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  1. Nike TW17 Size 11 shoes. Wore for 9 holes. Too small for me. These were a gift that I tried to make work, but tight shoes are not fun to play in. Love the color and style of the shoes. No box but I will ship them protected. Asking $50 shipped. Wishon PCF Micro Groove Wedges. They are 52-56-60. There is a nick in the sole of the 56 that I show in the picture. Grooves and Milling is still excellent. Didn't really play these as they aren't my style. They really spin the ball though on touch shots. The 52 has a Dynalite Gold R300 shaft and the 56/60 both have Genius 12 (KBS) from some old Scor wedges I had. Asking $50 shipped. MacGregor Hoylake and Designed by Cleveland putter heads. Not much to say about these. Pictures show the story. Chrome is peeling on the Hoylake. I was planning to blast the rest off and leave raw, but just don't have the time or energy to work on any of it. Asking $30 shipped for both heads. Last is a near mint Royal Collection CV Pro 10* driver head. Amazing feel and really solid for a smaller headed driver. No headcover, but will ship protected. Asking $40 shipped. All prices are OBRO. No trades at this time. Not playing much golf so just trying to get rid of some items before I move again.
  2. It has been a minute. Got these from a friend and though I like them, I just don't play enough to hit them consistently. Prices include shipping in the US via USPS most likely. First up are 718 AP2 5-6-7 iron heads. Pictures show condition. According to whom I got them from, they are standard loft and lie. Asking $150 shipped. Last is a pair of 716 TMB 3 and 4 irons. These have Project X 6.5 shafts and some New Decade grips. Grips probably need to be replaced. Pictures show condition. Would prefer to sell these together, but feel free to make an offer to separate. Asking $150 shipped for both. Shoot me a message with any questions.
  3. I got the recoils in a half set of Ping heads. Not a lot of information given when i bought them, but I only wanted the heads.
  4. Just clearing out room in the guest closet. All prices are OBO and include shipping. First is a set of 3-PW DG S300 AMT iron shafts. .355 taper tip. They were pulled from a new set of Bridgestone clubs and would play to standard length in those. Asking $old Next is a short set of Recoil 780 ES F3 iron shafts. Lengths are listed. Would be perfect for shorter player. Was going to cut them down for my son, but ended up just buying a set already his size. They were installed in a set of taper tip heads so I am guessing these are .355 tip as well. $old Next is a set of Wishon wedge heads only. 52-56-60 in good shape. Sharp grooves and deep milled. Standard loft and lie on them. Nick in the sole of the 56. Asking $30 shipped Next is a set of Wilson M3 Driver and 2 hybrid heads. All include the adapters. The driver shaft is broken off in the adapter, so you would have to pull that. The hybrids are good to go. In decent condition. Only asking $old shipped for all 3. Mizuno MX 23 Forged 3 iron. Black oxide finish. Been sitting in a closet for a while. Shaft is a Shimada stiff I believe. Shaft was SST Pured. Plays to 39.5" in length. Asking $30 shipped Cleveland putter 35" in length. Comes with headcover. Experiment that didn't work. Has an SS grip installed. Just not for me. Asking $old shipped.
  5. Just a few items today. Prices include shipping in the US via Priority Wishon 590DiH 4 Driving Iron with Accra 80i Shaft. M4 flex and tipped an extra 1/2". Comes with a like new MCC +4 grip in standard size with 3 extra wraps. Love the club, but I just don't really hit it on the course like I thought I would.~~ Asking $85 shipped~~ $75 shipped Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth Black 58* wedge with i95 stiff shaft. Standard length and has a like new midsize Winn grip. Black dot. Love the wedge, but I am getting around better just using my 54* lately. ~~Asking $50 shipped. ~~ $40 shipped East, $45 West of Mississippi ~~Nike Engage Raw wedge head set. Standard lie and bent to 51* 55* and 59* lofts. Never got around to shafting these up. Asking $old shipped for the set. ~~
  6. So I am having a bit of trouble figuring out what to do. I have a few old blade heads and wanted to shaft them up. None of my flare tip shafts work on 2 of them. First is a Never Compromise Robusto and the other is an old Designed by Cleveland blade. They fit on to my McGregor Hoylake and Maxfli Crossbax #9, just not on the other 2. I guess I haven't been able to find any info on whether the shafts I have are wrong or if I just need to sand down the everything a bit.
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