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  1. If they are class of 2022, might be too late for AJGA to make a difference. If 2023, could make a difference. NCSA is a good place to establish a recruiting portfolio online. I would also have my kid trying for the adult tournaments like the state ams and such. My son wasn't much on the radar until as a junior in high school, he qualified for the men's state am and finished in the top 20. Suddenly, the emails and phone calls began. College coaches galore attend events like this looking for the top high school kids that played their way in.
  2. I think for me it would be MP 33 and MP 32. great feel and performance.
  3. I have MP 33 irons in my bag. At least 21 years old. I have a Titleist Bullseye putter I love that I got brand new in 1968 in the bag too.
  4. If it is as good as the original, it will be amazing. Looking forward to some reviews.
  5. State finals is only 4 teams in each classification but there are others who play in as individuals so they can compete for a state title. A team title is awarded as well as individual titles for each class.
  6. In my state, it is 5 in regular season matches and 3 in the post-season. Reason is that players have to meet a handicap standard in post-season. Many teams don't have 5 that can meet that standard so it gets reduced to 3 minimum, 5 maximum. My son, because his school couldn't even field 3, had to play as an individual in sectionals and sub-state.
  7. Proper distance to play should be predicated on how far the kid can hit the ball. Too long and it is just a frustrating day for the kid. According to this, should be about 3500-4600 for someone that hits the distance you child does. Table in the link about midway down the page that should provide some guidance. https://help.18birdies.com/article/550-what-tees-should-i-play
  8. All the Junior Tours my son plays in full up in a flash. Wait listed kids in all of them. Probably be this way another couple of years until a number of kids give up golf. Fortunately, a couple of tours give a kid priority for the next event if the kid got waitlisted the previous event.
  9. Ordered some 620 mb irons and the shaft is back ordered to at least October. Supply chain is screwed.
  10. I use one of these: https://www.everywherechair.com/classic-golf-walking-stick-sport-seat light, easy to carry around. Also use a cooler backpack for drinks. Use the ice packs that you freeze to cut down on the weight of ice. Usually try to carry enough water for 9 and reload at turn from cooler in car.
  11. I can tell you what my son thinks. He's a +2 handicap at 17. He has the TSi4 and loves it. For him, after being properly fitted and he was properly fitted in his previous SIM driver, he actually gained carry and overall distance. Big thing for him is the control. He's in the fairway a lot more often with the TSi4. He tried both the 2 and 3 during the fitting and got excellent numbers but chose the 4 for a bit less spin and the fact he liked the look of the smaller head. He would have chosen the 3 if not for the 4 since he could dial in ball flight with the weight on the back of the head. Not sure what the head weight is for the TSi1 but I do know take away weight from the head the club will close faster and add weight to head it will not close as fast if that helps. I'm sure others will have more info than me.
  12. I think some people might hang on to the club when tee is high creating a cut. Fitter said it is a tendency but not an absolute. For me, I definitely tee it higher and it tends to draw more and lower cuts. Tour pros also tend to tee low when they want a cut. Saw Elkington talking about that
  13. This is going to sound odd I am sure but it supports what the OP is saying. When my home course aerates the greens, for about a week or two, groups will play an automatic two putt rule due to the bumpiness. My GIRs go up when we do this because I could care less where the pin is. I just play fat of the green. Can still sneak in birdies by letting the hole come to me. Not every hole is cut toward the edges is why.
  14. What fitter told me, is the tendency is to get over the top of the proper swing path if too light of a shaft and get under it too much if too heavy. The right weight and balance of shaft will assist in keeping the swing on plane assuming one has a decent swing. Also told me adding weight to the head prevents it from closing as quickly, good to know if you have the left miss. Tee height with a driver can also make things interesting in that teeing the ball higher tends to promote more of a draw where a low tee hit tends to promote a cut.
