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  1. Was surprised that I was longer as the average for my age group / hcp range. I realize that I'm not short, short but I don't think I'm a long hitter at all. 47, 4hcp, Arccoss tells me I'm 267 average with the driver. Quite a bit (14 yds) up since I purchased the PXG proto, lofted it down to 7.5. I always think it is quite funny to see the 300+avg drivers that can't get a single hcp. You have to pretty bad at this game to achieve that.
  2. Hi. I’m looking for a Bobby Grace F-22 putter as I want to start side saddle putting. Let me know if you have something through a PM. thanks Paul
  3. Hi. I recently received my PXG driver and 3-wood. During the fitting, it was decided to add 1/2 inch in shaft length, it would help slowing down closing the face. I’ve been playing them 4 rounds now and I don’t think I need it actually. More so I think it affects my strike a bit especially on my 3 Wood. So I am thinking about having the 1/2 removed again. I would like your input on whether to have this taken from the butt or tip. It would not hurt to lower the flight and spin slightly so I am thinking of having it taken from the tip. any thoughts on my plans? Will
  4. Naturally it makes a difference. Whether that starts in your head or is just the physical element doesn’t really matter. Many golfers go through an in depth fitting these days to land on a club length and swing weight that would be preferable. The sensor is about 1/2” in length and I think it’s 8 grams on the butt end. it makes your ideal club less ideal. My gripe is more with the length. As I naturally grip the club towards the end. To cut down the shaft and work with the Arccos grips is the last thing I will do. Waste a perfectly fit club.
  5. Hi bluedot, thanks for your lengthy response and encouragements. What you state on the recalibration of the speed database and the remark on the referendum makes a lot of sense. I’ll reach out to Bobby soon, the F-22 seems the way to go. Does anyone happen to know the differences between the F-22, the F-18 and the F-35? I can’t find any information related to that. Especially the F-35, it seems the same as the F-22. My thought as well on getting a longer putter. Since he is relatively close, my thought is I drive up there soon and get a fitting. The good thing is
  6. Grips don’t really make a difference really. Still adds the length and weight on the butt end of the club. It’s just adding the benefit of a seamless integration.
  7. Hi. Anyone aware of developments at Arccos with regards to the actual sensors ? i have the crazy tendency to grip my club all the way to the butt end. Adding the Sensors therefore lengthens the club for me. not a fan of that nor if the added weight. So any talks of downsizing the footprint of the sensors?
  8. Hi Side Saddlers. I have been working my way through 41 pages of content and am thankful for all the thoughts and experiences you have shared here. I have never given thought to side saddling, broomstick putting or anything outrageous other than left hand low. In fact, I had never given much thought to putting in general and had come to accept that it is simply the part of the game I have least understanding as well as lust to improve on for. But recently I decided I want to become a scratch player and had to face the fact that at the very least I had to become comforta
  9. My order of Proto X driver, Gen2 3 wood and Gen2 3 Hybrid is shipped today to the ATL store. Can't wait for it to be Tuesday. Taking a couple of days of even next week to get this stuff out on the course and play it. Patience is not 1 of my qualities when it comes to new golf gear.
  10. Thanks for that input. What kind of TM wedge and grind is it that you are referring to? i live the r grind. Constantly scanning cpo for new ones.
  11. Make courses a good bit shorter. Favor the shorter hitters. Eliminate green side bunkers or place them in areas where it is severely downhill slope to the green. waiste high rough, disallow foot traffic there. No fore caddies / spotters. Knee high green side rough. In course OOB. Should be a fairly easy job really. I don’t mind long hitters though. I do mind that most courses are set up that this is The skill which is highly favored over all other wonderful skills available in golf though. I appreciate allround games, a player displaying all types of skills.
  12. Following this with much interest. Hovering between a 4 and 5 index. Level par is my best so far. True issue is with putting. I’m not long, 245-255 in average but almost always am on or close to the fairway. I like my approach and wedge play but really stink (mentally and physically) at pitting. here’s my question to this group: what have you done to make putting fun? Such that you want to practice it and look forward to your time on the green during a round. I would be absolutely fine if golf was, closest to the hole without a putter.
  13. Thanks so much for the write up. What a great read!
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