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  1. Any Wilson Staff fans here that have gamed both of these sets? Thoughts between the two? Thanks!
  2. Fujimoto MB-X 4-P Irons Stiff RH $-Taper Lite 100. $1,400 Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Standard loft length lie. Dozen rounds played. Message me on FB messenger. Just do a search on Marketplace. https://shop.torquegolf.com/products/fujimoto-irons-ft-1-mb-x-4-to-p
  3. Wilson Staff CB aka FG Tour V7!
  4. So you’ve had spinal fusion? What is discectomy for lumbar herniations and why do you need it?
  5. Anyone here in their 30's or early 40's that had lower lumbar spinal fusion can tell me their story and what their golf game is like now? Lost / gain in distance or club head speed? Thank you!
  6. J.Lindeberg Winter Hybrid Lux Softshell Golf Jacket Dark Grey 2019 - Small$110 shipped Sim Driver 9* CK blue 60 x stiff. Headcover and wrench included. $SOLD Honma TW-X 4 iron modus3 105 stiff RH. Standard length, loft, lie. Only one sim session. $SOLD
  7. Would love to build a list of the latest short blade (heel to toe) cavity back irons on this thread. Thanks folks!
  8. Yeah, I wish I could find one my size (small) in the US online side so I have the ability to return it if I don't like it. If you guys think it's as good or better than the Windlite sweater which is completely warm and windproof then I'm going to bite the bullet and order one from one of the european sites. Huge Mizuno fan.
  9. Anyone here has one or have tried on one and what's your opinion? Total windproof like the infamous Mizuno Windlite sweater?
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