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  1. Like new, only worn for a couple hours on Sunday morning of the tournament this year. Lost a lot of weight and its just too big on me. $75 TYD in the lower 48, PayPal only. Thanks!
  2. $160 shipped in the lower 48. Has a pop up mark, some nicks on the leading edge of the crown, and a chip of paint missing at the back of the crown. See pics. Includes headcover and tool. Standard length and grip.
  3. Just dropped in to say War Eagle and beautiful sticks!
  4. I picked up a JPX 900 Forged GW this week to go with my hot metals. Trying it out in the morning.
  5. Here’s one out of left field: Callaway X of 2008 vintage. I still bag the 2H. The 4H may have been my favorite club of all time. I could put the crappiest of crappy swings on it and it went straight and long. Can be had for under $25 now.
  6. My game is bad enough without the golf gods cursing me for stealing a club. We always race ahead to catch the next group when we find a wedge by the green.
  7. I probably would shorten the shaft as well. Play my Ping G 12* at 44.5".
  8. Didn’t know a high loft Epic was made, now curious.
  9. This. I got a set hot metals last week, and I’m absolutely in love. May be a honeymoon, but I’ve never went from skeptic to lover this fast ha. One of my good friends has the forged, and we hit them side by side swapping iron for iron and couldn’t tell much of any difference. I actually preferred the sound of the HM’s too.
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