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  1. Yeah if my bag wasnt all white this cover would be in! I lovethe cover it jus didnt match my bag
  2. 1. Did you fill out the survey? Yes 2. How can the ESB1 help your game? More practice in winter season 3. Do you currently own a launch monitor? No
  3. 1. How often do you walk when you play? 50% 2. Do you own or use a pushcart currently? Clic gear 3.0 3. Would you walk more with the Motocaddy M7 Remote? Yes for sure
  4. Yes very true, i tried several ways to hold it and prop it up but nothing worked good enough to pop it loose, thanks for the help!
  5. Got it! So i tried the screwdriver and would not work. I then took the next size torx bit hammered it in after heating it and got it out! I put lead tape over for now but need to find a new weight i guess
  6. Yeah i popped the pin out then it stripped using a torx so now its like a circle and nothing to grab a tool, a screwdriver or torx wont work its stripped, ill try an get pic tmrw
  7. Sorry,that pic was just before, itsthe torx head to remove it that stripped out so i can't get it out now, thanks
  8. I put some heat on the screw and attempted to remove the head weight today and the first turn it's stripped it out completely, is there a way I can remove this?
  9. Great so if you use the flat head screwdriver you just lift up and pop the centerpiece out? I assumed once that weight is out you will have access into the club and I can just get the epoxy to drop out?
  10. I went to read shaft my Jetspeed hybrid and drilled through the epoxy hosel plug leaving a hole. I reshafted with a shim and tip weight assuming it would close up the space enough so epoxy didn't run into the head when drying but I went to use the club today and there is epoxy rattling in the head. Do i need to reshaft? Can the weight be removed in the jetspeed hybrid? How do you close that hole or make sure no epoxy can get into the head without a plug? I didnt have any hosel plugs to use. I really don't want to have to reshaft it...
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