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  1. Plus the reg MP-20 has the underlay of copper anyways as that's the whole premise of #layersoffeel. So its like getting the old TN-87's.
  2. If there is one that's naked or site dot in the 009/BB0/Anser style I'd like to roll one to see and feel this putter.
  3. wow things have gotten very slow..... lol
  4. Why do you want to win a Perfect Practice putting mat? I could always practice for living in the Northeast many times weather keeps me from practicing. What is your biggest factor in purchasing a putting mat? That you can simulate actual playing speeds and breaks.Are you now following @perfectpracticegolf on Instagram? YES
  5. Being a former ice-hockey player I've always wanted that Maple Leaf cover. Oh yeah and that putter under the cover would be a sweet gamer! PS: That Beard cover is something unique. Good job with this bag.
  6. > @pga43 said: > > @archer1 said: > > The effort, and time, which went into these photographs is very much appreciated. > > Thx, they are so much easier to photograph when they are shafted but they didn't have any sets made up yet. > > > Greg Thanks for sharing Greg. Now if I could only buy the 4-pw heads only, I have the shafts waiting and ready to install. Like to see if these can kick my 2008 Cobra Pro MB's out of the bag as the Cobra's removed my Mizuno MP29's out of the bag which were in my bag for many years. Here's hoping these MP20's have t
  7. Will sell Bettinardi MashUp for 2,000.00 less cover. Also price drop on Scotty BBC for 3500.00 TYD in CONUS.
  8. > @flynphil said: > Ou est les Canadiens? Sorry thought they posted will add... they are up now or should be..
  9. Ok guys I'm going to list items and pics will follow all items. If anyone needs more pics I have plenty. All prices are USPS Priority in CONUS. All other areas we can get quote for shipping costs. My paypal addy is [email protected] Thanks for Looking. Reason I'm selling is I have a pretty big credit card charge as my daughter's wedding was just 2 days ago. Need to pay them bills! lol 1) Tour Bettinardi BB0 MASHUP 353 grams 34.5 long Standard loft and lie. Orange leather lizard grip and a 1 of cover. This putter is a 1of 5 total made. This putter is stamped #5 of 5! Putter never seen
  10. I'll take it if correct size. just want to make sure US size
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