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  1. Looking for a 15*, head only preferred. Super clean is ideal. LMK
  2. I'm signed up and always buy their stuff, didn't get it though.
  3. Ventus blue Velocore 7x, plays 43.25 in TSi2, looks to be 1/2” tipped $230 Ventus blue Velocore 8x. Plays 43” in SIM2 3 wood. Tipped 1” $230 Taylormade TP UDI 2 iron, standard length, C Taper S+ 125 - $140 Project X hzrdus smoke 6.5, stock from a TS3 driver $75 trade bait Tensei Pro White 70 or 80tx
  4. Saw that, need X flex tho
  5. anyone have a Rombax P95 for sale?
  6. They run off a 47* pw, so more traditional lofts for sure. So pure.
  7. Got them from a local pro here in Carlsbad. Best feeing Callaway Irons I’ve ever hit, just did a fitting and going another direction.
  8. Looking to recoup some funds after having no self control. Scotty Cameron Monterey 1.5 35”, no HC,10g weights installed Sold Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 3 wood Ventus Blue 8x, plays at 43”, unsure of tipping Sold
  9. Looking to move an all but new set of Srixon ZX7s Irons 4-P 2* flat standard length KBS $ tapers x (wrong shaft bands installed- I have the documents) Sold would prefer to trade for a similar setup with PX 6.0 or PX LS 6.0
  10. Premium bombers here for sale! Will talk trade on a Ventus Velocore Black 6x, or blue 8x Taylormade SIM2 10.5 RIPx 65X Plays at 46”, plenty of room to trim to your specs Includes head cover, used 1 round $450 Taylormade SIM2 3 wood Fujikura 757TR TX Plays at standard length Total bomber Includes head cover $395 Taylormade SIM2 2 Hybrid Fujikura Ventus 8s Velocore Plays at standard length Includes head cover Small blemish on crown can be seen at certain angles Sold Diamana D Limited 70TX Ion Taylormade tip Plays standard length in TM 3 wood This is the real deal $400+ D Limited (not D+) $195 AccraTZ5 Hybrid shaft Titleist 818H tip (fits them all) Plays stock in 23* $90
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