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  1. What would bring out your patriotic spirit more than playing a set of these beauties! USA!!!
  2. Thanks guys. I guess I'm in the grey area between "player's" and "GI." I'm about a 6 handicap when I'm playing, but I just haven't been able to play much this summer, and my physical condition needs to get back to where I was before (I'm older, fatter, tighter and weaker than ever;....and grouchier about it, lol). I didn't have the time i thought I would have this weekend, but did get to hit about 15 balls with the JPX forged. It is a beautiful club at address, especially if you are coming from the last couple generations of MPs (i play a 53/63 combo set now). I try to tell myself that I
  3. I have played a combo set of Mizuno MP53/63 combos for a few years, but I have that new club itch that needs to be scratched. I probably should play the biggest game improvement soup spoons I can find, but I have a heart for that buttery forged feel. What models should I be looking at? Im hitting the JPX 850 forged and the Apexes tomorrow I think. Thanks in advance.
  4. [quote name='Nessism' timestamp='1409422687' post='10036653'] Sidebar: in the older days of traditional lofts a lot of sets employed 5 degree steps between short irons and wedges. Go look up the specs of the MP14 for example. The ball skids up the face farther as the lofts increase, thus the need for more degrees between clubs in the short irons and wedges to achieve consistent yardage gaps. Bottom line, I believe the 5* loft steps between short irons on the new Mizuno's will be perfectly serviceable, if not preferable, to 4* gaps that has gotten common. As a side note, a lot of sets are
  5. I noticed that their is a 10 degree gap between the 40 degree 9 iron and the 50 degree GW (PW is 45). I'm just wondering if the distance gaps with 5 degrees in the scoring clubs will make gaps too large, and if so, how bendable are the new "boron" clubs? Lastly, can someone explain to me what the effect on other club specs (bounce, etc) would be affected if I bent the PW by a degree and the GW by 2 degrees? Thanks in advance.
  6. Makes sense that the 850s are longer than the MPs. The lofts are a couple degrees stronger.
  7. I agree with all the above about similar distances across the MP Series with the 54s launching higher than the 15s which launch higher than the 64s. I play a combo set of 53/63s and am looking at the 15s although with my "spray it all over the place swing," I should (and will try) to look at the JPX Forged. Just ote that if you look at the JPXs, they are a couple degrees stronger lofted across the set.
  8. [quote name='naths' timestamp='1408966458' post='10001773'] [quote name='Hateto3Putt' timestamp='1408928405' post='10000203'] [quote name='CBedo' timestamp='1408556884' post='9973903'] 4) Carry an old towel in your trunk. Early morning rounds can produce a lot of wet grass/dirt/sand on the wheels, and nobody wants that in their trunk. Either wrap the towel around the wheels, or use it to wipe the wheels down. [/quote] To that end, you'll find a contractor style plastic garbage bag will hold your cart and contain all the debris nicely. [/quote] or buy the wheel covers....lol [/quo
  9. MP63s, 8 handicap (although playing so little, probably closer to 18.....)
  10. Just wondering how the Sync was to carry for the times when I just need a range session? I've heard the Clicgear B3 isn't balanced very well for carrying.
  11. I've always been "that guy" who has always carried and would never consider a push cart, but after seeing how easy a time my playing partner was having with his ClicGear the other day, I'm reconsidering my position. I know absolutely nothing about the push carts, so have a few questions. 1) I've been reading reviews of the 3.5+ and it seems it has been out a while. What kind of product cycle does Clicgear follow (when will new ones be out)? 2) What kinds of golf bags are you using on your cart? How's the B3 or the Sync (and does the sync fit on the 3.5)? 3) Are there any "must have"
  12. I agree on the first point. It's been a main reason I haven't pursued this much. Anything that takes too much effort or slows the game down is an issue, and then outside agencies like wind, slopes, etc affect your shots, but I actually have some ideas on options for this, and hopefully after collecting enough information, the distributions will be about the same anyway, with just slightly longer tails to deal with. Plus there's always the option to just spend some time on Trackman and get your shot pattern there. As far as aim point goes, I don't think that's an issue. As you can see in
  13. I have been thinking about a shot tracking/stats/analysis/planning/game improvement app for a couple years, and after reading Broadie's Every Shot Counts, it got me fired up to try to prototype something. To get some data, I tracked 19 shots with a hybrid. I used gps tools to click beginning and end of shots on different holes for 9 of them, and the other 10 I took data from a launch monitor I have a head full of ideas, but thought I'd start with some visualizations first. The goal would be to be able to pick a club and move its shot pattern around on a hole map to find optimal lines. This
  14. Tough choice! White, no black! No, white! Flipped a coin; black it is! Thanks for sponsoring the site and for the giveaway.
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