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  1. I got a cheap one off amazon after my leopold display disappeared. It works great. Yardages are pretty accurate compared to a buddys bushnell. Yardages may vary 4-5 yards but you do get what you paid for. It does take a couple seconds to lock onto pin compared to bushnell which was locked on almost instantly. For me its great gives me yardage and go. I am not that good of a golfer where i can hit exact yardages. It gives me enough info to feel confindent in what im hitting and didnt break the bank.
  2. I basically did the same thing. I havent got on the course yet but i went with milessey off amazon. I didnt go with leupold again since they wanted me to send lazer in still even though they told me they wont fix. By the time i paid for shipping it was almost half the cost of the milessey already. They don't tell you what the discount would be on a new unit and can't garentee when you can get a new unit anyways since they have 0 in stock. Plus i don't want to spend big money on something that seems to have this problem still and no real fix for it. I was only on my second battery so really not that much use out of it over the years so very disappointing.
  3. i decided to order and try the milessey. I had enough points so only cost me points to try in out.
  4. Looking at getting a cheaper rangefinder as my old 1 is dead and not looking to get an expensive one since i don't get out as much anymore. I have been looking at the mileseey ones on amazon which seem to get good reviews and also the costco caddytek one looks good also. Price for the mileseey is about $60 cheaper. Thought id ask on here if anyone has tried that rangefinder out.
  5. My GX4 the display has started to disappear. The yardage numbers do not fully show up anymore. I contacted leupold but since its past its warrenty they wont fix it. Has anyone tried to fix it themselves? Its a shame that its a common problem leupold range finders seem to have and not really wanting to go out and spend a few hundred bucks on a new rangefinder.
  6. Plastic kids set was definately my first driver. I am surprised there are not more haha.
  7. Thanks for replies. Ill have to try and plan a trip into the city and try out some different shafts. At least now i have an idea what direction to go when i go to the stores. Most of the time the fitters just throw stuff at you to try with no real reasoning and just trial and error hoping to find something you like. Thats what seems to happen for me when i do go. So hopefully when i do go its better results now.
  8. sub 70 dont make left handed clubs so they wont work Edit: OOps my browser must have been glitched it shows left now
  9. I have been gaming some old callaway x forged 07 for about 8 years now. I had a tear in my one shoulder and ever since i have not been able to hit my irons very well. I can hit my woods and hybrids very well and consistent but my irons just very inconsistent. I thought about trying to go to something more forgiving sincei dont get out much. Also considered trying hybrid irons out but unfortunately i dont have the luxury to go test out in a store nearby. Anyone with faster swing speeds (stiff flex) and lower handicap try going this route or should i stick with more of a cavity back or even just gi irons.
  10. 1. How will a SeeMore putter could help your game? Help create a consistent feel and setup 2. What is your handicap? 14 3. Location? Leader Saskatchewan 4. What style of putter do you tend to prefer I go back and forth between mallet and blade but have been gaming blade putter the last few years. 5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your putting? Strength is probably speed control. weakness is i tend to push and pull putts all the time. Even on the odd short putt 6. What type of facility do you primarily play at (ie public vs private), and how would you rate the greens? play on public course. Greens are good for a smaller town. Speed is slower than the higher end city courses. 7. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? yes 8. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? yes
  11. I bought my cart refurbished and on a full charge have got 27 holes easily. However I notice once the light hits about 3 lights the speed of the cart seems to slow down a lot. Has anyone else noticed this? Also for people having problems with battery lasting could be due to weight of your bag. At first my bag was really heavy and it would get just over 18. Went to a lighter bag and removed alot of extra junk balls and now battery is at half when it was dead before.
  12. I am guessing your old one is leupold to get deal? Its really just preference. I have leupold using same rangefinder for almost 7 years now and its still great. Other brands are probably similar. Basically its more of what you want and if you were happy or not with your old one.
  13. I am looking at getting the ewheels with rovic s cart but was curious how well does it push going through taller grass or deeper rough? Does it have enough power to push through it or is it mainly only good for doing fairways
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