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  1. Good call. I‘ve been playing the Hazrdus Red for a couple weeks now in my search for a new shaft. I like it a lot but want to make sure I’m not overlooking any other contenders.
  2. Thanks. I’ll check it out.
  3. For the past 5 or 6 years I’ve played the Aldila VS Proto “By You” shaft in driver (60 gram) and 3 wood (70 gram). It’s is s solid mid trajectory mid spin shaft that I am very familiar with. However, they are no longer available new and I get dizzy studying the current offerings. My SS is about 100 and driving is the strongest aspect of the game. Generally I prefer mid to high trajectory and mid to high spin shafts. Does anyone have any suggestions for current offerings that fit these characteristics? Please don’t suggest that I get fitted - long story but it isn’t going to happen. Many tha
  4. I played a 10.5’ 410 lofted up on the big + because that’s the only way I could get a square face when the club was soled. Consequently it hit really high and spun a lot. The 10’ STw is a true 10’. I hit a mid flight boring trajectory. You’d have to be a really strong swinger to hit it too high.
  5. Haven’t hit the KE4 yet and I steer away from launch monitors so can’t answer that either. The 10’ STw gives me about what I would expect from a 10’. I know that’s not helpful but it’s all I got.
  6. I agree. A statement that cavity backs twist less on off center strikes is not news. It’s simple physics that we should all understand.
  7. I think it depends on the player, but as a general rule a balanced 80% swing that results in cleaner contact will result in a superior shot.
  8. Sorry to thread jack, but I played the Golfworks new non hosel adjustable driver, the STw, yesterday. Compared to my 410 Plus, the STw sets up better (dead square), is more solid at impact, and equally as accurate. The 410 is going on eBay.
  9. Yes, I would agree. For reference, I'm a 5 HC and play mostly forged irons that have forgiveness. I think the PTM is very comparable to both the i200/210 and Apex series. The PTM is just a good solid forgiving forged no nonsense iron.
  10. I have played both, successfully. The PTM has a little larger head with more offset and friendlier turf interaction. PTM also has a more boring trajectory. Beyond that, I find them both to be very solid forged irons. Played my best ever iron game with the DBMs.
  11. Thanks. I’ll test it further and report later in the spring. Hopefully by then we’ll have more reviews.
  12. Here’s my problem with the crowd here: I’ve been here for years but rarely post. Today I have something meaningful to contribute and people here poo all over my post. Meanwhile certain other frequent posters write boring posts about what clubs they should play and everyone replies like it’s the last post on Wrx. Seems a little snobbish to me. Not one person is curious about someone’s experience with this putter, really?? I thought this was a friendly place of like-minded individuals.
  13. Ok I’ve been looking forward to this technology and bought one on Friday after extensive testing against the Spider. I got the TB2 - the center shafted blade. The center shaft model seems to have more of the truss neck connected to the the putter head than the heel shafted TB1 and it I does feel a little more sold than the TB1. Both blade models had a better sound at impact than the mallet models. I played with it yesterday and will again today on pretty bent grass fast greens. It has a very pleasing feel and sound at impact with what feels like a huge sweet spot. My distances were extreme
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