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  1. I watched about 10 hours of reviews and then read about that many hours of reviews online, and we went with Brooklyn Bedding Sedona, two XL Twins and the Ascension adjustable powerbase. The whole thing around $4k is not too bad at all in my opinion, especially if you look at like SleepNumber beds. My wife wanted the adjustable bed since we're both snorers and she likes to read in bed, so we did the split king approach so we can both kinda pick our angles. I'll follow up when they eventually arrive.
  2. This is very good information to know. I figure I might get a BS and then the electric smoker I can put under the deck, and put the BS upstairs for daily cooking. I'll have to do some research about how to cook certain things on the BS, like you said steaks and chicken, for example. I was never very adventurous on the BGE and did ribs and briskets just a few times and then eventually just turned it to a burger/chicken set up, which I'd think the BS could do well. Thanks!
  3. All, the Mrs. and I have just welcomed our first born into the house about 7 weeks ago, and of course sleep has been a bit sparse, but we've also quickly realized that the sleep we do get is TERRIBLE because of our mattress (old 10-12 pillow top with a 2" memory foam topper). So we don't lose our minds, I've been tasked with finding us a new mattress set up. I have been looking at all the ones you can order online and they all seem to have roughly the same sleep guarantees and returns, so I think they're all essentially a wash in that department, so I'm wondering if anyone has any
  4. So its not technically a grill/smoker, but has anyone had any experience with Blackstones? I have a buddy that has one and he says its the best grill he's ever owned (and I know some might not tehnically consider it a grill), he sent me a picture of him making hibachi on it for his family of 6. I used to have a Big Green Egg, but sold it before the move and we've just been using my small propane grill. I loved the idea of smoking a huge brisket, but at the end of the day, I'd rather spend my free time on the course than just hovering around the grill to make sure I don't need to stoke the c
  5. I want to be able to talk to my cartner without having to focus on what they're saying or actively speaking over the music, but if we're just sitting chilling a little background music is never bad. It's a fine line, I do NOT want to hear it outside of the cart, and i want to hear it in the cart if we're sitting there not talking, thats it.
  6. 1. City and State? - Springfield, MO 2. Where do you practice (outdoors or indoors?) - 95% outdoors, about 5% indoors, in the fall/winter it switches as my brother has a net in his garage. 3. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? - I have used the personal MEVO 4. How could a Rapsodo MLM help your game? - wedge game. using a personal launch monitor to zone in my wedges to learn the swings for distances would be a complete gamechanger. 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? - absolutely.
  7. Is it a potential driver replacement or 3w? Or course dependent?
  8. Welp, went ahead and ordered a Holloway with the custom black finish. I'll post pictures and updates once it is received and I get some time with it.
  9. If I had to spend most of it on a putter, I'd start interviewing custom guys and have them make me a dream side saddle putter. I figure some of them would like the challenge and do something different than the Anser knock offs :). I've always wanted to win one of those GolfWRX full bag fittings at TM or Callaway and see them try to get a side saddle put together, I think they could figure something out in a few days, but it would be very interesting to see what they'd try to make to replace my BG F-22.
  10. I'll recommend longer than you think, cutting them down is much easier than extending. Plus the longer one will make you stand up straighter, which is something i tend to struggle with when I'm putting poorly. I end up crouching down farther and farther until the putter is almost on my chin.
  11. Any updates on the Holloway Putters? I played in my state stroke play, at my home course, and completely lost all faith in my F22 and needing something to rock the boat a little bit. The "line" one is the one I'm eyeballing, its in a 420ish grams so the weight won't be all that different from my F22 with some weights pulled out, just think I need something different to look at.
  12. I still think the next will be Jordan, who thought I'd be saying this 18-months ago. But he's gotten the two hardest (in my opinion) out of the way with the Masters and the British. The PGA is the most similar to just a normal tournament so I like his chances there. I really like Colin too, I think the Masters will be the hardest to get, but with the way he strikes the ball, he never looks out of a tournament, just depends if the putts can drop and he can learn the ins and outs of Augusta. Know he's only played it a couple times, so time will tell.
