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  1. I have always struggled with the 14-way divider, but I'll weigh in that I have always loved SM bags, and I tried the Vessell and it was the least user friendly bag I've ever owned, so I couldn't imagine the 14 way vessell would be worth anything (in my opinion).
  2. I don't know how to read all the data, but I'll say the LZ are my favorite iron shafts that have come out in the last 5+ years.
  3. Could it be the Phrankenwood? Looks like he has it teed up pretty high for a 3 wood...
  4. Yep, I totally agree. Been looking at putting a 2i in the bag for tee shots, and taking out the 3w and putting in a 5w for high 230ish shots into a handful of par 5's at my home course. I'm no more accurate with the 3w than my driver, and trying to air out a 3w usually just gets me into more trouble than anything else.
  5. I want to get a set of these so bad, but just can't justify getting a new set of irons and then only playing them a few times before I mostly shut it down for the winter.
  6. I have been toying around with the idea of going driver, 5w (Cobra F6 baffler) and then getting a 2i for sole use off a tee. If its not a driver off the tee, its a 2i, and then the 5w for shots into par 5s. Wild times my friends, wild times...
  7. I have the PRGR one and just use it for practicing carry yardages with my wedges on the range and its within a couple yards of actual, which is close enough for me. And its tiny as well. If hitting outside I'm not sure a lot of that information is truly necessary especially j ust for normal practice. If you're trying to garage fit yourself, you'll need the launch and spin numbers obviously.
  8. If you have the chance, next time you come do the shooting academy, it was absolutely awesome between having 2-3 friends that had never shot a gun before, and having my 80 year old dad absolutely smoke everyone. The instructor we had was top notch and a lot of fun. We went down the Big Cedar for my bachelor party and stayed on property, played golf at Buffalo Ridge, did the shooting academy and ate a few places. It was a lot of fun!
  9. I had not heard that, good information. I could see the posting up on a driver on that straight left left that he's destroyed (and probably caused the back problems as well) would cause problems. I think others are right, its gotta just be a confidence thing (plus in the Ozarks it was a bit cooler yesterday, might not have done the full out warm up). BR - if you guys want a WRX trip down to Payne's Valley or Ozarks National, you just let me know!
  10. I was talking to my brother about this. I don't get why he's hitting these 30+ yard cuts all the time. I mean I can get the occasional fairway finder, but he's one of the best ball strikers on the planet, can't he hit a 5 yard fade, not a 30 yard one? Seemed like a perfect opportunity to try to hit some draws or something. Just don't see how a slice becomes your go to shot off the tee.
  11. Thats my favorite thing Tiger brings to these things. He gets the other guys talking about their process (although they all did it). New potential highlight is the video making the ways around with Rory talking about Dominos pizza.
  12. Yeah kind of how Tiger said he designed it to be fun and forgiving for all different types of players but still be a test... What constitutes a "good course"? I think you take the PGA tour there for a 4 day tournament someone is shooting -30 at least. So d you mean "good course" is a hard course? Seems like a narrow minded comment...
  13. I cannot wait to get on that course. Tried to get a time 3 weeks ago and everything decent was booked on the weekends, now the website is just down in general. It looks great, I've seen it slowly come together playing the Buffalo Ridge course across the valley. It looks out of this world. I think we can all agree, ANY of these mic'd up charity things needs JT included. He is an absolute riot to listen to, he's needling guys, but not too mean, but mean enough. It's perfect. Plus I think I saw Riggs from Barstool there (checked his Instagram, he has an interview with Jack comin
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