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  1. Bought this a couple weeks ago from Callaway Preowned and just decided I putt better with my mallet. 35” with factory stock grip. SOLD Shipped CONUS PM for PayPal and questions
  2. Topline is clean, but some wear to face. 34" with Winn Midsize grip $50 obo Shipped Conus PM for questions or PayPal
  3. Up for sale is a Honma combo set 3 is the 747X with the Vizard 85 Stiff, 4-7 is the 747V and 8-10 is the Rose Protos the 4-10 have Modus 105 Stiff. They are standard everything with factory grips in very good shape. Looking for $320 OBO Shipped CONUS. Not interested in any trades at this time. DM for questions or PayPal.
  4. Only Trade interest would be a Toulon Putter or 58 degree wedge in really good shape Titleist SM5 Tour Chrome would be ideal (no wedge really worth more than $50) Up for sale is Ping i20 5-UW Standard Length, Green Dot (2.25 Upright) with Dynamic Gold S300 and Karma Tour Velvet like grips that I put on this summer. Faces are in pretty good shape considering the age no major dings or anything as well. Looking for Sold Next Up is a Titleist 913 D2 10.5 with the Diamana S+ 62 in Stiff flex plays standard length. Some ball marks near the toe in the clear coa
  5. My pick is the VR_S like the black head before they went covert. I have had 3 different ones one with a AD-DI 6S and 2 with Radix 6S. Loved the Radix in it was a long fairway finder feedback was good but the feel left something to be desired.
  6. Up for sale is a set of Cobra S3 Pro 3-6 (Players Cavity Back) and 7-GW (Blade) They are standard L/L/L with S300 shafts. The 4-PW has various NDMC Multi compound standard size grips, but the 3 iron has the factory stock grip and the gap wedge has a Tour Velvet grip. The 7 iron has some battle scars on the sole which I believe the pictures do justice. 5 iron has a little bit deeper scrape. However the faces are in really clean shape. Looking on eBay tough to find sets without any browning. PM for any questions or PAYPAL. Looking for $200 SHIPPED CONUS Trades would be More forgiving players ir
  7. Teacher I saw was TPI Certified instructor. I know he said he was at least level two. He had me do the Ulnar and Radial deviation TPI test and my motion was limited.
  8. Physically unable to ulnar and radial deviate. Help me get shaft lean please! I am very frustrated, I am only getting about 115 ball speed with driver, I am 25. Driver was maxing out at about 185 carry and 7 iron was only 135 in the air. My instructor was unable to provide me with exercises to improve range of motion. This is very frustrating to me as I had my best year last year and this year I have no chance.I have lost 2 clubs of distance and 60+ yards off the tee. I was on the short side before and I am getting so frustrated playing. Thanks in Advance! [v1sports.com/SwingStore/19052518505
  9. Went to a lesson with a TPI certified instructor yesterday. Turns out I have a physical limitation on how far I am able to do both Ulnar and Radial deviation. I have been struggling to find exercises to help improve that range of motion. Anyone else been diagnosed with this problem. My instructor made it seem fairly common. He gave me two drills to work on it with one is the no body turn just basically setting the wrists and firing the wrists at the ball. The other trying to get the Titleist logo on my glove to face the ground on the downswing.
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