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  1. Someone summon Bobcat!!!! He is the authority on the TaylorMade SLDR Line!!
  2. You need a high kick point shaft, I have the same issue... low spin low launch shafts will work project x HZRDUS yellow (smoke will work better in my opinion) I been playing a rip phenom 60 tour xstiff tipped 1 inch for years it’s my shaft for everything.
  3. Buy him an older used set of pings ....g5,g10,g15,g20,g25 all great sets that will work for him learning a swing for quite some time. If his swings adjusts you can always take them in and get them adjusted!! Ping has awesome customer service and do awesome work on irons sent in!
  4. My g25 3wood has been in the bag for 4 years!!! I think it’s the club I’ll never part with!! Don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it!! Probably gonna reshaft it with a Aldila rip phenom 70 tour X
  5. To me SLDR 430 will go down as the greatest driver ever made . I played it 9* with a rip phenom 50 tour x. Thing was a howitzer, I now play G400 lst .... great driver I do miss the sldr!!
  6. I feel like that was my main issue as well. I feel the overlap grip just takes the right hand out of it. I just can’t believe how clean everything is hot now. I’m completely shocked at the change and quality of strike!
  7. Hey everyone just seeing if this has happened to anyone here. Played interlocking grip for the past 13 years and while I’m a decent golfer 10+ and moderate ball striker, I always struggle with my hands ( very large hands). I switched to an overlapping grip today and it was a completely different feel. Was hitting all my shots so pure, irons, woods, wedges, full shots, half shots, chips and pitches....No shanks, no thin shots, nothing fat. The only thing That I can think of is my right hand was too dominant in my swing and was left on everything, closing down on everything. With the overlap I f
  8. please post a review when you’re able to hit them!!
  9. G30 Irons 4-UW ClicGear4.0 Bettinardi BB56 Glide 3.0 ES 56,60 6 dozen Wilson staff duo soft spin 2 fj weather soft gloves 2 bags of tees New balance minimus golf shoes spike less looking for a g400 or 410 fairway and hybrid now!!!
  10. Just wait till the end of summer, these will be going for $99.00 at your local pro shop!
  11. If you say bobcat’s name 3 times he appears like candy man!!!
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