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  1. Looking the tie dye roshes from the PGA Championship size 13. Let me know what you’ve got!
  2. Been wanting a Scotty Cameron Circle T for as long as I can remember and picked up this circle timeless tourtype. Been eyeing one since they started showing up in tournament pics.
  3. Looking to pick up a used or new one. Doesn't necessarily have to be DASS but would prefer it. Has to be 35" or slightly longer.
  4. Looking for a size 13. Tried to get a pair of the foot joy 1857s but no one has 13s open to any color and style but prefer wing/shield tip
  5. @Joshkst Sorry for the delay I didn't get a notification for this. I already have a T22 NP2 so I think i'm good for that. If you have anything else, feel free to send me a PM.
  6. Only Trades I'd be interested in is another high end Anser/Newport/Bridgeport/Allendale/Newport 2 style putter. Preferably a SWAG Proto, Betti or Scotty. If you would like to see more photos, just let me know. Also please excuse the mess in some of the photos, I'm still sorting out all of my golf and mancave stuff after moving. Ping Blueprint Irons 4-PW w/ Glide Forged 50* Gap Wedge. ot, Standard Length/Loft/Lie. Irons have Lamkin UTX standard grips on the 4-7 irons and UTX Midsize on the 8-PW (I can pull these and put smaller ones on if needed). Ping Glide Fo
  7. I live in Portland, OR and have been debating what kind of waterproofs to get. I like Galvin Green but some of the jackets are a little too flashy for me. I'm thinking about picking up a Pro 3L but just heard about the Gemini. I'm thinking that's the way I need to go. How's it holding up? Have you had to take it out in any decent rain?
  8. That stinks that they don’t come worhbdual straps. I still have my original red/blue L8 and I had to buy an izzo strap for it. That used to be the best option back in the day.https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/izzo-sidewinder-strap/1078582.html?country=US&currency=USD&gclid=Cj0KCQjwz4z3BRCgARIsAES_OVfqxKYTcsRtV84TWAbBhYz7aLgGHy0rGbcE-ea7zol6ISV0I7BFPl0aAqDSEALw_wcB I’m going to order an all white one with no logos printed.
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