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  1. I peed myself a little while I reading this. That said, anyone who can game these is a freaking BOSS.
  2. love love love V2. I've gamed many other shafts and still come back to this one. Feel + Distance monster.
  3. I got both as well. Most golf shoes in white look ridiculous if you're wearing shorts. These lack the narrow toe box so they should fit like an athletic shoe, instead of loafers.
  4. I you going a .5 size up since they don't come in wide? I grabbed 3 total because of this: 13 in each and a 14 in white in case the 13's run small. Yep, I grabbed 4 total. 2 of each just to be sure. I really like these, they're not as loud as the other jordan golfs.
  5. I'm all about these because they have the same "Free" outersole as the TW13/15. And it's getting harder to find shoes that aren't tight in the toe area.
  6. I grabbed 3 sizes because I don't know which ones will fit. I almost feel like grabbing a 4th...
  7. Sheesh, I was late to the punch on the grey ones too. Looks like they sold our of most size in 30 minutes.
  8. Years ago this was me, minus the wedges. Guilty as charged.
  9. So interesting. I've never hit a ping driver I liked, but I can't say I've ever given one an honest chance.
  10. SL3PR

    Nike 2016

    As a lefty, I'm quite upset about the vapor fly pro irons.
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