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  1. I'd say they're about the same but the ZX7s have slightly stronger lofts. I felt that these were a little bit more clicky than the ZX7s.
  2. Looking to sell these outright or trade for a set of taylormade P770s. Not interested in anything else. Titleist T100 4-PW Standard Length/Loft/Lie w/ AMT White Stiff. Bought these off the rack brand new and only took a coupe swings with them. They still look great. Sticking with my ZX7s but also want to give the P770s a run. SOLD shipped or best reasonable offer. Please no low ball offers or offering me anything besides a set of P770s Thanks for looking!
  3. It was the steel TT AMT White
  4. I walked into the golf shop by my house and bought a stock set off the rack. I've always been a big AP2 guy since their initial release. Been playing Srixon ZX7s all season and have really enjoyed them. Took the T100's out for 1 round and liked them but haven't gotten use to them yet. I also purchased a set with AMT White which I'm not the biggest fan. Might consider installing something else. So far I like them but don't hit them as well as my Srixons.
  5. Trade interests updated and price drop. PM for any additional details or if you need more photos. Thanks!
  6. Have a baby along the way and need to clear out some stuff in my office/golf room so we can convert to a nursery. I'm open to all reasonable offers. Trades interested in: Carbon Scotty Taylormade p770s or P7MC 2021 TM P790 3 iron 2021 Titleist T100 4-PW standard specs is fine Titleist T200 3 iron Titleist u505 2 or 3 iron Tyson Lamb Bridgeport 'Carpe Diem' 35" w/ Purple Lamb Leather Grip and Blacked out Shaft made by Tyson himself. SOLD Love this putter but want to see what else is out there and wouldn't mind trading for another lamb putter or a CT Scotty. I had this sent in for a putter spa day and also had tyson do some work to get some initials removed off the face. not desperate to sell and would much rather trade. PING PLD Prime Tyne Vault w/ BGT Black Out Stability Limited Shaft 35" Great shape, only rolled in doors (also have the original shaft that I can send with) - SOLD *Also has a custom made Best Grips Perforated Black Leather Grip. This putter is super stable! Comes with original head cover. Callaway Apex TCB 4-PW Project X 6.5 $1300 shipped and pay pal'd Standard Length\Loft\Lie. Come with Lamkin Black Callaway Chevron grips. Only have a few range sessions and a couple of rounds. solid 8.5/9 out of 10. Bought these on a whim and am going to stick with my Srixon ZX7s. Pick these up so you don't have to wait for the long turnaround time from Callaway which is at about 4 weeks now. Callaway Epic Speed LS Triple Diamond 9* w/ Mitsubishi Tensei 1K 60TX——— SOLD Has a TAF serial. I can take a close up photo if interested. Standard Tipping per manufacturers specs and plays at 45.5". (digital lofted at 9.5 by Ben Giunta at the tour van at pumpkin ridge). He added hot melt to accommodate the shaft and it feels great. Only getting rid of these to fund an auto flex shaft or a Epic Speed Triple Diamond. This is a great combo and is a low spin bomber. Only played a few rounds and is in great shape. Comes with original head cover Callaway Epic Speed 3 wood 15* w/ Mitsubishi MMT 70X. SOLD Bought this brand new off the rack from Golf Galaxy back in May. Standard length/loft/lie and tipping. I've played about 8 rounds and have a few range sessions. Has normal signs of wear and tear. Caught a couple on the high side of the face but no sky marks or serious dummy marks. Lots of life and in great shape. Comes w/ original head cover. Callaway Jaws MD5 Raw Wedges 52.10S, 56.12X and 60.08T Grinds. Standard length/loft/lie. Selling as a set SOLD Bought the 52 and 56 brand new from carl's golf land and wedges have normal signs of wear and tear. I play in Portland, OR so the wedges rusted a lot quicker than expected but they have alot of life left in them and have only played about 8 rounds and a few range sessions with them. The 60.08T has a Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 that I bought from Callaway pre-owend. It was listed as like new and came to me brand in shrink wrapped in plastic. Same as the 52 and 56, some signs of wear and tear. Odyssey Toulon Las Vegas Stroke Lab 35" w/ Odyssey DFX black pistol grip $365 shipped and paypal'd Bought this brand new from Red Tail Golf in Portland for full retail. Saved the original toulon Winn style grip. Have a jumbo and standard one so if you want one of those, I can include them in the shipping. Putter is in great shape. The head cover has taken a bit of a toll but it's done it's job and has kept this putter looking flawless. I've mainly rolled this indoors but have had a lot of practice sessions on the range. Let me know if you want any questions or want to see more pics. G/FORE Pine/Forest Green Daytona stand bag. SOLD bought this brand new from G/FORE directly and has seen much use. Bag is in great shape. **NOTE** groove it brush not included pin 7/28 pin 8/15 pin 8/25
  7. I bought it online, but there are pics in the link I posted. It has the OG White Hot Insert with the Red Stroke lab shaft. Looks good from what I can tell.
  8. Anyone else come across these today? I just picked one of these up and didn't know they were being released. Maybe it's only available at PGA Tour Superstore or something? Correct me if I'm wrong. Either way, was bummed that they didn't have a 35" version so snagged a 34" one and am going to put an extension in. Here's the link: https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/2-ball-ten-tour-authentic-putter/2000000021016.html
  9. All prices include shipping. Open for offers and open to trades for Tyson Lamb, Scotty or Buck Club Head covers. Also would consider a TSi3 driver/hybrid(3i), Titleist Linksmaster or a Scotty Phantom X5.5 If you'd like to see more detailed hi-res pics, do not hesitate to ask and I'll gladly send some your way. As always, i'm open for offers. Thanks for looking! PING PLD Prime Tyne Vault w/ BGT Black Out Stability Limited Shaft 35" Great shape, only rolled in doors (also have the original shaft that I can send with) - $625 *Also has a custom made Best Grips Perforated Black Leather Grip. This putter is super stable! Odyssey 2 Ball Ten Tour Authentic 34" New (just like the one Jon Rahm Putts with) - SOLD Taylormade Vault Limited “Big Bad Wolff” (used and has some signs of wear and there are some tiny tears on the corner after being gamed for a few rounds. See up close pics) - $175 Taylormade Vault Turf WMPO (Slightly Used but mainly put on display)- $135 TaylorMade Vault Halloween (Opened but never used) - $150 Taylormade Vault Call Sign (Opened but never used) - $150 Scotty Cameron 2019 BOISE Open Hot Fries Potato (Opened but never used) - SOLD The Buck Club BYU Mallet (Slightly Gamed but in great shape) - $150 The Buck Club Mortal Kombat Scorpion and Sub-Zero Headcovers - $400 for the set (don't ask to break up) SWAG Street Fighter Ken Masters NISB - $175 pin 5/25
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