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  1. Random items taking up room in the golf closet. Please, no trade offers. Cash is king. I'm trying to buy new junk as always! 1. NEW in Sealed Bag Swag Golf "Hawaiin Shirt" Skull Headcover: $200 Shipped; 2. NEW in Sealed Bag Swag Golf "Ballrog" Street Fighter Headcover: $200 shipped; 3. NEW in Sealed Bag Swag Golf "Ken" Street Fighter Headcover: $200 shipped; 4. NEW in Sealed Bag Swag Golf "Green Jacket Gold Jacket" Masters Happy Gilmore Headcover: $225 shipped; 5. NEW in Sealed Bag Swag Golf "Impressions" Blue/Green Skull Headcover:
  2. You can exchange for anything you want (or get a refund) within 60 days at the moment, but they don't have these in stock, so you won't be able to get the same shoe in a different size. For those who keep saying they run large, I walked 18 in mine today with no issues and they are my usual size 14.
  3. Hit all the new stuff this weekend. Their new driver is the first one I've hit where I feel (personally) is on par with all the other industry leading drivers. I actually liked the way the top looked and the x site aid. I didn't see any noticeable gains versus my Epic Max LS, but the thing was about as long and seemed to be very straight. It was pretty loud off the face as I had a buddy on the range turn a couple of times to see what I was hitting. As for the Gen 4 irons, I really liked them. I still think the Gen 3 look better (T irons), but the ability to change the swing weight
  4. Couple items for sale today to make way for new stuff. No trades. Thanks for looking! 1. This is a used Callaway Mavrik Driver head. Gamed for about half a season. 10.5* loft and it is the standard version. Will come with the original head cover which is NEW and has never been used. $OLD. 1. New item: NEW SEALED in bag Swag March 2021 Collector of the Month "Lucky Charms" headcover! What you see is what you get. $220 shipped CONUS 2. This is a gently used Bettinardi Blacked Out Black Friday Inovai 6.0 slant neck putter. Bought this as an experiment and it ju
  5. I just hit the Max LS longer than the speed and I seemed to pull/hook the speed which was not the issue with the Max LS.
  6. I love the look of the Speed, not so much the Max LS. I prefer the sound of the Speed, not so much the Max LS. However, I LOVE what I'm seeing with the Max LS, not so much the Speed. Go figure. The Max LS is firmly in the bag. When hit on the screws, it's longer than anything I've hit previously. On mishits, I'm seeing decent distance and not losing it quite as much. I'll put up with the sound and look for that.
  7. I was stymied today on those. I’d gladly lose out on my IV golf shoes to snag the University Blues.
  8. For anyone that cares, they popped back up on the Nike website as "coming soon" once again (no surprise).
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