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  1. 5-PW $ taper lite in stiff flex. Taylormade Z Grip in grey. Standard length. D1 swing weight without lead tape, D2-D3 with. 2 degrees flat and 1 degree strong. Why am I selling? I still love the 770 head, and going to build another set. I bought this set as an experiment to go lighter weight, and it's just not for me. I literally played four rounds with this set, but 3 of them were in Florida, so shows more wear than actual use. Of the faces the only one with any face surface wear is the 8. 725 plus shipping to you.
  2. 1) Tour AD VR, stiff flex, untipped. MC DD white black with two build up wraps. Std 2 degree TM tip. Plays to 45.25" EOG in a SIM. Played one round. SOLD 2) Mitsubishi Tensei White Pro 60 stiff. Tipped one inch. Tour 1 degree TM tip. This has been played for a year so has normal bag wear. 45 1/8" EOG in a sim.$150 shipped. 3) Mitsubishi B50 X flex, untipped. Tour 1 degree TM tip. This has been played a year as well. 45 1/8" EOG in a sim. $130 shipped. 4) Scotty Cameron Newport 2 T22 34". Grip on plastic and on sole. Never been outside but yes it has rolled putts on my indoor green. Includes h
  3. I see a lot of reviews for the 17 but not much for the 20. Looking to put a 20 in the bag to replace the original apex, and split time with a udi.
  4. In a post below, ONLY IF YOU CAN ATTEND, answering the following: yes.m5 9.0 tensei pro white 60im curious how the sim could possibly beat the m5.yes. edmchoi on iG. Equipment and swing vids there.
  5. I was one who traditionally liked going to a high loft with the smaller M variant to get a specific launch and spin window. m1 430 loved it, m1 440 loved it, m3 440, I thought was the best smaller head offering TM has put out. If you look at the m3 440 closely, it looks as if the face size is very similar to the m3 460 with just the reduction in cc's coming from chopping off the back of the club. The m5 tour has a noticeably smaller face than the 460. On center to high center strikes it was magical, but anywhere else was rough. So much so that I ended up going with the m5 460 in a lower lof
  6. What shaft did you go with for the M5 fw? Did you go with another pro white? I've kept moving my old Fujikura pro 73 over since the RBZ days.
  7. So far I’ve been enjoying the m5 driver paired with tensei white pro. A better ball flight for me than the m3, as I had to use the 440 head last year to fit the trajectory window I was looking for, but this year the 460 seems so consistent that I don’t have interest in the 435 head. Regarding m5 fw, I was hesitant at first because I’ve traditionally played the 3HL variants of TM woods, with the RBZ Stg2 tour being my favorite. Happy to report the 15 degree m5 launches high enough for me to feel comfortable, almost as high as last years m3 3HL. My mission is to find the right weight sett
  8. I currently have a set of mp18 flihi 4-5 with mmc 6-pw. Have really grown fond of the flihis so I want to keep them in the bag. Was thinking of getting a 6-pw set of jpg 919 forged/tours. Curious if anyone has experience blending FliHi with jpx919s?
  9. Good question. grip to tip. Total static length of grip to tip. I know there are so many variations on how to measure these things, hence the approximations and pictures of the small differences.
  10. Thanks for looking, I have no trade interests at the moment, and all my prices are pretty fair I believe. If you feel something is way out of line, send a reasonable offer. But don't be mad when you offer 100 dollars for the putter and get no reply. Please note, I am on the east coast, and apparently priority mailing a golf club to the west coast is expensive. So if you are in the Pacific or Mountain time zones, please add $20 for shipping. 1) Cameron Global Limited. Grip is in plastic, bottom plastic still on the sole. Headcover included. $750 shipped. 2) 2017 Scotty Cameron My Gir
  11. A question for the veteran g400 users. I'm looking to test one soon and will get fit etc.., but for those of you who want low spin but not a wide open face, did you find that setting the 8.5 to the + setting actually gave higher launch than standard position? I may be in the minority but prefer drivers looking very square at address and the g400 at neutral setting looks a little too open for me. (high spin player hence why looking at the LST)
  12. Thanks for looking, not looking for any trades at the moment. All prices are for the item, shipping will be determined based on where you are located. I once sold a club to a buyer with shipping included and it ended up costing me 60 dollars to get it to them, won't make that mistake again. 1) 2017 M2 9.5 Tour Issue driver head. Specs are on the sticker, the head is in nearly mint shape, 251CT, the only change to the spec sticker is that it has been additionally hotmelted to get to 194-195g, which is the stock weight on the head. The screw I believe is the standard weight so there is plenty
  13. I was ready to pull the trigger on the 790s. Please tell me I'm talking myself into a better decision with the MPs. I'm not a great player by any stretch, but I play year round and keep it around a 7 --strong off the tee and good flat stick. I played CB 57s for a while and wasn't keen on them below a 7, hence, the mix here. Currently game Vega VC03s that are easy for me to hit thru the set, but don't like the offset and the heads are just too damn big/thick top line is hard to look at. I'm just hoping the MPs are not too hard to hit --that I"m not walking away from the 790s when, for me, they
  14. Like everyone said, fit will differ by individual golfer. I guess I'm in the minority, but I went 4-5 fli hi then full mmc 6-pw. I would agree that the SC feels a touch softer than the MMC, but the MMCs were so solid and consistent I didn't bother messing with it. I'm coming from a set of p790s so the mmc felt more than good enough for me, and the peace of mind that the MMC represent the most forgiveness of the line make them winners for me. Also the flihi has tungsten weight out by the toe, the MMC does as well from 4-7, whereas the SC doesn't, so I'm not sure I follow the heads being a
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