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  1. Cleaning out boxes of headcovers that aren't getting used. All prices included USPS Priority Shipping in the CONUS (will ship Internationally but PM to discuss details). Please, no trades. I have diapers to pay for (well, maaaaaybe a Callaway 19* UW would be entertained). 1. NEW in bag Scotty Cameron "Big Block" V8 Blade Headcover (Blue One): $165 shipped 2. NEW in bag Scotty Cameron "Big Block" V8 Mid-Mallet Headcover (Blue One): $165 shipped 3. NEW in bag Scotty Cameron "Engine" V6 Blade Headcover (Black One): $165 shipped 4. NEW in bag Scotty Cameron "Couch Potato" Blade Headcover : $125 shipped 5. NEW in one bag Swag Golf Collector of the Month "COTM" July "USA" Skull headcover: $435 6. NEW in SEALED Bag Swag Golf Collector of the Month "COTM" October "Freddie" headcover: $385 shipped 7. NEW in SEALED Bag Swag Golf Collector of the Month "COTM" November "Take Out" Fairway headcover: $150 shipped 8. NEW The Buck Club "TBC" "Shark Week" Headcover: $160 shipped CONUS 9. NEW The Buck Club "TBC" "Austin Powers" Velvet or Suede (whatever material you want to call it) Headcover: $130 shipped CONUS. 10. NEW Limited Edition American Flatsticks Patrick Gibbons "Here Birdie Birdie" Headcover (1 of 30 made): $175 shipped pin 11/30
  2. If it makes you feel better, I do the same and went so far as to try the damn AutoFlex which screwed up my driver swing for about 3-5 months afterwards I swear, haha.
  3. Just hearing that, my vote would be for you to go to the HD (I also like the colors better as a UNC fan, haha). I do love the HD, but I'm pretty sure the UB is sticking in my bag. We shall see as nothing truly "sticks" in my bag for all that long.
  4. I would agree with that assessment. Are you gaming the UB now and thinking of switching to the HD? If so, why? Do you like the higher ball flight or do you like that "kick" feel?
  5. Sorry, I meant stiffer in the tip. Brain fart. Adjusting my original posting to reflect that. As for the kick, no, I didn't really feel that in this shaft. Just smooth throughout and stouter if that makes any sense.
  6. Sweet baby Jesus...I've never decided on a shaft staying in the bag through 9 holes before, but today it happened. I went to play in my usual Saturday morning game. I figured, what the hell, I put this in the driver and went straight to the tee box. I literally missed on fairway today and it was because I didn't trust putting a swing on it which is my fault. Really like the shaft. Compared to my HD, it's definitely a little tiffer in the tip (in my opinion) and stouter than my HD. My miss is typically a pull to the left. I had zero of that with this shaft. I was able to put a more aggressive swing on the ball and wasn't worried at all about it going left. I was hitting fades all day and they were rolling out plenty far. Trajectory was definitely more of a mid-launch versus the HD. The shaft alone probably paid for itself today with my winnings in the money game as I was even for the round. Definitely keeping it in the bag for now.
  7. Big shocker, another epic offering from GWRX in conjunction with Callaway. This one I have to get in on! I've been eye balling this club since I saw it in spy shots/heard about it through the grapevine. 1. City, State? Los Angeles, California 2. Handicap? 4.9 3. How would the Apex Utility Wood fit into your bag? I am hoping that it can bridge a gap between a 3 wood/5 wood type offering. I envision it as working as my go to fairway off the deck long club while at the same time using it off the tee when I need more accuracy on tighter fairways where a hybrid/four iron just aren't going to cut it. 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Callaway Apex Utility Wood? I've been intrigued ever since I heard about this thing coming down the pipeline from both pictures and through the Grapevine. I genuinely haven't been this excited about hitting a club in quite some time. It seems to be exactly what I envision a hybrid/fairway wood would be if you could put the two into a singular package. I have several friends who are with Callaway and have been touting this thing pretty heavily! 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? I'm more than happy to take multiple photos and post and interact with GWRX members online. Also, I live across the street from my course and should have plenty of access to both range and course time for reviews and responses to pointed questions about performance and real time results.
  8. Finally got my UB in this week. Taking it out for a round or two this weekend and we will see how it compares to my HD. Love the color/graphics as always. I bought it to help with the "lefts" as some others have pointed out. Hopefully it works as good as some of you have been saying!
  9. I’ve seen people use them. They stretch a bit and are a tighter fit but the magnets help. I personally haven’t tried it myself.
  10. Swag headcovers for sale. Each will be shipped USPS priority mail. 1. NEW SEALED Swag Golf "The Other Green jacket" Masters headcover: $325 2. NEW SEALED Swag Golf "Queen 20 Pound Note": $225 3. NEW SEALED Swag Golf Street Fighter "Sagat" Special (Tiger Stripes): $525 4. NEW SEALED Swag Golf July 2021 COTM Skull USA Headcover: $450 5. NEW SEALED Swag Golf October 2021 COTM "Freddy Krueger" Headcover: $475 6. NEW SEALED Swag Golf September 2021 COTM SPECIAL "Money Bags" Headcover: $550 7. NEW SEALED Swag Golf Blue and Green "Impressive" Skull headcover: $SOLD 8. NEW SEALED Swag Golf May 2021 COTM "8-bit Flipper" headcover: $235 9. NEW SEALED Swag Golf "Hawaiin Shirt" Headcover: $OLD 10. New out of bag Pink/Black Concentric Skulls Driver Headcover: $150
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