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  1. Does anyone know the loft specs for these irons? I believe the PW was 51. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Are the driver and fairway wood adapters interchangeable? Can I use a fairway wood shaft in a driver and vice versa?
  3. Looking for a straight back/straight thru blade putter. Thanks in advance.
  4. Using Red hybrids in my bag. Sometimes 3, sometimes 4 depending on where I’m playing. Love them
  5. Ok, not a monster hitter, or an equipment junkie or ho. Middl handicap that just loves to play golf. Happy with my bag and was really striking the ball well at the end of the season but thinking of an experiment. Been wanting to try a blade style iron, preferably forged, but not wanting to spend a fortune. Found a set of these that I can get for about $100. Know these were not cult favorites or really caused a buzz just wondering if anyone had any feedback on these and titleist graphite shafts? I hit these back in the day and liked them, but wasn’t good bough to bag them. Thanks
  6. Everybody likes new clubs! I’m a little different cuz I like ‘new’ old clubs. Buy oldies but goodies, one of my favs was when I picked up a set of i5’s. Actually looking at a set of N1 for nostalgia-my first ‘real’ set of irons.
  7. Well, instead of trading them, I’d be happy to take them off your hands.
  8. Adams Red Hybrid. Great hybrid and has movable weights that really do change the ball flight.
  9. I know it didn’t get a whole lot of love, but for me the Nike Vapor Speed has been the easiest driver to hit since I owned a G10.
  10. Seem to have a cult following. Where do they rank as far as irons? Live up to the following?
  11. Kind of looking to change things up. Love my G10s most of the time, but looking a something a little smaller, less offset. Still in the bag?
  12. Was looking on the Bay (toying around with trying a set of Ping i irons) and came across a set of i10 heads in my spec and looking pretty good except for a couple of badges at a decent price. Should I be worries that they have been sand blasted?
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