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  1. I think your example of these three players is a very good one as Curtis won 1 more major but did not win a Players. So these guys are very close. The "deserving" part is debatable for all 3. The reality is in all sports players are better than yesteryear, therefore the playing fields become more equal and we have less dominating players and then the HOF bars have to move. If I ran the HOF, I don't know if any of them would qualify.
  2. I don't care where Raymond falls in the barrel in the HOF. I don't draw the line, the HOF does. My comments are their careers are not similar. If you think they are then you also must think that Koepka and Cink have had similar careers?
  3. First of all, you brought up the other wins......I brought up total wins. Second, my comments have nothing to do with Lanny. Someone commented that they thought that Raymond and Davis's careers were similar and I don't think they were.
  4. I never said that, I was just referring to the comment made about some of Floyds other wins and saying that Love's are basically the same. Silly season wins and partner wins. If people think that Floyd and Love III had similar careers, it's ridiculous. Even Davis Love III wouldn't agree.
  5. Floyd won 4 Majors to Love's 1.....that's "exponentially better" when it comes to golf. Like I said there's only 19 people that have won 5 or more, 10 that have won 4, while 138 have won 1. Of Davis Love's 15 other wins, 10 of them were with Partners including 2 in the Father Son. Most players other wins come in silly season and or team events.
  6. With all due respect their careers are not close. Floyd has 63 Professional wins including 4 majors and 4 Senior Tour Majors and 1 Players Championship Davis has 37 Professional wins including 1 Major and 2 Player Championships. Only 19 players have won 5 majors or more and with the rest of Raymonds accomplishments, he should be in the HOF.
  7. I've had 3 Sim heads ( 9 Deg, 10.5, Sim Max 9 deg ) and 5 different shafts and I gave up on all of them and went back to my Cobra 9 Deg F9. I really couldn't get the consistency with the Sim and I really didn't like the feel. As you can see by trying 3 heads and 5 shafts I wanted the Sim to work but no dice for me.
  8. Sergio has no respect for the game of golf or the other players, which likely won't help his cause. Jason Day doesn't care about his 2nd Major as he's not even trying to qualify for the US Open, he's going to a corporate outing instead. Good effort Jason, nice to see you've got the hunger back.
  9. I'd be ok with Furyk possibly Garcia but if my boy Elk isn't in then no go for Jay Day
  10. As some have said it's a loaded question. One thing I have seen in 47 years of golf is there are a lot of people who take lessons and do not improve. I believe the reason for this is they think the actual lesson itself is the magic pill and not all of the hard work that the player needs to put in between the lessons. Way to may people only play between lessons and don't work on the things they are trying to improve and they get nowhere. Lessons are great if the person is willing to put in the time, effort and energy.
  11. How many events have you won in the last 3 weeks playing against 144 plus 5 handicaps or better? I love the fact that if they don't win on the PGA Tour then they really aren't that good. Abe Ancer won on the Australasian Tour but hasn't won on the PGA Tour I guess he's not going to amount to that much. Matt Wallace has had a couple of top 10's in his last 4 events....
  12. One could argue that this forum proves that since a large majority of people on this forum are playing heavy extra stiff shafts and even tipping them. I really enjoy this forum but don't know how I was allowed to join with 103 driver speed. There's even a special link in this forum for people who swing stiff shafts and softer.......really like this is uncommon?
  13. You are correct it wouldn't mean a lot to the overall company sales but it would mean a tremendous amount to the golf division and all of the people that were employed in that division at one time. It's not a very fair assessment.
  14. As much as I don't agree with them being leading edge and having great equipment, they would be absolutely killing it right now. Without question they would be like every other manufacturer with 4-6 week and even longer delays.
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