft) with a Lizard grip.
  3. Played with it tonight in summer league. Really nice feel off the face. Much softer than the T22 (which, admittedly, I never liked). Feels similar to the original BB from what I remember (but it's been years since I gamed the OG). I need to find it in the putter closet and take it out for a comparison round. I did get a ton of comments on it from guys who are not "putter hoes" like some of us. The weighting is great once I threw in my longer shaft and grip.
  4. Agree, it's pretty in hand. I was slightly skeptical when I saw the first released pics of it. I'll likely change the paintfill eventually.
  5. Here are some in hand pics. Yes, it is being gamed. In fact, I pulled the shaft/grip today and already put in a new shaft/grip combo and will be using it tomorrow during my summer league.
  6. Looking for a used (or new) Scotty Cameron American Classic III (heavy flange is preferred, but will look at standard as well). Let me know what you have and what you're asking. Thanks!
  7. Randoms and duplicates up for sale. All include priority shipping USPS in CONUS. First to pay gets it as usual. 1. NEW Size 13 FootJoy Pro SL Carbon White Shoes: $165 shipped 2. NEW Size 14 Nike Air Max 90 NRG "Torrey Pines" Pack: $190 Shipped 3. NEW The Buck Club Fore Ewe Black Knight Driver headcover. This was NOT a general release. Sold at the Ringer. $130 shipped CONUS 4. NEW The Buck Club "Amex Black Card" Blade headcover: $150 shipped 5. NEW the Buck Club "Amex Black Card" Mallet Headcover: $150 shipped 6. NEW Bettindardi Pinehurst No. 2 Divot Tool: $
  8. Looking to pick up a Scotty Cameron American Classic III Heavy Flange (or similar Scotty bullseye) putter. Gamed is fine. This one is going to be gamed, but listening to whatever someone has and what you want out of it. Slide into my DMs with details, etc. Thanks!
  9. I am able to get on any of the three, that isn't the issue. Just trying to get an idea of which of the three most recommend.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I am sort of leaning between Hallbrook and Shadow at the moment.
  11. I'm flying back for a family thing in August in the KC area. If you had to pick ONE of the following clubs to play, which would it be and why? This is strictly for the golf aspect of it (the social atmosphere, etc. is not in play as I'm not joining a club). The three I'm looking at are (in no particular order): 1) Shadow Glen; 2) Hallbrook; or, 3) Kansas City Country Club. Obviously, I can go look at Golf Digest's rankings, but prefer to get input from those who live there and/or have actually played these places. Thanks in advance!
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