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  1. What would you have done in Canada in wheatcrofts position
  2. 72-64-63 at the bangar open. He has plenty game to try
  3. People who stop on the far right of the stop light , just to go straight so people behind them can't turn Ina red
  4. FYI Q school itself is about 5k not including travel costs and such .
  5. While he may lack sponsors , I'm not sure how long term it would be . He was one of the Adams guys . Just like bernhard & Ernie . Would be interesting to see those back room contracts . And how long they can't have another sponsor for perhaps (?) Anyways happy for Aaron . We share the same name so that's cool, and he's a very active guy with the FCA and I've heard nothing but great things from friends who have met him outside of golf
  6. 62 at a major is 62. The problem is to artificially make scoring better a lot of the events change a par 5 to a par 4 here or there .
  7. His coach Also the same woman who helped ressurect ernies putting . She was working with him on his putting at Augusta .
  8. You shoot on a argue about 87 but every now and then you shoot 80-82 and can feel how close your game is to being a single digit capper . Your weekends is chipping and putting because you don't hit many greens as a mid capper . Can get off the tee decently Callaway great big Bertha oban black 85 O5 Callaway great big Bertha 3 wood oban black 85 05 Callaway Bertha alpha 5 wood oban revenge 85 O5 Callaway apex fujikara X stiff 95 grams 4 hybrid Callaway apex forged 5-pw nipping modus 120 X Vokey sm5 50(f) ,56&60(s) with Nippon modus 120 stiff Odyssey works 7 CH
  9. Sorry it didn't happen for you, Monday q's are hard. Is there a link to the scores anywhere? I know a lot of guys in field and want to check scores. I'm not sure where scores are linked too at the moment but I'm going to try to find them . They didn't have a board out either so I didn't see any names in particular .
  10. Is he the kid from Louisville? All the Best, RP He is , wonderful person . Very friendly and nice
  11. Played my Monday qualifier today . We had some interesting weather out their hahah . Shot 79 and couldn't buy a putt lol . Good luck this week ! Played with someone named Daniel Iceman who got through .
  12. They offer a lot of choices for the consumer .
  13. Not following your Unfortunately comment
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