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  1. My swing with 7i CG16New to this forum, and fairly new to golf, just got off of active duty so dedicating some more time to my game. Please help get my swing down. Currently I am pushing my irons to the right with a fairly normal ball flight, little to no fade. I do not have a calculated handicap but typically shoot high 80's All tips, comments, and criticism is appreciated! Also I have never had my swing analyzed, any guess on swing speed just from videos? These videos are taken in my backyard with a HD FlipCam. Tried to embed vids but cannot figure it out 7 Iron head on http://youtu.be/QBoEXuthF-g 7 Iron DTL http://youtu.be/KgIK0KnNapM another 7 Iron head on http://youtu.be/zpgmAxEqTZw
  2. Inbox must be full, could I get a pic of face of 46*. Where would these ship from?
  3. Could I get some better pics of faces, thank you
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