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  1. Scotty’s fastback (double bend and the slant neck version) is similar
  2. Up for Sale-Machine M20 Converter Putter $350 SALE PENDING Specs: 360g (I am almost certain) 68* lie standard loft 1/2 shaft offset plumbers neck Beefy back (I think this is the name) flange 34" Vertical milled face Carbon Steel Black satin finish (shows minimal signs of wear on sole and leading edge of face) Black gloss steel shaft Iomix absolute grip Black Machine leather headcover
  3. Looks legit but he certainly didn’t order it from SC like that
  4. The nubbins mallet was my first real putter. It was ridiculously muffled and had zero feel
  5. OP what type of work do you normally do when not making one off putters?
  6. If it’s too “soft” your only real option is to have the face milled smooth
  7. I mean, that’s a pretty picture and all but you made it backwards
  8. Cool putter and that’s actually super quick turnaround for a true custom
  9. This. Otherwise it'd be similar to the beauty pageant of the past that I believe Etiger referenced...think it was sponsored by my golf spy. Yep that’s what it was. Good memory!!
  10. I vaguely remember something similar to this idea happening on a small scale a while back and Machine won
  11. I think it cuts both ways. If you are ordering a true custom (ie handmade or tons of options) then you should be a bit lenient on timelines as those are bespoke items. Obviously makers need to be as up front as possible. I have read some horror stories on here from some makers and most of the issues revolve around outsourcing some part of the build (finishes, welds, etc...) I don’t think the need for updates or communication has anything to do with the ultra premium lines and pricing out there now. That’s more a “I can afford it so i want the niche item regardless of price” scenario
  12. The CW most likely has the ping sound because Piretti removes weight from the face in the cavity. Most thick faced putters have a dead sound and thin faced putters have that high pitched ping sound. Byron has talked about it on Puttertalk U believe. I had a CW for a while and I loved the look but couldn’t stand the sound.
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