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  1. Oh I bet it would be. I've tried 100x to get a hybrid in my bag at that 19* spot, but the best I've been able to do is replace my 3w with a 17* opened up a degree, then the 3 Crossover for teeballs/punches almost exclusively.
  2. I will add the i500 is hot hot hot. I have 5-U and a G410 20* crossover. I actually tweaked the lofts on the 5i 2* strong and the 6i 1* strong to cover the gaps at the long end of my bag, and if you got a 3i i500 I assume its a missile launcher.
  3. Thats totally fair, and I'll be honest, I've never hit mine with stock shafts with the intention of making them a long iron replacement. I've almost exclusively used mine for chasing tee shots. And I'm sure all of it is very dependent on which one with which shaft and what you try to do with it. Like I said, mine have all been low launch, low spin, running hot by design, but I can also hit some pretty playable shots into those 220 yard par 3s with it as well.
  4. It was the 4 Crossover to the 4i, so comparable lofts I think. Plus if you really wanted you could put a graphite shaft in the iron and stretch it out a little more with just the lighter weight.
  5. I'd say general rule of thumb, yes they'll go higher, land softer, and fly farther. Of course lots of variables in play. If you're looking for something easier to hit and higher (but not necessarily notably longer in my experience) you could consider the G425 long irons (not Crossovers). I have hit the 4i of that and it probably apexes out 15-20ft higher (but of course could be the shaft differences), but goes 10-15 yards shorter than my Crossover. With that said, I will say my Crossover is 100% built for tee balls, I can smoke it off a tee about 230 and then whateve
  6. Yeah I'm sure there are lots of hybrid shaft options out there for ya to try, I'm assuming the UDI is a .370. Tensei White is pretty low/low off the top of my head. Fuji's Ventus series are crowd favorites for sure. If you want the extremes you could just put a PX7.0 or a X7 in it.
  7. I'll support anyone that is not Johnny Miller, no matter what.
  8. If the entire course is waiting between every shot I'm OK with 3.75-4.25 hours. Thats just what it is. If there is one group holding up the entire course I won't stand for that at all.
  9. See the discription. Looking for a Sim 2 17* hybrid, stiff or x flex, I'll try either and/or replace the shaft with someone else when I get it. Would be willing to pay a little extra for an upgraded shaft, but not wanting to break the bank. Please feel free to DM me and let me know if you have something, please be willing to send pictures. Thanks, JT
  10. Good point, by the point I get to putting something in the driver head its not a strong contender for getting much play anyways lol.
  11. I just kinda shove it through the screw holes where the weight connects (how I did it on the G410, I assume its the same on the G425). The cotton ball you have to tear into smaller bits and kinda jab it through the hole piece by piece.
  12. Bingo, thank you for recognizing it. Thus why I *feel* that in a match play scenario it should not be 100% handicaps.
  13. You could also cotton ball it, or yarn or whatever. Easy way to kinda kill the loud sounds of the driver, and you can take it out if you don't like the sound.
  14. Just looking for something different I'd expect. I keep wondering if they're going to try to ban the arm lock as more and more guys go to it... Get rid of it if they want, just leave my side saddle alone.
  15. My example was mostly based on our 4-ball tournament at my club, so thats what I was referencing.
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