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  1. That is the way of the tour these days even in the majors. You have to go out and win it. Not to many backed into victories these days.
  2. Regardless of how this RC pans out, the best of Euro RC golf is aging out. If they hadn't taken Westwood, Poulter, and Sergio, who are all in there 40s, who would they have taken? Rose is also in his 40s. Casey is in his 40s.
  3. Playing the Ryder Cup in the deep South in September. Ever looked at the chart for the hurricane season?
  4. You should listen to the Univ of Wisc football coach. Stricker lives in Madison.
  5. I used a set of Nike pro cavities that went down to a 50 deg GW and a 55 deg SW. The SW worked well from the fairway, rough and chipping but not so well from the sand. My 60 deg LW wasn’t very good from the sand as it lacked bounce. For me with my current set of Honma TWX irons, l would like to have the 11 club to match at 49 deg and then SW/LW at 54 and 58/60. Can’t find the Honma 11.
  6. Very happy with the Honmas. Soul is big but l have had no problems with them.
  7. I have wanted to try a fade biased driver and a draw biased driver in the same bag. Anyone ever tried that?
  8. I became focused on buying these irons when they placed so well in the MGS testing. Got some just in time to go on a golf trip earlier this month. Had them bent 3 deg upright to fit me. No extra length. Got the 4-10 in stiff Vizard shafts. Moving on from Nike pro cavities which were 8 yo. Those were not adjusted for lie angle. Took some getting used to them as I pulled a number of shots, probably due to the lie angle change. Also hit a number slightly fat as the bottom of the Honma's are slightly wider than the Nikes, or just early season lack of practice. When hit right they are fantastic. Good feel, height. Distance didn't change but I was using them at sea level so that is still up for debate. I was hoping the hollow bodies would yield a few more yards as the TXG testing showed. Wish I could get the matching 11 iron but no one seems to have them for sale individually.
  9. Played Maxfli's on a golf trip recently. Also had a sleeve of Vice urethane's as well. Have not used the AVXs. I found both the Maxfli and Vice balls to be very good distance and spinwise. No concerns about using either again. Dicks has apparently cut back on their discounting and coupons. I bought the Maxflis for $18/doz last year using a coupon with a sale they had going on. Almost out of them.
  10. Has anyone watched Crossfield’s recent work to change his swing after talking to Jamie Sadlowski? He is now pushing away from the ball with his front toe to increase his swing speed. I wonder how this parallels with Monte’s zipper away drill, seems like you get a similar result.
  11. During Dicks flash sale l got their Maxfli Tours for $18/ dz. Keep an eye out for that this spring. Stores will match the online flash sale price.
  12. do a search for the “knuckle fade.”
  13. Anyone use one of these? They have a dvd specifically for golf balance training.
  14. I simulated this motion and used it on a course last week. First 4 holes l was duck hooking the driver. I moved my thumb on top of the shaft so that l could bring the back of my hand “to the wall” and the hook mostly went away. Iron shots seemed to have more pop to them. Only one round. Weather was cold. Hoping to try it again soon.
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