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  1. If the seller had it built for him maybe the head weight is related to the final specs he was looking for when TM made it for him...
  2. Hand rails aren't the type of rails he's familiar with
  3. Jason Bohn talked about it briefly on the NLU Podcast recently. Can't remember exactly what he said off the top of my head but his pension value would be equivalent to what he's made on the course or more.
  4. There’s a homepage to this site?!
  5. If it was during the last week of the upgrade then they are for sure gone as it was indicated on the forums that PM's would work but would be lost once the new site was back up.
  6. Titleist might be happy as it would show it’s definitely Spieth and not the equipment
  7. Hit the flag button, then report, then ask mod to delete.
  8. ok boomer...did I do that right?
  9. Think you need to flag and then report your post to ask a mod to close it for you.
  10. How many replies do you see for this thread? Prior to my post it said two but I only see Hawkeye’s.
  11. Wonder how many more lost balls, OB, Hazard, etc shots happen without the crowd to spot or block shots from going further offline.
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