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  1. I noticed that on a couple holes myself.
  2. I actually like the setup, but it is surprising to see so many players absolutely struggling with accuracy off the tee....and wind hasn't even been that much of a factor so far (that I can tell).
  3. I haven't submitted since I got back into playing (I took around 5-6 years off), and have only played a total of two rounds, but would put it at a solid 8-8.5 right now. My lowest was a 6, but that was 8-10 yrs ago. My biggest concern would be rough off the fairways, and OB on some of the tighter holes. My driver right now can be a little erratic, but iron play is solid...hence hitting 2 iron on a lot of holes. Like I mentioned, it really depends on the course itself.
  4. I'm not scratch, but give me 100 strokes and I have a very decent chance. Granted, I'm going out there with the mindset of playing defensive/bogey golf, and would likely hit 2 iron on anything not a par 3. Regardless, it depends a lot on the actual course....but give me a couple practice rounds and it would be a very interesting experiment.
  5. Makes sense. I may just keep hitting the club, and see how I like it. Right now, I am using it in standard, and seem to be getting decent ball flight...except I don't have access to a launch monitor, so everything is based off feel and actually watching the ball. I would really like to try one in 9.5*, though!
  6. How accurate are adjustable driver heads, at least with regards to loft? I've always hit bonded/non-adjustable drivers, but recently picked up a TaylorMade M3 8.5*. I normally hit a 9.5* driver, but couldn't pass on this one. Given that it offers up for 2* loft change, how consistent will it be compared to the same in 9.5*? Meaning, will the 8.5* adjusted to roughly 9.5* play the same as a stock M3 in 9.5*, assuming all other variables are identical?
  7. At some point, they are going to have to stop stretching the yardage and start penalizing missed shots more.
  8. I actually hit a couple 975D's today, and before I picked up a TaylorMade M3 a couple weeks ago, the "newest" driver I hit was *maybe* a 2012 or 2013. Titleist 905, 907, Nike VRS, Callaway X460, and a Srixon that may be even older. All are 420+ cc heads, and really don't give up much of anything to the M3.
  9. I can put up with most anything, except deliberately slow players.
  10. I still haven't decided on a set of shafts for the MP33's yet, but leaning heavily towards the PK 5.5's. Oddly enough, I picked up a PX 6.0 shaft for an older Titleist DCI 2 iron, and I am getting significantly higher ball flight than with the previous DGS300.
  11. Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places, but is there an actual online "list" that includes all the courses on a Bushnell Phantom? I haven't been able to locate one on the Bushnell site, and Google searches haven't been much help.
  12. How much lighter are the 5.5s, is it a noticeable difference? Are the 5.5s generally a higher ball flight?
  13. I have been looking for a replacement set of shafts for a set of MP33's, and came across some Project X rifle 5.5's. My normal shafts are a set of DGS300's, and I'm concerned whether the 5.5's will play "stiff" enough for my swing. I've read some places that they will, but others suggest I will need 6.0s. Suggestions?
  14. 981's are probably one of my favorite sets, never did care much for the 990's. I had a set of 962b's for a little while, honestly can't remember what I did with them. I still have my 981's, but rarely even hit them...if anything, I will be switching from a set of Mizuno TZoids to a set of 735 CM's.
  15. Have you checked the face to see where you are actually hitting the ball?
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