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  1. I noticed that post from him as well thinking that doesn't look like a current driver. That thing must be a low spin monster. I've got the 3 wood and its basically unplayable for my swing speed, lol.
  2. Very good point. I swing 110+ and just got fit into a XC 6s tipped when I had been playing X shafts. Fun to see guys trying something new/different.
  3. I also think its funny all the crapping on BDC. The way that I see it, is Bryson had to develop a way to swing hard with his unique swing. Tony and Champ's swings have much more whip to them, while Bryson's swing doesn't have that whip, so its gotta be more of a smash. Plus is a good thing a lot of people don't think golfers are athletes, so I'm sure Bryson will be OK being a 2 on the scale. With all that said, I love TF, his story is awesome, he seems like a really good guy and an amazing player. I think he just needs to be slightly more aggressive putting. That putt on 10 in
  4. I will say the Hulu Live guide is pretty good, plus you get Hulu without commercials, and (I think) a discounted Disney+ subscription. I haven't had YTTV or Vue, but I cant' say enough good things about Hulu Live.
  5. I'd just kill for the 3.0s to come in the stealth finish. Or a raw. I just hate the chrome finish, but I love Ping wedges and have had by far the most success using them. But the Callaway MD5's in a raw finish are starting to entice me...
  6. I mean by the time you do it all, I don't know how much it truly saves me. I have Hulu Live and then my internet runs about $100 a month (300/100). So I'd guess it depends on how much you pay for your internet and how fast you need your internet if its worth it. Hulu has all the local channels so I get all the coverage as well as Golf Channel, Fox Sports, Fox Sports Midwest (for Cardinal games) and ESPN and the like, so I almost never run into being able to watch anything I want. What I like the most about cutting the cord is that for $30 and a Roku stick I can get all my channels on every
  7. Seems like a confidence thing. I mean that putt on 10 was kinda weak in all honesty in the playoffs. I know those guys are so good, but I just can't get behind a need to make putt and dying it that hard at the hole. Sure could have been way more downhill than I could see and it was more of a cautionary putt than trying to drive it in. Of course these guys are amazing and he's literally one putt away and has been a lot of times so he's hella good, obviously. The putt on 10 just really felt more like a "if it goes in cool, if not I don't want to have to think on the 2nd putt" lik
  8. Thats totally fair, I played some Ping ES wedges with their offset and loved them!
  9. I really like my 64* PM19 wedge for chipping. I just wonder if the offset on them is so extreme that getting a 58* would honestly be weird for more full swings. Really love the wedge itself, but I do have a lot of 100ish yard shots on my home course so not sure how odd it would be with a PM or not, the 64* is basically for nothing but shortsides etc..
  10. Too early to tell for sure, but the talent looks to be there from what I saw this past weekend. So much still to happen in the young man's life, so we'll have to see how he physically grows up (out) and how he handles being a spotlight kid for a little bit. Probably the best thing for him would be the developmental tours for a few years before pushing too hard at the PGA, maybe even kind of what Brooks did. Don't know why I feel that way, but I just kind of do at the moment.
  11. Yeah I'm debating about changing my set up to be W / 52 / 58 / 64 rather than W / 50/ 55 / 60 / 64, I just kind of lose the 55 in the scenario. But I think the 52/58 should be able to cover the loss pretty easily. This has basically been my huge issue with finding a spot for it in the bag. Switching to the 4 wedge set up with the 64* will still allow me to have my driving iron for tee shots and put in a hybrid/5w for those pesky 230 yard shots I need to hit higher than knee-high. I will say my brother and his 64* very much treated it as a specialty club for a long time and event
  12. So who here uses a wedge with over 60* of loft? I have watched my brother utilize a 64* wedge for years with great success, so I finally tried some last year and ended up with a PM 64* wedge and really enjoy it (but only have a handful of rounds since I got it). The biggest issue I really have found with them is that there are so few options out there over 60*, and trying to space my bag out to cover all the yardages to be able to include such a specialty club. What types of wedges have you tried/used and have any tips for people wanting to try the high lofted wedges
  13. I could Ping it except for my side saddle putter and my 64*, mainly because Ping does not make them. The only thing I'd have to do that would really impact me would be getting a Ping bag over a Sun Mountain, lol.
  14. Holy cow, I'm June 9, 2005. I liked when they used to have which member number you were on the site. I think I was like 1,506 or something.
  15. Yeah I think this is a good thing in all honesty. I don't get how it could slow down play any. Zap it to get a to the pin yardage, get out your book and pin sheet so you can figure out exactly where the pin is at, hand calculate your covers etc.. It's basically just saving the step of having to walk off a yardage or find a specific marking the caddy has a yardage from. Hell, let them use a GPS as well. Just give them all the technology readily available to all of us on our weekend rounds.
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