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  1. Good afternoon everyone, First, hope all is well for everyone. I haven’t been on the site for awhile. Things going great on my end. Been culling the herd as far as clubs go in anticipation of finally getting the house sold and moving on with my life, so haven’t been acquiring anything “new”, but looking forward to getting back to the hunt. Enjoying getting my fix in by browsing the site today.
  2. Just saying hello to all. Waiting for site updates to get squared away so I can resume my normal routine with regards to the site. Lots going on-about ready to put the house up for sale-been super busy on that end, also, taking advantage of “free” college cost at state institutions for senior citizens and the course work is keeping me busy as well. About half way complete with first draft of book and back in poetry writing mode as well. On the golfing end of things, have convinced an old Air Force pilot to put his old Macgregor blades back in the bag and we are playing at least one eightee
  3. Sorry to hear about the dogs boys. Must be something in the air. I lost my chocolate Chesapeake Bay Retriever two weeks ago.
  4. You didn’t mention the color. Do they match your bag?
  5. Herein lies the rub with MOST of the younger I hit it a mile crowd...1. Control - distance and direction - they have to be On or darn close to their number with the club in hand. 2. How’s their short game getting along?
  6. Lol, yeah the uppity beachwear stores. I think if I was to go out to IOP they might have a couple like that, but on Folly Beach it’s still beachwear. Supposed to play with the Palmetto Seniors up your way Thursday at The River Club. I’m cutting back playing with them this year. Getting too expensive. Seems like everyone has jacked the prices up 10-15 bucks from what we were playing for last year with the group. Add in travel time, skins and pins buy in and any side games... Have found a local group that has a better handle on the money end of it that plays on the same day, so I’ll pick and
  7. You know, come to think of it, there is that strip mall toward the beach, with that one store, with the odd name, that sells funny little glass things...
  8. I can buy a gun in about 20-30 places in town. A pipe, maybe in two, and not much of a selection.
  9. Any information on the Duo Power 184 HB shafts with respect to how to tell flex. Thinking about making an eBay purchase but want to make sure of the flex. I don’t need another project set to mess with. Really don’t need these either, but they are in superb condition. Thanks, Randy
  10. Did something I haven’t done in “years” yesterday. Played 36 holes, lunch break in between. Weather was a little dicey, no rain, but cool and damp, with about a club of wind that couldn’t beside from where it wanted to blow from. Every approach shot played uphill, and all greens were elevated-some more than others. A hard to day to club. Left 3/4 of all approaches a club short. But, great day nonetheless. Have decided to play the Buttonbacks as my regular set all year(when I’m not playing hickory) and, only carry 1 wood. The Powerbilt in my aviator. Keeping the 1 iron in the bag a
  11. I’m jealous. Very nice. I am sure you will enjoy them.
  12. The only thing I find disturbing about this thread is that most of us now qualify as old-timers!!!
  13. Augie, Good to know about the old PB’s. I still hit those better than any other persimmon’s I have around. A lot more in the short grass with them.
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