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  1. I can't remember who it was but in the telecast yesterday but one of the commentators mentioned Bryson was going to back off a little because he's getting to the point of diminishing returns ( something like this, not an exact quote )
  2. Little revival here Anyone using the 25 degree? I have a fairly traditionally lofted ( in todays world ) set of irons with a 23 degree 4 iron and thinking that a 25 set at 24 and flat may be a nice replacement. I'd prefer not to loft up if possible....never works for me. Would appreciate anyones thoughts or feedback.
  3. And so it begins..... The way I look at it is, he always speaks like this after he has a surgery, procedure etc..he's quite calculated with his replies. Not to mention the fact he looked like he really enjoyed himself in LA on Saturday night and really had no interest being interviewed by Jimmy Boy on Sunday. If the peg isn't in the ground on a particular Thursday in April then there may be cause for concern. I also think we have all learned that he will be finished when he tells us he's finished.
  4. Appears to be an updated version of the 2008 model from the back of the club.
  5. PING G One of the few clubs I regret moving
  6. A thread has been started in the Japanese Club and Non US forum, have a look here: https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1791538-miura-pi-401-has-anybody-hit-these-before-the-release/
  7. I have a Vessel Player 2.0 on a ClicGear and a Rovic with an EWheels and it works very well. I really like the bag, the quality and all of its features. There is plenty of storage space in the bag and it's very easy to wipe clean. I'm actually am going to order the Player III when available as I'd like a different colour of bag.
  8. Have you actually hit this driver? If so can you back up your comments with factual numbers or examples?
  9. And I thought I had some crazy thoughts during lockdown.....
  10. It all depends on what shoe you typically wear or are coming from. As an example I wear the same size in G/Fore and Adidas and a half size smaller in FJ.
  11. If I remember correctly the GL 282 was a stiff shaft and the GL382 was X stiff.
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