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  1. I use samsung internet on my cell galaxy s8, internet version , i just checked the other pages and it worked, went back to classifieds and it just worked, no idea how or why? First day in 2 weeks its worked. All i have is ,"Next" you cant see which page it is to manually choose a page. Hopefully if stays working, thanks
  2. I play x in everything but irons usually just stiff and play many brands and combos, kbs tour has been good and better feel in other heads but this combo did not work, it was harsher and clicky, put my s300s in today and 100x better feel, demoed them with modus 120x and felt smooth as well, for some reason the kbs wasnt a good fit with this head for me
  3. I pulled the plugs out and it seemed the shaft didnt go down as far as the stock shafts both .355 tip so i thought maybe the blue thing was needed as a spacer but i removed them and installed new shafts
  4. I tried clearing cookies and cache and all that, nothing works. Yiu hit next and it jumps to the top of page 1 i cant access any other pages to see for sale items.
  5. For me the kbs is harsh almost clicky and hard feeling, the modus was soft and great dispersion.
  6. So when I install new shafts do I need to add something there to cover the depth or just install shafts as is?
  7. I removed shafts in my new 770s today and noticed a small blue thing in hosel way down in there... TM tells me this hosel plug is to block epoxy going into the shaft, has anyone seen these? I removed them with shafts and it was a plastic spring looking layered plug. Im installing new shafts but have not seen that plastic plug before . Curious as to what its for or if anyone has used them?
  8. Yeah agree,the modus were so soft an money, the kbs i sacrificed to get now vs waiting an they are harsh and dont feel anywhere near the same. I pulled them today i was so mad,gng put my trusty dg 120 s300s in them an really test them!
  9. Anyone got theirs and have reviews? Demod them with modus and were money but due to backorder i ordered with stock kbs, the feel is way different and didnt hit them good with the KBS at all. Not sure if the kbs are a made for version or just the stock kbs, not sure. Anyone else got reviews on distance forgiveness accuracy etc? Any flier issues or anything thus far?
  10. Hi, in classifieds when you hit next it jumps to the top of page 1 but you cant get to any other pages...
  11. I can't even use the site currently nothing will load sometimes it will load after like one minute but right now it's unusable I don't know what's going on but it has been like this since yesterday
  12. Vapor pro combos only 4-PW or 5-PW in great shape for a great deal if you have any, thanks
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