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  1. Look specifically for the below noted shafts Diamana DF 60/70/80 X or TX Taylormade or Titleist tip a plus
  2. Need to unload some extras! From top to bottom in pictures, see photos for measurements SIM Max 3 wood with a custom order Accra TZ6 75 M5 (x flex), tipped 1” Super smooth bomber here. Built by Accra authorized dealer — 43” D4 SOLD to your door Diamana 75x Limited - one time pull from above listed SIM (was custom ordered with this shaft direct from TM) SOLD Fujikura Atmos Blue 8x with Titleist TS fairway. Plays standard length in TS2/TS3/915f sold Diamana D+ 80x, one time pull from a Titleist TS 5 wood SOLD Fuji
  3. Does anyone know what the Titleist upcharge is for the 100tx?
  4. TZ6 has been great for me. Looking for a 75 M5 for the 3 wood, maybe even 85 for the hybrid.
  5. Mint condition SIM max 3 wood with a factory built AD DI 7x sold shipped
  6. I disagree with the above. The regular sim was much lower launch and spin for me. M5 launches higher. Perhaps the SIM max is what he’s referring to.
  7. they suck and don’t never respond.
  8. Looking to move some premium level gear today. Tour AD XC 6x -- Built by Taylormade for SIM. Plays at 45”, not tipped - sold M5 3 Wood 15* with AD XC 7x, again, factory built for SIM, not tipped, plays standard length - sold Titleist TS3 5 wood - very rare. shafted with a Tensei Pro White 80tx. Plays at 42.25” D5 - sold
  9. I’m down to the Xc 6x and TZ6 M5, the XC seems softer... anymore straight comparisons with these two?
  10. 1) Tour issue Callaway Epic Flash 3+, with Diamana RF 70tx plays at 43”, includes headcover. Slight paint chip on back bottom(see pic), not visible at address. $195 2) Fujikura Ventus 6x Blue, velcore real deal shaft. Plays at 45”, came from a tour issue TS head. See measurements in photos. $225
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