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  1. What actions does Rory need to think about? He sums up Bryson's situation pretty clearly to me and in a neutral way.
  2. Ordered 3 wedges on May 3rd and they're out for delivery today. I was good to wait the 4-6 weeks quoted but definitely happy they're arriving faster.
  3. So from losing ~30% of total purse before he got there you expected him to grow it ~400%...gotcha.
  4. So nearly doubling the total purse during his tenure counts as failing to deliver the goods...
  5. Then what is the point of this thread then? You said LPGA is on par with the likes of Facebook as a business but at same time say Whan was horrible commissioner. Which one is it?
  6. Average is kinda pointless when only the top 25% or so actually achieve that number.
  7. let the man enjoy his cbd drops
  8. Not out of thick rough. I'm sure he will rotate it in and out depending on course setup.
  9. I'm not being literal...I'm saying in a 1 hour runtime show that the actual content is 25 minutes max where the rest is commercials or giving you a preview of something later in the interview or a recap of something from previously in the interview coming in/out of commercials.
  10. Always enjoyed the show but the amount of commercial breaks became unbearable to me. To make things worse the way they edited the sections going into breaks/coming out of breaks were all previews/summaries so the 1 hour show turns out to be maybe 25 minutes max.
  11. If the seller had it built for him maybe the head weight is related to the final specs he was looking for when TM made it for him...
  12. Hand rails aren't the type of rails he's familiar with
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