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  1. Thanks, I'll have to check them out
  2. I currently play a yellow E6 but I'm looking for suggestions on which balls are the easiest to track in the sky and find in the rough (most golf balls are easy to find in the fairways).
  3. Looking for some advice from others with a single length iron setup. I've definitely found much more consistency throughout my irons since switching to a single length setup. I went all in, 4 - LW and I've got to say, I've had really good results with full shots and pitch shots with the wedges, even the LW. However, when it comes to chipping and general touch around the green I've really only been able to play a bump in run type shot. The LW does help when I need to minimize the run, but I haven't been able to open up the club face for a true flop shot. Have others been going single length with the wedges or have you been using the standard length wedges?
  4. Still available for sale, and for anyone curious, asking $350 shipped to the US but of course, this is GolfWRX so reasonable offers will be considered.
  5. These really are amazing heads, I made the single length switch though and I need the room in the garage.
  6. Set is in very good condition and I would easily rate them at 8/10. FST 115 stiff shafts with pure grips and MOI matched. Any questions on measurements please ask and I'll measure but I don't recall the numbers off the top of my head. Asking $350 shipped to the USA and willing to sell heads only.
  7. By swing analyzer I was thinking more along the lines of like the zepp golf or swingsmart duo type devices.
  8. I'm looking to invest in a setup in my backyard so that I can record videos of my swing as well as get the data from a swing analyzer. I'm looking for input on which swing analyzers are most accurate and if a simple tripod and my cell phone is sufficient to record my swing or do I need something with a higher frame rate? Thanks in advance
  9. I've been considering switching golf balls next seen and I have been particularly looking at Vice Pro. I currently used either Bridgestone E6 or Srixon Z Stars in the high visibility yellow (I use the Bridgestones when my drives need to be a bit straighter). I've notice a lot of the newer high visibility options are now including neon/lime green and red. I've been happy with the yellow balls I currently play and I have also used the orange E6 balls to success (except that they are difficult to find in the fall). I'm curious which color ball others would choose if they are used to yellow or orange. It's more important for me to be able to see it on the ground than in the air (generally I'll golf with my girlfriend who is not as skilled at following a ball in the air).
  10. I am also a fan of how durable the Pure Pro's are. My grips have seen 2 full seasons and are still in great shape.
  11. One thing you may also want to consider is trying a thriver which is a driver sized club head weighted and designed to be played at 3 wood lengths. I'd recommend some of the Acer Thriver offerings from Hireko.
  12. Has anyone had any recent experience with KZG equipment and fitters? I was going through my old golf stuff and I came across my first set of custom fit woods. I was in high school and had been playing a hand-me-down set from my grandpa which include persimmon fairway woods (this was the early 2000's by the way). So my dad took me to get some new woods and we went to a local KZG fitter. I was feeling nostalgic and tried to look him up but it seems he isn't in business anymore. Just curious of any recent KZG experiences.
  13. I have a Wishon 739 CCG 11* clubhead with a set of the weights for sale. The weights included are the 2.5g (2), 6.5g (2), 9g, (2), 13g (1), and 16g (1) so you shouldn't have any problems dialing in the right CG location or SW. The driver is in near mint condition and shows little to no wear. Looking for $85 shipped to the US but will consider any reasonable offers or trades (nothing specific that I am currently looking for). More pics can be sent by request. This is an excellent driver that is hard to find since it is no longer made by Wishon.
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