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  1. who's rocking the '13 x forged irons in the 6th,7th,8th & 9th pics? Grace?
  2. Been fortunate to meet a few guys over the years (European tour), worked at the matchplay at London club a few years back driving players between tees on 2 holes. Stenson v funny and engaging, as was gmac, everyone was except Paul Casey, he was the only one to not say thank you, didnt say a word and also spat off the back of the buggy and it went on a fans shoe, then got annoyed with fans being in his way when he walked the wrong way and was trying to get under the ropes to the tee. Speaking to another volunteer he was the only one who didnt sign a flag for his little kid who was there working
  3. Get confidence in your putting using gates to make sure you're starting the ball online and out the middle of the putter. use a mirror and alignment sticks to check fundamentals, and if you have limitied time to hit balls i would recommend lots of half and 3/4 length short irons and wedges to groove strike, will help your swing much more than trying to make a swing change in a week. Lastly play smarter when on the course, dont fire at flags that are tucked, always play for the fat portion of the green, maybe watch a video on DECADE to help. hope
  4. Some great changes Heath, swinging it lovely! what were the downswing specifics you worked on/feels to get that left shoulder working so much better? Asking for a friend...... ?
  5. oh dear Patrick.... https://au.sports.yahoo.com/us-open-golf-2020-patrick-reed-accused-cheating-improving-lie-031652700.html?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS91cmw_c2E9dCZyY3Q9aiZxPSZlc3JjPXMmc291cmNlPXdlYiZjZD0mdmVkPTJhaFVLRXdpeF8tYnZrXzNyQWhYSlVSVUlIZnVzQ2ZFUUZqQUFlZ1FJQWhBQiZ1cmw9aHR0cHMlM0ElMkYlMkZhdS5zcG9ydHMueWFob28uY29tJTJGdXMtb3Blbi1nb2xmLTIwMjAtcGF0cmljay1yZWVkLWFjY3VzZWQtY2hlYXRpbmctaW1wcm92aW5nLWxpZS0wMzE2NTI3MDAuaHRtbCZ1c2c9QU92VmF3MXpKeEtIUHA3Q3JJdi1jZ0l3OGtSVg&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAALnYWguRgQiShFG2z5T62K52m8HSOeHvsW3LUerCb8s43fXqVNZe0pqEHYsADhIUO0m
  6. Jay is my coach and he is awesome, MMgolf (the original video) is also a great follow on IG, posts some great stuff
  7. Does he use a sort of arm lock technique? i know he has a 36" putter and grips down on it slightly, and it looks in videos i can find and from watching last night the top of the shaft was touching his left forearm, but then i see today on his witb the loft on the putter is only 2.5* which had me questioning if he does have it resting on the forearm as surely he would need more loft?
  8. I'm sure it does, but the fact it happened twice in a month from 2 different packs of balls greatly concerns me. When will it happen again, i play in quite a few county competitions and opens and just dont think i can trust it not to happen again. Also since ive posted about it i had quite a few people message me with similar issues.
  9. could've sworn he posted fairly recently that he found a new mint one and bought it off ebay?
  10. i suppose it might add more stability to the right hand/arm through the stroke? I personally hate the feel of having my hands far ahead of the ball in a regular arm lock so this might be better if he feels like that too?
  11. seen quite a few kenyon and mike kanski guys doing a drill keeping a golf ball inbetween the top of the grip and the left wrist so guess it's just an extension of that drill really.
  12. Ive just taken out my 50* SM7 and put back in my bag my callaway 2012 forged 50* wedge. now 8 years old so can be picked up very cheaply, lovely wedge.
  13. yeah im very thankful that i've only got a few sleeves left, hopefully you dont suffer the same fate as me
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