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  1. I live in Ocala. Ocala National is good for price. My home course is Ocala Golf Club its a fun fair track.
  2. I am asking family for $$ to sign up for the yearly membership and take my game to next level.
  3. If you are staying on property you will be able to book fastpasses 60 days in advance. I highly suggest doing that. That way you will have 3 short lines at least. Food reservations are 180 days. Like people have said it is one of the busiest weeks of the year. At some times they reach max capacity, so you best bet is to get in early so that you will definitely get in. Be patient and understand it will be busy and there will be long lines. As far as golf most everyone has that covered.
  4. Groupgolfer.com has deal on Orange County National Crooked Cat right now.
  5. Ocala Golf Club is my home away from home! Stone Creek is fun
  6. You know you can go to a Ping fitter and find out what color you need? You can send them to ping and its very cheap to get them bent. If thats what you're talking about
  7. Golden Ocala is private. You maybe able to get your club pro to call and get you on. Ocala Golf Club is the muni and always great! Orange Blossom is in the Villages, I don't know where in Ocala you're staying but thats about 45 minutes away from the middle of Ocala.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Makes sense one was on an offer someone didnt accept.
  9. I see I have 5 of them. What do those even mean?
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