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  1. I did this once, accidentally sent the wrong boxes to two different people. In my situation they both were responding and cool about it. I ended up buying the shipping label for each of them and they were able to send each other the correct package. i also gave them some money back for the hassle of having to go to the post office. Hopefully they respond soon and make it right.
  2. Shipping included to the lower 48, First to paypal gets the item. I did my best to give accurate descriptions and pictures but if you have any questions for need additional information just let me know. 1. Evnroll ER5 slant neck - sold 2. Epic SZ Head - $150 3. Odyssey 7 - $125 4. VA Raijin - $130 5. Fuji Speeder - $50 1. Evnroll ER5 with a slant neck. The hosel was done by Sprevo. I didn't have it measured but it should be 3 degree loft, 70 degree lie angle and 3/4 shaft offset. Head is 385g, length is pictured but please give a little wiggle ro
  3. I don't get to unroll mine until Christmas, but I'm also replacing a Birdieball that was just too big to leave out. If you get any tips for getting it to lay flat let me know!
  4. They usually run Buy 3 Get 1 in the spring at the same time Titleist runs theirs.
  5. Thought I had a decent deal on the Perfect Practice mat when Dicks had the $20 off coupon but Costco has it online today only for $99 and comes with a putting mirror. Free shipping as well so it was over $50 cheaper for me even with the other coupon. https://www.costco.com/perfect-putting-mat-9’6”-standard-edition-and-putting-alignment-mirror.product.100689431.html
  6. 50% off Strokelab Black 10s, just picked one up in like new condition for $127.49. After tax and shipping it was still under $150.
  7. Update 10/29 with price drops. Shoot me some offers! Shipping included for the lower 48. First to pay gets it, if you have any questions or concerns just ask. I'm happy to provide higher quality or different angle pictures upon request. Paypal only 1. Nippon Modus 125 stiff pulls. Bought these a couple years ago on here and never ended up using them. Set is 4-w plus 2 9 iron shafts that were used in gw & sw. Lengths are pictured, sorry but I don't know what length they will play in your heads. Grips not the greatest, I would plan on replacing them. Asking
  8. The half inch of hard chocolate will still be harder to bend than an inch of hard chocolate.
  9. Tough one there, I would be inclined to agree with you that it's much more likely the shaft was damaged due to the removal of the adapter. But if you didn't install the adapter yourself and see the shaft under it then it's always a small possibility it actually was damaged. I would want to see pictures of before and after and what exactly the damage is. At the end of the day can you say with 100% certainty that it was not damaged under the adapter and you just didn't know it? If you can then I would still try to fight it. The buyer altered the shaft and I would hope that would negate any cl
  10. My course pro just sent out the email the Titleist deal starts 3/15. Haven't heard anything about Cally. What I really want is a buy/get deal on the new Bridgestone balls.
  11. Really sucks that that happened, I had a similar story from ebay once and ended up with a partial refund. Then went to the OEM and explained what happened and they sent me a full set of brand new shafts. I was not expecting that at all but it was a very nice surprise. With 2 months passing between discovery and when you got them I'm not sure you have a ton of options for recourse with the seller. I know if it happened to me I would be very suspect of the situation with that much time passing. I guess at this point I would chalk it up to a lesson learned, but I would also try contacting th
  12. The only thing I've knowingly bought that I suspect is fake is a super stroke putter grip. Really wanted the blue/white skull motif and ebay was the only way to get one. It looks good and still feels fine. Prob not going to last as long and I wouldn't sell it with that one, but for my purposes it was just fine.
  13. If you want to trade them in just go online to a few different places and check the value. PGA value guide, 2ndswing, global golf etc... Then check ebay and see what they are listing for, and then click on sold auctions and see what they are actually selling for. There is no magic place that gives the best value for used clubs. Typically the only time it's really worth trading in vs selling is if you want to purchase a new club at the same time and there is a 50% trade in bonus. Like 03trdblack said you can always try donating them to the 1st tee or other charity as well.
  14. Even better than the GG deal. I ended up ordering another 5 dozen from here for $17.14 a dozen plus the ebates cash back.
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