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  1. Taylormade MySpider X Flow Neck Black Head Silver Face Garsen Quad Proto Non-Taper grip Taylormade Super Stroke GT Tour 1.0 also included (original grip that was professionally pulled) Additional Taylormade 6g weights also included MySpider X headcover included 34” (a shade over depending on how you measure): I typically play my putters at 34” gripped. This one feels about 1/4” longer than that. 69* lie 2* loft Like New ~~$295 Paypaled & shipped ~~ **SOLD!**
  2. KDMullins


    Tensei Blue currently, but I’ve experimented with others. Never anything close to a tink. Mine feels soft and sounds muted.
  3. **Ping G400 Max 10.5* head w/ headcover ~~$200 shipped~~**** SOLD!** 2 Ping shaft options (both with Tour Velvet 360 grips): 1. Alta CB 55 Stiff; just over 44.5” tip-to-butt; plays 45.5” in Ping G400 Max; ~~$65 shipped~~ **SOLD!** 2. Accra TZ6 65 M4 Stiff; just over 44” tip-to-butt; plays 45” in Ping G400 Max; new when tip installed by Will Peoples; gamed approximately 10 rounds; ~~$250 shipped~~ **SOLD!** **2019 Toulon Austin Stroke Lab** 34” Used VERY little; one minor ding on the back of the top line; not noticeable at address. ~~$325 shipped~~ **SOLD!**
  4. Tour Velvet 360. Single wrap. Hard to beat.
  5. I assume there will be a Stealth version of the new line? Anybody know when?
  6. Never know, but he threw away any chance he had. Risk-Reward Calculator was broken.
  7. I saw that, too. You can debate 1 & 2, but point 3 is not correct. You’d want more toe hang if your tendency is to miss left.
  8. Is Tour AD VR counterbalanced? If not, does GD make a counterbalanced shaft?
  9. Close to good...yet not. Hate the topline. It should be straight, and the height discrepancy between the top line and the flange is too dramatic.
  10. The only way to make a putter counterbalanced is to add weight to the grip end. You can do that with a really heavy grip and/or a counterbalance weight inserted down the shaft. You just need to make sure the putter has a heavy enough head that you can still feel it.
  11. I don’t disagree with your premise. I think it’s more the handmade look as opposed to the machined look, not so much about whether the putter is personalized to you (whether that be milled or handstamped). The reason Cameron and now Lamb’s stuff is popular is the attention to detail. Their handstamping is superb. It’s tastefully done for the most part and their stamping are straight, at a consistent depth and just well done. People get nostalgic about that stuff...feels more personal than a CNC mill.
  12. Two reasons I think: (1) It shows the craftsmanship of the maker. Good handstamping takes time. (2) Similarly, OEM putters aren’t handstamped. People like stuff that people actually touched with their hands (more), spent more time making and that they won’t find in somebody else’s bag.
  13. I was at the event on Thursday. Brittany had the biggest gallery, and all it took was a minute to understand why her being there was good for golf. Little girls and young women golfers look up to her. The fact that she was playing, regardless of her finish, is commendable and something to be proud of. She was +5 for the tournament and +5 on the par 3s in Round 1 and +2 on the par 3s in Round 2. Obviously this is where the women have the biggest challenge against he men. They are hitting significantly longer clubs into greens that are designed to accept higher shots, and they are often far m
  14. Rookie mistake. Never, never get your initials stamped on a high end putter.
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