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  1. Did you ever want to try the Graphite Design Tour AD 115 iron shafts, but wouldn't consider forking out the $375/shaft cost? Well, here is a chance to try 5 of them for less than the cost of one new shaft. The Tour AD 115 shafts are special order only and pretty tough to come by. I purchased these about a year ago with the intent of putting them in a set of Titleist C-16 irons, but never got around to it, and now I'm going in a different direction. This 5-shaft set includes the 4-6 through the 8-10 (these are multi-flex shafts - if you need a XS, these fit 4-8 irons, for Stiff, the fit 5-9, for Reg they fit 6-PW). I bought them used and never put them in play. They have a few minor scratches (but nothing significant) and the tips are quite clean. I am asking $275 for the set. If you pay the asking price, I will throw in 4 used Recoil Prototype 110 Stiff shafts and 5 new red Pure midsize grips. The Recoils were part of set that I bought and these were the ones that I did not install. They are used and have some scratches, but hey, I am throwing them in for free, so who can complain.
  2. Selling a used set of Srixon Z545 irons in good used condition. Set consists of 5-AW. 5-9 are shafted with Steelfiber i95 stiff shafts. PW has a Steelfiber i110 stiff shaft. AW has the stock Nippon steel stiff shaft. I used this set for one season, playing about once a week, and its condition reflects that use. Normal bag chatter and face wear, but no major dings, dents, scratches, etc beyond what you would expect for about 40 rounds of play. Faces and grooves are in good shape. The pictures pretty much tell the story. Note, in the picture of the back of the clubs, the club in the top left has a reflection - there is no damage. Price is $399 shipped to CONUS.
  3. Hard to determine the colors on the Sunfish head covers. Are they gray and gold, black and gold or something else? Thanks.
  4. Selling a set of 2013 Onoff forged irons, 5 - PW with Recoil 125 Prototype shafts in F4 (stiff) flex with black Iomic grips. Standard length, lie and loft. I purchased these earlier this year in like new condition and have played about 20 rounds with them. I would rate them 8.0/10 as they have no significant dings or dents, but do show normal wear from a half-season of use. The faces and grooves are in very good shape. There is typical bag chatter. Pictures tell the story. The PW has a very small ding shown in the up close picture that has no impact on performance. Asking $849 shipped to the CONUS. Although I have no feedback as a seller on this forum, I have purcahsed many items on this forum and I have 100% positive feedback on eBay and have sold several high end clubs under the name 88Buster. No trades at this time. Thanks.
  5. Well - I have used this one very sparingly and used an oil cloth, and it has ablsolutely no rust. It doesn't seem to be particularly high maintenance, but I would think this one would need to be oiled to keep it that way.
  6. Selling a very lightly used Byron Morgan Channel Island putter. Putter is stamped Byron/Proto on the face of the blade and 1 of 6 on the back of the blade. I can't guarantee the origin of this putter, as I purchased it from a member of this site about 6 months ago. But, based upon my research of Byron's threads on Puttertalk, I do believe this to be one of the original 6 prototypes of the Channel Island made by Byron. It is carbon steel finished in black oxide with the twilight face milling. It weighs right around 350 grams and is 34 inches in length. It is in near-mint condition (any marks seen in the pictures are just light reflections). It comes with the "Welshman-Made" head cover. I am asking $400 shipped in the CONUS.
  7. Black python and brown leather are sold. Brown anaconda still available - price drop to $125
  8. I am selling 3 House of Fleming 1.5 inch belt straps in size 38. I bought these on this forum almost a year ago knowing that I needed to lost a few pounds for them to fit. No such luck for me this year, so I am giving up and selling them. All 3 have virtually no wear and are in pristine condition (they are slightly curled as they have been rolled up and stored in a dresser for the last year). First is black python belly. Looking for $175 Second is brown anaconda. Looking for $150 Third is brown leather. Looking for $100. All prices include shipping. Payment by Paypal. Although I have not sold anything previously on this forum, I have purchased a number of items and sell on eBay under the name 88Buster with a 100% positive feedback rating.
  9. I have two items for sale. First is a custom Machine M2A Converter with Deep Bite Bongo Cut Flange and Pill Cut Plumbers Neck Hosel. This was one of the limited Roll Top putters offered by Machine in late 2012. It is made of 303 stainless steel that was custom torched by Dave Billings and has light blue and gold accents. The top line has been rolled. The flange is Dave's Deep BIte Bongo Cut, which really helps with the balance of this putter while providing great alignment aid as well. It also includes a damascus medallion in the cavity with the Birdie the Dog logo. It is 34.5 inches in length, 350 grams, 70 degree lie and 3 degrees of loft. It has 4 weight ports to dial in the weight. I have used this putter on and off for about 8 months and it is still in great condition. It will come with a Machine headcover in like new condition. I am selling simply because I have a stable of great putters (including 2 Machine ART putters) and need to thin the herd just a little. Price is $499 shipped CONUS. Second is a set of 5-PW of Bridgestone J40 Dual Pocket Cavity irons with Project X 6.0 Flighted shafts. I used these irons for about 3/4s of a season (perhaps 25-30 rounds and some range time). They are in very good condition with typical signs of use, but no significant dents or dings. Standard length, lofts and lie. The pictures tell the story of condition. Price is $399 shipped CONUS.
  10. I am thinking about venturing into the world of Miura irons. I currently play Bridgestone J40 DPC irons. I carry a 5.5 index and would tend to being a digger. I am not a consistent enough ball striker for the Miura blades and now require a reasonable amount of forgiveness. I was curious what the consensus would be on the right model of Miura iron for me. Thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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