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  1. I’ve been struggling on deciding between t100 and t100s. Hit them both well and like them both but t100s was a little lower and little less spin and went 5-10 yards further than t100. I think I’m leading m on the t100s Bc it helps give me a bit more flexibility and opportunity to use my 7-8 iron at a longer range (180-185 for 7 iron as an example for t100s) which will also give me better dispersion at those yardages. Otherwise I’m forced to hit the t100 7 iron harder which opens up more room for error. t100s just gives me a bit more help which is appreciated and I’m fine with that as the numbers are consistent yardage wise and no random fliers over 200 yards with a 7 iron. im coming from blades and I’ve enjoyed demoing the t100s/100. I think I’ve decided on t200 in 4 iron Bc it’s like a cheat code and t100s in 5-pw. Gapping the wedges will be easy for me anyway.
  2. this is ridiculous. I actually want to game one and not flip it. tried all day to try to secure one with no luck.
  3. Looking for t100s 5-pw and t200 4 iron in kbs $ taper S+ shaft. Standard LLL
  4. Hit these again today. They are solid but not at the price. T100 performed just as better for me and were similar in feel and performance and just cheaper. I will definitely give these another look next year at the right price.
  5. In order to correct that in my case, I would probably need to make it 2-3* flat?
  6. this is my thought as well. I don’t know why they felt so harsh on almost every shot. I play standard LLL and the demo head and shaft were in standard set up. I noticed when I looked down the club didn’t look flat and that the heel was on the ground. Every other standard oem club I tried looked flat on the ground, except for titleist. below is what was happening. Perhaps that’s the reason why it felt so harsh for us, that we were basically hitting the heel into the ground first?
  7. End of season clean out! Not looking for trades. Callaway 2018 Apex MB 6-AW irons, 2019 Apex Pro 4-5 irons combo set. 8pc set. Very clean, well maintained. Excellent condition. Used about 13-15 rounds. Normal, but minimal bag chatter. Straight from Callaway. Standard L/L/L Golf Pride Cord 2x wraps Nippon Modus 120X $old Callaway Mavrik 3+ wood 13.5* Ventus Blue 7x Barely used. I was rarely in situations to use this club because it goes too far. Straight from Callaway. Standard 3 wood L/L/L. I think plays 43". $325 Shipped OBO Callaway Jaws Wedges - 54* and 58* Still got plenty of life left. Nippon Modus 125 Wedge Flex Standard 3 wood L/L/L. $old 54 58 Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors - 14 Pieces. Never used. $100 shipped OBO
  8. bumping this to see if anyone else has more input between these two.
  9. Anyone who has placed an order on these, did they provide estimate ship time? I saw someone said January.
  10. Thanks for the insight! This is great to know. I used to game i20's for 8 years and I've been playing blades (apex mbs but played z forged, mizuno mb, titliest mb briefly) for the last few years and I've been debating on something a bit more forgiving, but is compact like a blade. I59 checks all the boxes for me, but I am turned off by the price of course. i210 looks nice too, but of course the sole is my concern. I've hit the i59 and thought it felt great. I'm thinking it'll be between this and t100/t200. Will have to give them a try outdoors.
  11. anyone who played iblades and i210 - how does the i59 forgiveness compare to them?
  12. Curious to hear what you guys prefer to play with and why. Any anyone gaming black iron shafts, what are your thoughts on the durability of the finish?
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