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  1. Question for this topic - Ive started to get some club building stuff in my garage to mess around with. I purchased some Titleist adaptors off ebay (.335) and they will not fit a brand new shaft in there... is this because the tip is not sanded down? Shaft does slide right into a Taylormade tip I have.
  2. TM SIM 15* head only with headcover. Used for one round $200 to your door
  3. My buddy had a set back in the day, they are sweet.
  4. update: Ive played the Tensei Pro white 60tx for the last 2 years, recently picked up a Diamana D limited 60tx (not the D+) and a Ventus black 6x. For me the Diamana is evolving into the most confidence I’ve ever had with a driver - SIM head. Mid flight slow spin bombs. Firm but great feel, can’t say enough good things about it!
  5. Any new updates since this has been out a while? I have one on the way, very excited
  6. Looks for something 80-90g X or TX with a Titleist Fairway adaptor installed, let me know what you’ve got!
  7. I’m a 5 and love the Apex Pros (2019). If i had to buy another set right now I’d look at the Srixon 785. They both offer a lot of what you want.
  8. Looking for a TSi2 5 wood head. Might be interested in entire club if its got a heavy X flex.
  9. Hopefully they have more premium shaft choices this year. Their variety has been limited the last few years, especially in heavier options.
  10. Feeler sale here: Would be willing to trade the irons for something similar in S+ or X Srixon z945 4-PW KBS Tour Stiff standard length great shape, no browning $425 plus actual shipping Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Tour Issue 3 wood head. $200
  11. Stumbled across this head, it looks like a D4 but says D3d, anyone know what this is? Maybe an early Proto or just a fake?
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