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  1. Picked one up yesterday and it felt good indoors but once I got out in the putting green it was quite awkward. Hoping to give it another shot this weekend.
  2. I really wish they’d just went with the OG white hot in the 2ball ten. I just picked up a 2ball ten but it’s waaay too soft for my liking.
  3. Looking at getting some online help and checking in to see what everyone has had success with. Dana Dahlquist’s academy or GG academy..... something else?? Much appreciated!
  4. Callaway Epic Speed Triple Diamond 9 head with Mitsubishi 1K Tensei 60X - playing length 45 in and comes with headcover and wrench. 9 holes of use. $SOLD Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 RH 33 inches with head cover. $SOLD Scotty Cameron Special Select Squareback 33 inches RH with head cover. $350 Paypal and shipped via USPS - US only
  5. Lol....sorry was in my car and couldn't give any info. They all were great in my opinion as far as course shape goes. Branson Hills was the more difficult course by far, but was very enjoyable. The greens were firm and I found myself short-sided on every green I missed. Ozark and Buffalo were both very good. Ozark was a bit more links style and more wide open. We had high winds all 4 days when we were there so Ozark was a brute on that day. Buffalo was the last course we played and it was the groups 2nd favorite after Payne's Valley obviously. Mountain Top was in great condition but m
  6. We played Branson Hills, Ozark National, Buffalo Ridge and Mountain Top.
  7. We played it last October and I played from the TW tees. After getting over the "wow factor" and settling down, I found it to be very playable, even from the tips. The par 3's are what make the TW tips a bit tough. I believe there were 2 par 3's that were around 260 and 235 but both played downhill. The days we were there it was also very windy, but overall very generous fairways and the rough wasn't very punishing at the time. I'm not long at all off the tee 255-265 carry and I was very pleased with the TW tees and would play them again. Many of the holes have elevated tees too, so the
  8. I would say the KBS is a bit softer than the 105TX..... I had much better dispersion with the MMTs. They’re very good.
  9. Sorry no trades..... unloading clubs. Not playing much anymore unfortunately.
  10. Hard to describe, definitely not like a normal graphite shaft. Very smooth and stable. Not C taper boardy at all. Coming off 2 shoulder surgeries in the last 3 years they’re definitely legit.
  11. Right hand set of Taylormade 770/MC combo set. 4-5 iron is 770 and 6-PW is the MC. All shafted with the Mitsubishi MMT 105TX and grips are Iomic Sticky 2.3 black. Set length is built -1/4 in short in accordance with Taylormade’s stock length. Lie is 2 flat and loft is standard stock off TM lofts. Less than 10 rounds in them. Built by Fairway Jockey. Paypal and shipped $1250
  12. I’m usually at D4..... and requested that so I assumed that they’re good. I’m not a big swing weight guy, but try to stay around that.
  13. Yes, I have 2 rounds in so far with them. I ordered blind and then had a chance to get in at Club Champion to test them out. I had very good numbers with 105 TX with MC. The biggest thing for me was the dispersion. I also hit the 125x and it was way too much shaft for me. It was a night and day difference between the 105 and 125. I’m thrilled with them so far. They play like steel but there’s absolutely zero shock in them. I’m coming off my 2nd shoulder surgery in 3 years on my right arm so I was looking for something to ease the load off. I’m a bit slow right now in the SS department due to
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