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  1. This right here is the key. If you've shot in the 70's chances are its usually one part of the game thats negatively impacting you (like stated, penalty strokes) or even things like not being able to get the ball back in play, chasing too many pins when your short game is weaker, etc. The USGA GHIN app allows you to put in all your stats for your round, so I'd recommend starting there for sure. I'm a 0.6 index and realized this year that my fairways are too low for how short I hit it and then that negatively impacts my par 5 scoring as even with my current distance I have 3 at my home course that I should be taking a go in 2 on every time. So my goal for the off season is to work on the driver, getting some more distance without losing accuracy as much as possible.
  2. I 10000% agree with the comments of "I don't care how bad you play, I care about how slow you play". I've got a buddy thats really gotten into golf in the past couple of years, and he used to be painfully slow to play with shooting well over 100 every time out. He has learned the concepts of ready golf so much better and recently shot a 86 (his best round by like 7 shots), and what i really respect is that he is adamant about playing "mostly" by the rules. He won't take free drops or mulligans usually, but he'll take a liberal gimmie when he's made a mess of a hole. It would get on my nerves sometimes but he's the most fun person I've ever played golf with so I can take some lack of etiquette and general golf knowledge for the fun I'll have over a round.
  3. Bobby Grace F22. While its mostly because its a great putter, side saddle options are pretty limited and its by far the highest quality of the ones I have.
  4. Great information. Thanks! I have some elbow pain in my left elbow, so thats kind of why I was looking into graphite shafts. Good note about soft stepping them. I got a 110 and put in a Crossover I had and it felt very stiff for a stiff.
  5. I'll be honest, I don't really know the difference between the two. Care to elaborate? And maybe compare those two and the steelfibers as those were a possibility for me as well.
  6. I hope thats true, they're easily my favorite steel shaft, but if they're not a free upcharge they'll be like $35 each probably. At that point I might as well try out some graphite shafts or at least order the LZ and get the matte black ones lol.
  7. Bingo this was goign to be my exact response. Learning how to use a higher lofted wedge will be helpful but I always kinda think 60* is too much for a new golfer. Learn bump and runs with the 52 aorund the green, everything else 58. And I second the high bounce options, don't go low bounce or you'll stick em in the ground until you get the hang of it more. Once you get past flubbing or duffing shots, saving shots around the green is the quickest way to shave strokes off your game quickly (to me), so I'm always a proponent of more wedges (thats why I have 5 wedges). You can learn the method with just a 56, but then once you learn the method, you can add wedges, use the same method, and get different yardages if thats what you want to do.
  8. I'll admit, on my much longer putts, I have much more of a "hit" than a "stroke" on them. It is the one bugaboo on a side saddle is hitting a 50ft putt can be difficult, but I mean its difficult with a normal putter too, plus my chances of making the 2nd putt are MUCH higher with the side saddle. And its funny, I never got negative comments about it, mostly people asking questions and wanting to try it. But most of the golfers I play with are typically better than average (probably a 5handicap is the high, +3 is the low) so they all understand its all about putting it in the hole rather than how you do it.
  9. Yeah given their behavior at the Ryder Cup, I think they are kinda back in the "I'm mad at you" for the luster of the event and thats about it.
  10. I need to hit cuts almost exclusively. I can control the ball so much better without a draw.
  11. Oh I don't envy you for having to practice off mats at all. I hate hitting off mats, luckily, my course has an excellent range that some very wealthy investors put money into (home course for the Missouri State golf teams), so I'm very lucky there. I'm not too familiar with the Arccos program itself, but wouldn't it just show you "total" distance Given that you're kinda "triggering" it when you get to your next shot, I assume its total yardage, so that could be something to consider when working on your yardages. Personally I only worry about the carry yardages when I practice on a mat as I feel it kinda screws with your spin numbers (I 100% cannot confirm that). As for side saddling, this is the thread In theory, its a very open stance, but I mean like I look directly at the hole and swing a long putter straight down the putt line. It's worth trying in my opinion if you're ever looking to just totally revamp your putting lol.
  12. That is totally fair! I wasn't meaning anything negative with my comment, just so you know! Ball striking has always been a weaker part of my game so when I moved to game improvement irons and then to the i500s helped my game a lot, irons that look good and are still super forgiving helped my game a lot. For me personally, as soon as I learned how to think my way around the golf course I went from a 10ish handicap to a scratch without a lot different happening in my full swing (although I'll admit the switch to side saddle putting helped a lot, there is a massive thread on here I'm a part of if you want to take a look and would be willing to make that switch ). I've had a buddy just start taking golf a lot more serious and we've been playing together and I gave him the tip of thinking that every green is 30 yards deep, so if the pin is in the front and 150, realize you can hit the ball 160 or 170 and still hit the green and that helped him break 90 for the first time the other day by 4 strokes! It also helped that he made about 150ft worth of putts, lol. Good luck with the journey and awesome WITB!
  13. The thing that changed my putting entirely was the switch to side saddle. I'm always surprised that it has never caught on really in the big leagues. I made the switch over a winter hitting putts on a 4ft putting board and probably hit a couple thousand over the winter and I've never looked back. You wouldn't think it would take that long to make the switch when you're that good, but I'll just keep championing for it until they make it illegal some how.
  14. That was just kinda my thought as well, and of course my mind goes "more forgiving irons" but of course you gotta play what looks good to you. Very nice WITB! Keep tracking your stats, thats the quickest way to find where you can drop strokes.
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