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  1. Mint or new. Ideally 34 or 35”. Just looking to change up putters. Let me know what you have.
  2. Great set here. 4-UW, CFS regular shafts, black dot. All serials match. The close ups are of the 7-iron and reflect the condition of the rest of the set. Like all Pings these are nearly bulletproof. So forgiving. $OLD!! USPS Priority
  3. Ping G Series iron set, 5-UW, blue dot, Recoil F3 shafts (regular) and all serials match. Nice used condition. Photos are of the 8-iron which is a good representation of the set. $old! USPS Priority
  4. I took this putter in a trade and have not had a chance to use it. Better off in your hands than in my office. 34.5”, Iomic grip and tungsten weights added ($250 upcharge at Ping WRX). It’s in great shape as you can see. I will ship with a generic Ping head cover. I may consider a putter trade. Let me know what you have. The worst I can do is say nah. $old OBRO. USPS Priority.
  5. David often uses upside down 7’s for “L’s”.
  6. Bettinardi Slotback, 35”, comes with head cover pictured. Very gently used as can be seen in the photos. These are $450 retail. $old USPS Priority (or best offer)
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