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  1. I third this. Again, not cheap but if you have hilly courses, this makes walking more enjoyable and more realistic especially in the Texas heat I experience. I also second the Motogolf.com company, great service.
  2. I started to listen to No Laying Up about a year ago and enjoyed their content. The post tournament discussions were interesting and entertaining. I also really enjoyed the Cantlay interview. He’s pretty stoic on the course but his interview was insightful. There’s other good interviews like the one recently with JT and a past one with Paul Azinger. I listened to the Bill Harmon on episode. Enjoyed that as well.
  3. I had the same symptoms. Had cervical fusion. 6 weeks until golf and never looked back. Find a good surgeon to guide you.
  4. I had cervical fusion about 4.5 years ago. The first thing I asked the surgeon was how long before golf. He said 6 weeks. I scheduled my follow-up appointments to be done 6 weeks to the day. Played the next day. No issues. I had forgotten about my neck until hole 3, so excited to play. I know, hard to believe. I never looked back. No range of motion loss in the golf swing. I had a really good surgeon, this was a very minor surgery for him. He also was a no nonsense, south Texan, who basically told me to suck it up during recovery. Getting up and around right away did help.
  5. Had a C4 C5 Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion about 4 years ago, I was 43. Took the arm pain and numbness in my fingers away. My pain quickly became debilitating requiring surgery. Best decision I made. 6 weeks to the day I was back on the course. Never looked back.
  6. He’s the GOAT for sure and I hope he beats Jack’s record. To me, he is deserving and it would be the greatest comeback story in sport’s history. Who doesn’t want to see that? (besides all the Tiger haters).
  7. Pretty cool custom tool GG. Not a FL fan, but that’s impressive. Got any in TN Vols Orange? :)
  8. You have a cobbler? I want a cobbler, very cool! I can barely find a good tailor.
  9. In terms of on course performance, how do you compare and contrast the F9 and F8 OL? It’s winter here and I haven’t hit them on a course yet. Just practicing on my mat and net. Ok, thanks. I have had the F8 OL since fall and like them more and more. Wondering if an upgrade is worth it. Also curious on the shafts. I went with my previous iron shaft in the F8’s and wondering if anyone is seeing benefit from the stock flighted shafts made for the OL’s.
  10. In terms of on course performance, how do you compare and contrast the F9 and F8 OL?
  11. This was resurrected from a 2014 thread.... First, I have never seen waving up happen on a course I have played. Second, I agree it likely doesn’t save time. The OP concluded this was a “rule” so it should be followed. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems unlikely that this is a rule. I guess a local committee could designate a rule, but it seems odd to me. I don’t like playining through when others are on the green. I would like to be waived up. You did see this at Riveria on a drivable Par 4 this week.
  12. Thanks for the visual, that’s a pretty large difference. So is it safe to assume the other jackets are sized like the Radiation and the Dexter is the one with the longer length?
  13. I can’t remember who it was, but someone at Riveria wore a hoodie today with joggers. McCord commented that it looked like he was in his pajamas. Can’t remember the hoodie brand.
  14. I have lived in San Antonio for the last 11 years. In the past, I lived in Upstate NY (born and raised there) Baltimore, Omaha, Philadelphia and Knoxville, TN. Basically where jobs took me. I have really grown fond of SA. The cost of living is great, year round golf, no state income tax, growing city (7th largest metro area in the US but spread out), nice people and a great place to raise a family. It’s not humid except a few weeks here and there. Summers are hot, but I’ll take that over shoveling snow any day. It can get dry here but has been wet recently. One hour to Austin which is great
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