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  1. Apex 18 MB Hard to find like this! +1/2" 1* strong lofts standard lies and 5-pw S300 AMT Whites also have 4 Iron head! Bought these new direct, played off and on maybe 5-10rds, super clean unbelievably easy to hit as any other irons ive owned like t100, cobra cbs, vpcs, z765s, apex pros, etc. These are some of the best ive seen an hit, so many compliments and the feel and precision is unmatched. $625 OBO shipped priority (CPO in bad condition is close to my price and these are super clean!)
  2. Thanks guys, yeah ive been using a screwdriver and the wire bore brush but sometimes its hard to get out
  3. Curious on a couple things, whats best way to get all the epoxy and hard buildup way down in hosel after pulling a head? I have the golf works drill tool but still cant get everything out way down in bottom. Once pulled is it better to clean hosel inside 1st or start on the shaft scraping/prep and getting epoxy out of shaft tip before the head? Ive found sometimes i drill the epoxy in the shaft tip and then it pushes the piece upthe shaft...whats a good way to get that piece out? Thanks
  4. Vessel 3.0 14 way top, Gfore, Jones etc. Lookin for best deal on an available white bag 14 way top
  5. Epic Speed LS Triple Diamond 9* T Serial # Used 1 round, pics tell story Head only $485 Whole club MMT 60x $550 Whole club Handcrafted Evenflo Black $600 No trades thanks.
  6. That makes sense thank you so much for the help that is some great information
  7. Compared to SIM is this head worth 5-$600?? I keep hearing its less spin and longer but dont know anyone local thats gamed one... Trying to decide on a local purchase thank you!
  8. Thanks, I was thinking of trying it at least and see what happens, so the hybrid heads are typically a bit heavier than 3 wood?
  9. Would a 3 wood shaft work with a shim for a hybrid? Does the shim affect performance at all?
  10. Hi guys can anyone tell me if theres away to fix this scratch or fix the scratching on the black nickel hosel as well ? TIA
  11. Thanks,very helpful! I just emailed Aldila as well, thank you! What would happen if it was tipped beyond that parallel point would it just completely ruin the shaft characteristics for a club or could you potentially use it in a shorter club like go from a 3 wood to installing it in a 5 wood or 3 hybrid?
  12. I will have to look on the shaft specs and see what the parallel tip section is I don't have any way of knowing how much it was tipped because it originally came from Callaway in a 3 wood and then I tipped it an inch or so after it broke, I think most shaft manufacturers recommend around an inch tipping for 3-woods so I don't know if in a stock 3-wood retail head if it would have been tipped exactly an inch from Callaway or if they just install it without tipping. Thanks
  13. Thank you, I figured that was the case, too bad because i loved that shaft.
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