  13. Looking for a SIM2 hybrid in good shape, 19.5* loft. Shaft doesn't really matter as I'm planning to replace it, but if you have something cool I might be willing to spend a little extra for something fancy. Please be willing to PM pictures. Thanks, JT
  14. Anyone not voting for Louis Oosthuizen is insane. It's effortless power and he should probably have about 5x as many wins as he does with the way he strikes the ball, looks like the putter is cooperating this week and he could be very hard to beat. You cannot deny the swing, his drive to be great might not always appear to be there, but the swing is top 5 all time for sure.
  15. Very true. My brother was qualifying for our state am match play and got paired with a 1.5hcp that shot 97 the first day. I have no idea how my brother held it together to shoot E. I'd have lost it looking for balls 2-3x a hole for 18 holes, at least he said the kid was nice...
  16. Feeding off a playing partner is a real thing and I don't get how the pros always just wash it out. My brother, who I play 90% of my rounds with used to be a complete headcase and now he's tons better or I couldn't play golf with him as much as I do, but every once and a while the old brother creeps back in and I just have to be frank with him and tell him "no one but you cares about how you're playing so just keep it to yourself", which is usually followed by 2-3 holes of the silent treatment, lol.
  17. Not a good look for Bryson at all. I've been a bit fan of him doing his own thing, but to essentially say "its the club's fault I can't draw it" seems like a pretty low/childish blow to a company that has supported him since the day he turned pro, only to have the face of their company essentially say their stuff sucks.
  18. I know a lot of the responses are "don't worry about it" etc. but my brother always gives me the piece of advice that "every round serves a purpose". This one sounds like it was to test you mentally, so all you can do is learn its lessons and how to over come them in your own way. Beyond that, I think continue to focus on the basics, alignment, ball position, completing back swing, finishing down and through the ball, etc.
  19. Hey everyone, just thought I'd check back in with the group and hear any success stories and/or answer any questions that I can! CanPuttWillPutt2 - this is exactly how I was for sure. I almost never got asked to play in a scramble because I was such a bad putter it was literally a wasted stroke for the team because I couldn't hit it on a line we all agreed on at all. Happy to hear you're having some success! I'm working on getting a left handed buddy to side saddle, we played in a 2 man scramble yesterday just for fun, and he actually used my BG F22 a couple times (pu
  20. Got a new house and I'm putting together my workshop in the garage and looking for ideas for how people store their extra shafts, clubs, and even golf club boxes. I have a large 48" wide metal cabinet to store most of my golf stuff and my club working equipment, but I have so many extra shafts I've pulled out of things and old clubs that I'll never play again but have almost 0 resale value. Thinking of getting some PVC pipe in the 4" wide diameter and making a little stand to just stick the extra shafts in, but don't want to just have a ton of crap sitting out. Any ideas would be
  21. Bringing this bad boy back to life. Anyone still gaming the Super Hybrid? I've all but totally taken the 3w out of the bag as it only hurts me usually. Have a SIM2 17* hybrid in the bag now, but if this might be a little higher launching and longer it might be worth a go just to try out.
  22. Looking to see if anyone has a LST 9* they're looking to get rid of? Will pay a little extra for a fancy shaft but I'm mostly indifferent on the shaft as I have one I'll most likely be playing in it. Please DM me with anything you might have available. Thanks, JT
  23. I THINK that's the design purpose of this grip is to where you can essentially get the arm lock benefits without having to adjust the putter or get a putter that is made to arm lock. I'm not 100%, but I have one I just threw on a putter for fun (since i side saddle) and its still awkward as hell to me.
  24. Bryson actually has a cool video on you YT channel talking about his clubs that I'd recommend to all gear heads. He essentially said that his irons are tweaked to get his spin numbers right, so its tweaked strong (if I remember correctly) to fit his spin numbers more than yardages. Which this makes sense given his relatively strong lofts on everything compared to the "normal" PGA tour bag. I mean his driver is 5* and his highest lofted wedge is 58* I think. Part of the reason he hits it a mile is his clubs are strong, but not to take anything away from his clubhead/ball speeds, he absolute
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