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  1. Bagger Vance - when Bagger is talking to matt Damon's character about Bobby Jones swing and how Bobby sees the course...classic. Arnold Palmer's "How I play the game" I think that is the title. I think my wife and I have watched this 2-3 times in the last three weeks. Man, Arnold was the man...until Jack showed up! It is good just to hear his voice, very reassuring! Many more so let us know what you watched and what you thought. Thanks, John
  2. LOL - I have switched to the heavy vinyl versions found on Amazon. Cheap insurance and they have small Velcro tabs to keep them secure.
  3. I have always used head covers on my irons. It is a huge money saver when resale time comes, especially for forged clubs. Club chatter is a huge no, go when I'm looking at used clubs. If you use them, great! If you don't, I wonder why.
  4. I have stated before how I love to hammer a drive. Friends and family say they love it when I really rip one. At Orchard Hills many years ago, my Dad and Stepmom challenged me to drive over this tree on the left side of the fairway on #10 (I think). My wife said "Superman couldn't hit that shot!" Here we go. Wilson Deep Red driver in hand, I pulled a John Daly...BAM! Hosel rocket between my legs, through a patio area and into the clubhouse wall. About a year later, my Dad & I went back there. My Dad asked the starter about the hole in the siding. He replied, "We're still looking for the a#sh%le that did that. That siding wasn't a week old. We still can't figure out where they hit that shot from." Needless to say, to this day, I still catch heck around my family for that shot! LOL
  5. At Christmas, my wife nearly ordered a bunch of Pro V1s from foundgolfballs,com. I just asked why she didn't and she said she had a bad feeling at the checkout screen. Whew...that was close!
  6. Wow...I've used black electrical tape on my driver heads for years. No tourney play for me so I'm safe. Pop-ups haven't been an issue for years but my mind's eye "has" to see it now as reassurance. The USGA really needs to rethink this. Used drivers with sky marks are hard to sell so look at the potential savings for golfers by using protective tape.
  7. "when it's under a glove, and I'm concentrating on the shot at hand, I REALLY don't think about it." to quote KMeloney... ARRRRGGGHHH! This is all I'll think about now. Did I pull that putt because of my ring? This dreaded hook/draw driver issue I'm fighting has got to be caused by my wedding ring. Right?
  8. The year prior to me taking a break, a friend of mine recommended me trying Giga Golf's irons. I think they were V11s if I correctly remember. Now don't get too snobbish on me for gaming clones. Heck, I liked them so much with steel shafts, I ordered a set for my Dad with graphite. He still plays them a few rounds a month. I turned around and ordered a driver, hybrid and fairway wood. The driver arrived and its box looked like an accordion. Opened it to find destruction. I called and Giga said, "We'll send another one tomorrow. Sorry about that." They allowed me to keep the one with a shattered shaft too. As Sean2 pointed out, websites, sellers, golf courses and retail stores just need to do the basics to keep earning our business. Heck, the average golfer spends a small fortune each year, respect that!
  9. Yep, a Latin term put in good ole' boy terms = Beware of buying a pig in a poke! The problem I had with GolfEtail was a great deal on golf balls. They shipped them loose in a box, no biggie except the box burst before I got it. Several balls were missing. When I notified them, sent pictures and asked they ship the balance, they just gave me a prorated refund. It is a principle thing for me. Don't sale an item you won't stand behind. I have also had great luck ordering from eBay. I only deal with 99% seller rating though.
  10. Yep, Callaway pre-owned is awesome for sure. I have never been disappointed with them. Rock Bottom Golf is a solid site with fast shipping. I did have an issue with GolfEtail that has caused me to never visit that site again.
  11. Awesome and well done! My first eagle that wasn't. Well, my wife and I were playing a long dogleg right Par 5. My drive was a draw into a pond on the left. I reteed another ball and hit a big towering fade. Killed it! I hit my next short with a 5 iron and the ball bounced twice and went right in the cup! I'm jumping around and saying 'Eagle Baby, Eagle!' My wife tapped my shoulder and said, "One in, two out, hit three off the tee. Hmmm...Hit four and it went in. Nice birdie!" I still feel the sting of that to this day. LOL
  12. Yep, that's me too. It burns me up to see pitch marks not corrected. Last time we played, on one Par 3, I fixed 12 pitch marks. (12!) My wife just laughed but I know she appreciates my efforts.
  13. After a long break from golf my wife and I have jumped back in...hard! New clubs, trying different balls, different courses and even new push carts so we can walk instead of riding. I have had a few issues with websites and what they sold me versus what I bought. Do you have some stories to share that may save us some heartache? Thanks for sharing!
  14. Hate to hear of your tough times but happy to hear you are playing again. Life has such a knack for kicking us in the teeth at times. Blindsiding us without notice...kind of like this random duck hook I've developed from nowhere. LOL Use to have a sweet power fade back in the day...no way to explain it in my mind but hey, it is just another challenge!
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