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  1. > @BlackM00Nlight said: > Tiger just cracked a smile ? Hey that's my line! :D
  2. When I referred to Jordan as "Young Jordan Speith" a few years back, in a thread here dedicated to his historic achievement, I never thought that reference would take hold this far LOL. And it was not done out of disrespect.
  3. I firmly believe that Jordan Spieth's ascent to the top of the golfing world in 2015 is as much a factor as any in Rorys relatively weak play. Rory was tagged the new improved golfing prodigy following the Tiger era and he was going to lead this generation. But nobody saw a younger American prodigy in Jordan Spieth coming. Those majors Spieth won took something out of Rory on a mental level. I watched it happen. I actually believe Jordan is going through something similar. In sport nothing shatters the confidence quicker than being in the presence of somebody better than you. Jordans never feared Dustin, Rory, or Koepka. But somebody's return to golf might have shaken more than the TV ratings. Just saying
  4. This really hurts. I've been there every year for the last 10 years. A perfect course for a PGA Championship. Just sayin
  5. What we're all really talking about here is "body coordination". The ability to repeat a body process at will (my own defintion lol). It's what seperates athletes in most sports. With that being said who's had more shots on command than Tiger??
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