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  1. Looking for a new or slightly used set 4-PW. Heads only preferred but would consider some with x-flex shafts. Thanks!
  2. Have some additional goodies that I'm trying to move. Not really interested in trades unless it's the following: Vokey SM8 Raw wedges Callaway MD5 Jaws Raw wedges Odyssey Ten 2 Ball double bend 35" or longer Apex Pro 21 2,3 or 4 Hybrid Newer Callaway UT Titleist T100/T100S irons Srixon ZX7 Irons Callaway TCB or Apex Pro 21 irons Tensei Pro White/1k White 60TX or 70TX w/ Titleist or Callaway adapters. Fujikura Ventus 7TX/8TX/9TX Driver/Wood/Hybrid shafts Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 Shafts All prices below include shipp
  3. Looking for a standard or midsize odyssey black/green Toulon grip and/or a Larkin deep etched Toulon grip
  4. SIM2 fairway is pretty great but I hit my TSi2 so well. Also really like the Callaway epic speed and this is coming from a guy that doesn't necessarily like Callaway woods. Have to take into account that I'm playing in super soft conditions over here in the PNW. Both great clubs but the TSi2 just worked better for me.
  5. Looking for W grinds if you have them. Need something to play off the wet soggy PNW turf. Thanks!
  6. Looking for a slightly used or new head in either 8 or 9 degrees
  7. Selling off some TM gear that I acquired but am not going to put to use and also a scotty Newport 2. Trades interested in: Tyson Lamb Goods Callaway Apex Pro hybrid Srixon ZX7 irons Callaway Apex Pro Irons Titleist T100 irons high end low launching shafts with Callaway tips Jaws MD5 Raw 52, 54 or 58 dogs. Prefer S and X grind. Taylormade SIM2 8* or 9* driver head Toulon Putters New Taylormade Spider EX Platinum/White Single Bend Super Stroke GTR 1.0 Grey/White 35” Length Stock Lie Rolled indoors on
  8. Last Nike/Jordans I found that were wide enough in standard sizing were the Jordan 5s and the Jordan ST G trainers. Also the Nike Air Fly Racer G are wide enough. The Nike Air Max NRG 1g are definitely better for me.
  9. My better half is making me get a jump on our spring cleaning and that means that I need to find a good home for a lot of my Nike Swag. I have a close working relationship with Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon (I work in Portland) and have access to the Nike Employee store so that means that I'm always adding Nike apparel to my wardrobe. It's gotten a little out of hand and need to move some of it. I'll give you a good deal if there are multiples you want and/or if you want to buy the whole lot. I'd like to give my fellow WRX'ers a chance to swoop some of this up rather than gi
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