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  1. I don't think that's fair. In the past, the D4 models have offered lowered spin, but the TSi3 is already very low spin.
  2. People talking about how he has such a smooth swing, yes it's good but it's not like the greatest thing ever. Have none of you seen a good junior?
  3. The director controlling the cameras is awful. Moriya blades a bunker shot and it’s running off the green toward the water but they cut back to a shot of her knocking sand off her shoes. Frickin amateur hour.
  4. It was inevitable that we would end up with a full carbon body where the only non-carbon parts are the titanium face and tungsten back weight.
  5. What would you say to players who wonder about the lack of explicit heel/toe adjustable weighting?
  6. Michelle Wie hasn't played since the Women's PGA in June 2019. Her results in the 12 months prior: Cut WD 66 T23 WD Cut Cut Cut She shot 84-82 at the Women's PGA. I wouldn't be surprised to see her lay another egg this week.
  7. That's gonna be interesting because a lot of people have ordered the TX shafts and not been upcharged.
  8. Neither of us are cameramen but based on your logic, we can’t criticize one for being unable to follow the ball. By your own admission Verne doesn’t announce anymore and it shows. Don’t put words in my mouth, DL3 is awful and I don’t know even who Luke Elvy is. The broadcast would be better if they just left Verne off.
  9. Verne Lundquist is an awful announcer and CBS needs to put him out to pasture.
  10. Give the advances in shaft materials and driver spin reduction over the last 8-10 years, do you find that players who used a White-type profile in the past are switching to a Blue-type profile?
  11. Golf purses are a product of viewership, and when you're competing against better golf on the PGA Tour every week, I'm not sure how you draw more viewers.
  12. What the test shows you is that from a distance perspective, none of those drivers have obvious design deficiencies. Depending on your delivery, you may be able to custom fit one of them to maximize your distance. It also doesn't tell us a ton about forgiveness, but they have reviews for each driver that talk more about forgiveness. Again, contingent on your swing. Think of it as a comparison of good shots with each driver, as a rough indicator of potential.
  13. That would be amazing if not just Blue 65TX but also White 65TX was no upcharge!
  14. Yeah my preference is for a low/low shaft like the Whiteboard but I'm playing a Synergy Blue 70TX which is mid/low and very similar to the AV Blue. I'm happy to save a little weight with the 65TX as well.
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