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  1. Thanks, I stumbled upon that yesterday! Appreciate it
  2. Makes sense, I just figured if I only applied a minimal amount of heat with my shaft remover I could get it to pull before there were issues but this one was stuck good... is there a way to re paint those somewhere or color them so the adapter looks good again?
  3. Thanks, that makes sense, I did not remove the cogs either,I shoulda thought about that...
  4. I tried supplying rotating heat to a new super hybrid Callaway adapter and put it on my shaft puller and it would not budge, I re-heated about 10 sec. and nothing, re-heated again 10 more seconds and it finally popped off but the adapter paint turned red and flaked off from the heat... Any suggestions on how to fix that or an easier way to pull or how to prevent that from happening? My adapter looks horrible now and I barely supplied enough heat to break the bond, I was very careful, this is the first adapter issue I have had.
  5. It's different on mobile, on the computer just now is the first time I've browsed on my PC and I see the feedback but on my cell which is what I always use I do not see the green feedback box under the name. On my name for example on the mobile site it just shows a green 8, if you click on the 8 it shows the green box saying community reputation 8...I don't even know what that means?? I paid close attention to the emails and prepping for the feedback because people were upset about it but I knew it came back. It seems we have lots of new people and on mobile it just doesn't look the same to me
  6. Thanks, plus I was thinking about that if you both send each other funds and let's say someone does ship you a different item or an empty box and you make a claim they still have your item and you will not necessarily even get your money back you sent to that person so it would be a double hit, unless im wrong on how that works?
  7. Thanks, any recommendations on the trading process?
  8. Hi, I am not sure the best or safest method of trading on here now days? I remember we useto have a good feedback system but what if someone does not have reviews etc? What do you recommend to do? Thanks!
  9. Head only, I would consider selling shaft if anyone needs it, its a Hzrdus black SMOKE 6.5 xflex tipped .75" but I wanted to keep shaft.. Trades: Spider EX, G425 8/9*, sim2 8/9*
  10. No trades please unless the white new spider EX or SIM2 8* head. A. 2021 Epic Max LS Just received this from Maple Hill, hit once and would like to try something different... Callaway Epic Max LS 9* HEAD ONLY with cover Pics to show mint condition Looking for SIM2 8* or TSi3 8* Thank you! ⁹SOLD!! 1. Spider X copper, black KBS shaft dirty superstroke paint is great except couple spots on hosel you cant see $200 no cover 2. P790 Driving Iron, 3-Iron DG 105 S300 shaft, super hot!! SOLD!! 3. Cleveland RTX Zipcore 58/mid Tour Issue spinner s
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