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  1. Looking for these preferably in Standard lie loft length...4-pw
  2. Want these in Standard l/l/l. Thanksp
  3. Even flow T1100 tm tip 6.0 65 gram new MCC grip ..measures 43.75 inches .....$60 shipped Speeder 661 evolution...TS Xflex tm tip. measures 44.5 inches...$55 shipped...
  4. Matrix Gx3 white tie 60 gram stiff 43.75 with ping adapter Sold to shanx... Diamana Kaili 70x Titleist adapter 70x 42" $50 shipped
  5. Leave this open for next month @ Bethpage...
  6. What's it going to take after this win to get back to #1..
  7. I got my $$ on Stenson...He seems to be made for matchplay...
  8. I was there last nite..the yellow is on clearance for $5 a dozen..
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