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  1. Grum

    Quiros v Booth

    Wallace played a practice round with his little sister when the under 21 girls was held at my home course. He carried the approach and rolled through the green on our 5th, that was playing 358 to the middle from the tee's they played from.
  2. The point of the ball bearing is it means the putter is 100% set and good to be worked on, ie cut/gripped straight off the line after epoxy/ball bearing. Decreases production/handling times.
  3. had an 80s in a 13* adams 3 wood. Seriously long, solid combo. Love the 80, havent tried the 60.
  4. I think pretty highly of the XVS9 I have in my progold, not sure how it'd fare with more loft behind it though. It is ridiculously long, which I doubt is what you're after in a 3i replacement
  5. Progold is sh*t hot. Awesome boring flight from mine. The Altus is the real thing.
  6. every black nickel shaft ive seen does this, including the dozen or so I've been through in my various wedges. Only ones that didn't were the ones that didn't last long enough in the bag, or the ones that I snapped before getting a chance to wear them in
  7. on a more constructive note; don't use a belt to prep shaft tips. Use a blade/razor, less risk of ruining a shaft by over prepping, and with your set-up, less chance of nicking the shaft on your cut-off wheel.
  8. YSQST is a beefed up YSQ, which was in profile terms, a YS6. Stiffer in the tip, softer in the butt, so it'll launch it a bit lower and spin a bit less than the original YSQ, feeling a bit tighter. Aura Red is lower launch yet IMO, quite under-rated for the money. I've no experience with the MD7, so couldn't tell you how they compare with that however.
  9. I'd go with the shaft being long in the ping(haven't read the whole thread, so don't jump on me if ive missed the lengths), being harder to square/time.
  10. Pretty hard to achieve a soft butt and a mid bend point, thats two different profiles. Most tip stiff low launch shafts are soft in the butt end, not stiff.
  11. Take the grip off, the sticker on the butt will shed some light.
  12. Recently pulled some old victory's out of the drawer, dried up and slick. Thought they'd be knackered so I experimented. Little bit of HF100(awesome stuff!), rubbed and a little rub down with very fine sandpaper, and they are like new. Tacky as can be. They leave some black residue on gloves/hands, but being a pretty basic rubber compound, that's to be expected. Honestly the stickiest grip I've tried.
  13. Not something I've ever looked into to be honest, but this; [url="http://www.golfbats.com/prices.htm"]http://www.golfbats.com/prices.htm[/url] came up on another forum...
  14. Little bit of acetone softens it up. Edge of a credit card is good for scraping and not marking the paint. Don't advise getting acetone on your credit card though...
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