  15. Shaft weight seems to be one of those overlooked things in golf fitting. Great fitter told me shaft weight can affect swing path. Proved it to me by changing weight of shaft. For me, somewhat heavier works because if I go light I spray the ball all over.
  16. Third party. Also, you do not have to buy the gear from the third party. You’re paying them for their fitting recommendations only. Get all the specs in detail and usually can buy clubs elsewhere cheaper than from a fitter.
  17. Absolutely get a professional club fitting. Find out who the best are in your area. Matters a LOT for competitive junior players
  18. Take the kid to a very good fitter. Research fitters close to you. Makes a huge difference. Son’s first adult set was Callaway Apex the fitter put him in with about 100 gram shaft. Now he’s in 130 gram shafts and Titleist 620 MB heads at age 17. Kids grow fast and until about 16 or 17, they need club checks every 6 months to a year if they are competitive.
  19. When I tried to go to Ping from my MP 33s, my scores went to crap. Feel during the swing was all messed up and I got a proper fitting for the Pings. My MP 33s feel well balanced in weight while the Ping felt too light in the head to me. I realize this is all subjective but that is what I was feeling.
  20. State association where I live doesn't allow seniors on JV teams. Juniors is last year a kid can do JV
  21. My son playsT100s until I built the set of 620 MBs for him. He loves the t100s irons. He prefers the 620 MB set for the spin, distance control and turf interaction. A lot of courses he plays have tight fairway cuts and the blade seems to work better for him but he would tell you the T100s is a quality and excellent club
  22. Doesn't help those kids. If a kid has college golf aspirations, trust me the college coaches know which tournaments matter and which don't. Like around here, there are a couple of junior tours that kids can pad ranking in state but college coaches could care less about because they are weak competitively in terms of field and rules. What got my son the most attention was qualifying for men's tournaments not junior ones and making cuts in those events. He finished 18th in Men's State Am and that got him a load of college attention since most players in the state am are former college players and even some ex-pros who regained amateur status. A kid gets about 16, still play junior tours but try to get into adult events as well. This is true for boys and girls.
  23. Good stuff rlee323. Get kids off score focus. Son's coach told him your job on the golf course is executing the shot you have not to worry what someone else may be shooting or what you're even shooting. Job 1 is execution of the shot at hand. Just like football for example if one executes every play, or shot in golf, then one will have a good chance of doing really well. Also, learn to play stock shot 99% of the time like pros do. Makes a player more consistent as well. My son stole a Lee Westwood trick. Got a paint pen and wrote his launch monitor stock carry distances on the back of his irons. Just a gentle reminder when he is facing a certain distance. Helps him be his own caddie since most tournaments won't allow a caddie as you get older.
  24. My son is a high school senior and is going on his 6th visit for golf recruiting. I can give you what we have experienced with the caveat everyone's experience is going to be different in some ways and same in others. First, at all levels, the coaches are looking for players with length. The coaches can help with mental side and course management but length is one of those things you have or don't. Second, they look at grades. Most schools have very limited golf scholarships and several on roster even at D1 level may not be on golf scholarships but academic. If you can pull down significant academic money, a coach will love you. This means 28+ composite on ACT for example. 30+ is even better. Plan taking ACT 2 or 3 times and get tutoring for it. Third, coaches recruit personality. Doesn't mean a kid has to be talkative or anything but fits in with coach and current players personality speaking. Prima donnas are not at the top of any coach's list for example. Fourth, maintain contact with the schools you're interested in and be kind enough to let a coach know if you're not interested in their school. In the first case, a coach will dedicate more time to get the player and in the latter frees them up to recruit those who want to go to their school. Fifth, kid has to like the coach. Has to. Coach is head of his family while at college so they need to mesh. Finally, meet with the school's admissions people on all visits and ask about financial aid, dorms, etc. Remember, don't have the player choose a school because they can play there but choose a school because they fit in there first and then can play there. Maintaining grades is critical too. In the non-revenue sports, as I said, academic scholarship money means a lot to a golf coach.
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